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10 Deadly Roller Coaster Accidents

You love Speed and heights. You Love the adrenaline rush of the ride,
and the euphoria that lasts for minutes or longer after a great roller coaster experience. But enough about my sex Life cause we’re
back with another Roller coaster Episode, but this time, with the worst accidents ever. So Let’s take a look. Number Ten: Wildcat roller coaster Oklahoma. Imagine you are going upwards with a speed
of ‘shit-your-pants’ and suddenly you start getting thrown backwards, out of control! Well, that’s exactly what happened on April
20th 1997 at Bell’s Amusement Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As one of the cars reached the top of the
highest hill, and a safety device meant to keep it from sliding backward, horribly failed,
ejecting and killing a 14-year-old while leaving six others severely wounded. While the victim’s families negotiated a financial
settlement, the criminal charges were eventually dropped from the park’s owners. Number Nine: Willard’s Whizzer, California. If you think Final Destination was just a
movie, well think again. This incident occurred on March 29, 1980 at
Willard’s Whizzer, California, when a teenage boy was just stepping onto the ride, and without
warning a second train came up behind and rammed the train while he was boarding. The impact threw the teen onto the tracks,
where the runaway train crushed his chest fatally killing him, and seriously injuring
8 others. Number Eight: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad,
Disneyland. A runaway-mine-train themed with caves, mine
shafts and a desert landscape, brought forth a horrible accident in 2003, when the Locomotive
of the ride suddenly came to a complete stop while at full speed, causing back-end of the
train, to kick up off the tracks, and colliding with the ceiling of the cave. Leaving 1 person dead and severely injuring
10 others. Investigators blamed the maintenance workers,
ride operators, and a mechanic for the accident. Disneyland eventually settled the case with
undisclosed amount of money to the victim’s family. Number Seven: Battersea Fun Fair Big Dipper,
Britain. 1972. A day of laughter and delight turned into
a day of terror, when one of the cars rolled back into the station after breaking loose
from the coaster, taking the lives of 5 innocent children, and leaving dozens wounded. To this date, British roller coaster enthusiast,
hold this roller coaster accident, as the worst the country has ever seen, making it
one the worst roller coaster accidents of all time. Number Six: ( Loudoun Castle Amusement Park,)
the rat, Scotland. Some amusement park accidents take the lives
of its employees, as a coaster named “The Rat” did in 2007. 18-year-old Mark Blackwood died within hours
of receiving training in the operation of the rollercoaster, as he dropped from a deadly
height while trying to push a car that was stuck and stopped on the track. Number five: (Expoland) The six-car Fujin
Raijin II, Japan. It was Children’s Day in Japan, but no one
was celebrating after an accident left one dead and 19 injured in Osaka, on May 5th,
2007. Marked as one of Japan’s worst roller coaster
accidents, happened when the coaster derailed and went flying off the tracks. After an investigation, it was discovered
that it had bad axles and had not been replaced in 15 years. When the park reopened, even more poor quality
axles were found on their other coasters. As a result, the Park was closed down for
good, on February 9th 2009 Number Four: (Gillian’s Wonderland Pier,)“The
Wild Wonder” New Jersey. On a fine morning of August 28,1999, Kimberly
Bailey, 39, and her 8-year-old daughter Jessica, planned to relax at the beach, and enjoy a
thrilling ride. But unfortunately things did not go as planned,
as the coaster called “The Wild Wonder” accidentally malfunctioned at the peak of
the coasters, resulting in the coaster to fling backwards, in an uncontrolled drop. With the coaster not being equipped to handle
the speed, it ejected both Kimberly and Jessica at a height of 41 feet, killing them instantly. Investigators determined that a faulty brake
replacement caused the accident, and the park authorities were fined $55,000 for safety-rule
violations. Number Three: (Fantasyland,) Mindbender, Canada. One of the most horrific indoor accidents
happened in Edmonton, Canada, when a coaster called Mindbender gained a lot more momentum
than needed, and derailed, stalling at the top and sliding backward into a concrete column. 3 innocent riders perished and at least 15
were severely injured in this 1986 tragedy. Just one day before the accident, An Alberta
Safety Inspector declared the ride safe. You had one job, one fucken job man. Number Two:( Krug Park) the big dipper, Nebraska On 24
July 1930, “The Big Dipper” derailed due to its faulty brake system. As a result, One of the cars jumped off the
tracks, breaking through a guardrail and falling 35 feet, killing 4 and leaving 20 severely
injured. The tragedy is still considered the deadliest
roller coaster accident in United States history. Number One: (Overseas Chinese Town East Theme
Park,) space journey,china Designed to simulate the launch of a rocket, a ride called “Space
Journey” took the life of 6 innocent riders, and injured a dozen more. The ride had 40 passengers aboard when one
of the cabins came loose, and collided with the others, causing them to fall at deadly
height of 50 feet, making this the worst roller coaster accident of all time. And there you have it, our list of the top
10 roller coaster tragedies of all time. Have we forgot to mention any? Mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share
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  1. Narrator has obvious false illusions of grandeur about his sex life! (An inappropriate comment for this sad video.) Including his comment "s**t your pants — a NO class jerk.

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  7. When one of these rides malfunctions, it is tragic.  My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones.  But, did anyone notice the length of time between accidents?  I am not trying to downplay those tragedies in the least, but statistically speaking, you are more apt to die in a car crash then on a roller coaster.Modern engineering has made even the most frightening rides very safe.

  8. Oh my gosh, when I first went to Disneyland in France I went on thunder Mountain. I thought it was brilliant. I have also been on the tempest, although it's a bit uncomfortable to sit in the seats it was fun but scary, that is when it first came out. I didn't know it came from America 🇺🇸 though.

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  18. This makes me wonder, are the people who sue more worried about their family members or just getting money from the incident.

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