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10 Horrifying Amusement Park Accidents

From being crushed to death at the happiest
place on earth to getting your head cut off by a roller coaster, we look at 10 horrifying
amusement park accidents 10. Decapitation by Roller Coaster In 2008, a South Carolina teenager was decapitated
by one of the trains for Batman: The Ride, a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia
in Atlanta. While on a church outing, a teenager and his
friend decided to sneak back into the park by jumping two fences. Ignoring the warning
signs, the boys found themselves in a restricted area. As the ride went by, the ski lift-style
train decapitated the boy. It is still not known what the boys were doing
in the restricted area. 9. Tree on the Tracks Five people riding the Loch Ness Monster roller
coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg were hurt when their train slammed into… a tree. Visitors to the Virginia theme park were riding
the roller coaster when a tree blew onto the tracks, thanks to heavy winds from an approaching
storm. The most serious injury happened to a teenager sitting in the front seat, breaking
a leg. While stranded 30 feet above the ground, the passengers waited almost two hours to
be rescued while rain poured down on them. Even worse, another train was heading straight
for them! As they watched helplessly in their wrecked train, the other train came out of
the tunnel but, luckily, stopped when it began to go up a steep incline. 8. Calico Train In 1996, the operator for the Calico Railroad
ride, at Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park in California, was crushed between two railroad
cars while getting ready for the park to re-open that evening for their Halloween event. Officials at the park don’t know the circumstances
of the accident, whether it was the fault of the employee or the mechanics of the ride,
but it was Knott’s Berry Farm’s first ever employee fatality. 7. Trapped in the Himalaya Teenager Nadine Caban died when she rode the
Super Himalaya ride at Coney Island, in New York City. While the ride spun, a hook that
held two cars together snapped, causing her car to shake violently. Nadine was thrown
from the car and became trapped between the cars and track. When ride operators finally stopped the ride,
Nadine was found hanging onto a rail, still trapped and covered in blood. She kept asking,
“What happened to me?” Once firefighters and paramedics freed her, she was brought
to the hospital where she died an hour later. The Super Himalaya ride was discovered to
have not been a perfectly safe ride. In the past, there was an incident where a rider
was injured, and at a different time the ride was cited when inspectors found electrical
problems. 6. Falling Apart When a group of people went for a ride on
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad one day at Disneyland Paris, something happened that added horror
to the ride… a piece of “scenery”, made of fiberglass and wood, fell onto the track
which was hit by one of the trains. One rider had a serious head injury and four
others had only minor injuries. The roller coaster was closed by Disneyland officials
until they determined how the scenery came loose and fell. 5. The Big Dipper West London experienced tragedy in 1972, when
five children died and many others injured after The Big Dipper roller coaster collided
with another train. Located at the Battersea Park Fun Fair, the
accident happened when the train was going up the lift hill. As it was going up the hill,
the train broke loose from the cable and rolled down the hill. It slammed into the other train
at the bottom. After the accident, the Big Dipper was closed
and taken apart. The funfair itself declined in popularity, and was permanently closed
two years later. 4. Underwater Ride During a river raft ride in 1999, eight people
found themselves underwater when their raft capsized at Riverside Amusement Park. It was
speculated that the raft capsized because the weight of the guests wasn’t properly
spread out. A 4-year-old boy needed CPR, a 9-year-old
girl was underwater for three minutes, and a pregnant woman was in the hospital for six
days were among the eight people. Luckily, all the riders survived. Two years later,
they sued the company, the ride’s manufacturer, and two of the park’s employees. Since 2000, the park became Six Flags New
England. 3. Hanging Around Riders of The Demon, a corkscrew roller coaster
at Six Flags Great America in Chicago, ended up staying on the ride much longer than they
anticipated… two hours! Not only that, they were stuck upside down. Due to a nut coming loose on a rear axle,
one of the wheels came off on the last car of the train, which gave visitors the unforgettable
ride. Once the riders were freed, four of them were taken to the hospital for minor
injuries. Since the accident, an additional safety mechanism
was added. 2. America Sings Disneyland is known as being the happiest
place on earth, but it wasn’t for cast member Deborah Stone, who was crushed between the
walls on the attraction America Sings on July 8, 1974. The 18-year-old’s job was to introduce a
certain part of the show, which had six shows where animatronic animals sang a variety of
songs from American music. After each show, the theater would rotate to the next stage.
One night, while the theater rotated, Deborah stepped in the danger area and became caught
between a rotating wall that was closing against the stage’s stationary one. People in the
next theater heard her screams, and one guest went to get another cast member. After Deborah’s death, Disney closed the
ride for two days and installed safety lights and breakaway walls to prevent similar accidents. 1. Action Park While there was no single accident at this
New Jersey amusement park, known as Action Park, it still deserves a mention for its
reputation as being a very unsafe park in its early years. During its original operation
from 1978 to 1998, the park was known to have unsafe rides, unruly guests, and under-aged,
undertrained – and sometimes drunk – employees. A total of six people died from attractions,
three of them from drowning in the too-deep Tidal Wave Pool. There was one incident where
a guest went into the water at the Kayak Experience attraction in order to steady his kayak. His
foot touched an electrical wire, electrocuting him. Years later, the park reopened as Mountain
Creek Waterpark with safer rides. Plans to give the park back its old name were tossed,
with the president of the company saying the name wouldn’t connect with younger visitors.
The bad reputation that surrounded the old Action Park probably had something to do with
it, too. So guys, what’s something you found scary
when you were little? let us know in the reddit page linked below and you might be featured
in a future countdown!

