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10 Horrible Accidents Caused By Fidget Spinner

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “10 Horrible Accidents Caused By Fidget Spinner

  1. Fidget spinners were made for autistic people but then all the children wanted one but did not. Use them sensibly and then bad accidents happen and the spinners aren’t helpful they only help autistic children to concentrate it does not help anything and children loved them and now they don’t so there should not be any problems at all now squishies are better and then it used to be slime and goo but not anymore and I hope kids will know not to put a spinner near there face eye mouth nose ears or anywhere dangerous

  2. Me before video- figdet do no harm its probablly fake

    Me after video- pfft no harm to me
    10 minutes later
    Figdet drops on Mom's phone and breaks it
    Me- uh oh im a goner
    Mom- —— —– —– WHY THE HELL DID U BREAK MY PHONE!!!!

    Me- it was —— not me mom ;(
    Mom- okay

    Ten days later


    Me- uh oh runs

    Mom grabs chancla


    ( It took me some time too think but this would happen i bet ●-● )

  3. You know the toy I'm sure it's called Rocket Spinner
    Well it happened to me not too Long ago I was getting it and I got the sling shot and turn on the light a hooked it on and I was to launch it in the air and then I think the plastic piece went up in my eye and sliced my eye lid open inside of it and it was a clean cut and I thought I was gonna go blind I was crying hastarecly but when I calmed down the gray stuff in my eye start going away and I was assuming that I had to go to the doctor my eye was also very bloodshot but when I fell asleep that night I looked in the mirror and it was ok
    I'm NEVER playin with that toy ever again
    I am perfectly fine now it was hard to see out of my eye but I'm ok I have no side effects

  4. Who identified this just mention in this comment please

  5. Ban fidgets fidgets are made out of plastic plastic bad fidget spinners go to he- ummm down there

  6. I feel bad for the kids I won't let them get hurt but it took late I failed I am shamed of myself but they will feel better and get well soon😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  7. Kid- Chokes on Fidget Spinner.

    Mother- What did I tell you! Don’t put that shit in your mouth.

    Kid- Still Chokes.

    Mother- Bad Boi! Slaps

    Fidget Spinner comes out of throat.

    Kid- Wow, thanks for loving me.

  8. This is just stupid kids and parents doing fidget spinners and these toy is not dangerous if ur not too stupid

  9. I hate how people are like oh football is dangerous your gonna get hurt it’s life threatening or oh fidget spinners are life threatening or blah blah blah is dangerous like it’s only dangerous if you don’t do it or use it correctly

  10. This is a little handy list!
    (1:31) Vanilla Fruit Loops
    (2:14) Strawberry Delight
    (2:54) Cupcake Frosting

    (3:34) Mermaid Scales
    (4:14) Green Apple
    (4:51) Birthday Cake cloud

    (If I spell anything wrong I’m sorry!) SlimySocculents:
    (5:54) Prickily Pear
    (6:01) Cherry airhead
    (6:29) Orange Sherbert

    (7:30) You’ve got the magic
    (8:30) Champaign Pear
    (9:01) Rose Butter

    (10:18) Mint Chocolate Chip
    (11:07) Spreading Love

  11. The one we're the son and the dad were playing with figet spinner and it exploded that just the dads fault

  12. The second one is just a stupid mom and daughter😒

    I thought I wouldn't have to edit this comment but… The third is a dumb ass mom not knowing that fidget spinner came apart

  13. These “accidents” aren’t “caused by” fidget spinners these “accidents” are “caused by” stupid people

  14. my little brother has alot of figet sppiners and e once threw it at me so when i showed him the vidio he got terrified and threw all of his figet spinners at the ground i was laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. 01:40 – Parents should know if they tell a kid not to do something, they're going to do it.🙄 🙄 🙄 Also I don't think 5 year olds should even be playing with them in the first place. 02:57 – Totally 100% the parent's fault.

  16. every parent on this video is supper idiot, and suck at it, seriously they don't know how to tell their kids right and wrong???????

  17. Not all of the fidget spinners come apart. My niece had a real fidget spinner and those things in the middle have never come out. I have one that is a cheaper one and the pieces in the middle can come out.

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