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100 thoughts on “10 Horrifying Amusement Park Accidents

  1. guys guess what i went on the river raft when the accident happened my parents told me to go with my grandma because she said if the found bodies she didnt want me to see

  2. I once got stuck on the Twister in Elitches when the entrance was at the very top. I almost fell off, the tried remodeling it and doing test rides after every ride, it got stuck on one of the test rides.

  3. I was wondering when "Traction Park" would show up on the list. Where I used to live, a lot of older people have fond memories about that one. Supposedly you were lucky to come out without any broken bones. And the looping water slide was real. They eventually had to put a door in the bottom to collect guests who didn't make it over.

  4. I feel like two people have died within the last 20 yrs at Six Flags over Texas Arlington. There was a boy that died on a boat ride (River Rapids?) and then within like the last five years or so there was mother that fell out of her seat on a rollercoaster (Texas Giant).

  5. I live around 45 mins from busch gardens williamsburg. I rode the loch ness like 8 or 9 times and i lasted about 15 mins into the ride home before i threw up

  6. #10- The kid who got his head kicked off was getting his hat he had lost while on the coaster earlier in the day.

  7. I remember wanting to go on the Super-Himalaya ride when I was 6 or 7 and my mother said I can’t go on it. Now, after watching this, I do not want to go back to Coney Island.

  8. To keep me and my sister from going outside or in the pump house, my Dad would convince us that "The Boogie Man/Monster" was out there. We believed him.

  9. For some odd reason I was afraid of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting logo (the circular one, not the square one of today). Not sure why

  10. My mostly correct gut hates the idea of roller coaster rides, and the last time I went against my gut, I almost drowned in a river. Why do people do this?

  11. When I was little I was scared of two rides in Disney Land, "It's a Small World," and, "Splash Mountain," Splash Mountain is my favorite ride now (I was also terrified of fnaf (I'm 11) )!

  12. I was actually there when the kid got decapitated, at least as I’ve been told by my mom. I was only 4, so I can’t necessarily remember

  13. I think I may have been at Busch gardens when the tree fell on the tracks I wasn’t riding it but I remember tons of rain and my friend slipped and her knee got scraped up so we left.

  14. while at a amusement park in new jersey where I used to live I was on a ride called the chaos and my seatbelt was loose but when I asked to get off she said the ride already started then when the ride swung up I fell out from like Idk 10-20 feet and I had hit my head were I still have a few stitches and broke my arm and sprained my ankle (ride looks like this )


    If u don't know what I am talking about its on number 3 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Truly saying if I had only one(or two) person(s) to choose as my narrator for a audible book recording I would choose nixxiom and Hellbent.

  17. The kid in number 10 went to retrieve his hat which he had lost on the ride. He was decapitated when a woman on the ride struck him in the head with her foot. Her leg was badly broken.

  18. number 2 was actually caught on camera and on the youtube channel "Chills" or "top 15s" i forget but its the same person who does both channels

  19. I had a much worse accident or (near accident) on the demon in six flags, great america. It was the end of the day and the park was about to close so my mom's friend and I went on that(because I was really, REALLY short) Anyways, there was no one else in line, so we kept riding over, and over and not getting off. We stayed harnessed in, so the operator stopped checking the harnesses. Then, on our last run, something terrible happened. The ride lifted us up on the first incline, and as soon as we started dropping where the first loop was, my harness flew up. Since I was so short, I had to practically stand up to get it back on. Luckily, it clamped back down in time. I WAS TRAUMATIZED AND STILL AM TO THIS DAY!

  20. One time, someone died on a ride at, i think, Underwater world, the same day me and my class went there for an excursion in 2016/2017. Apparently it was a wooden ride. Dont remember how it worked but they died.

  21. See, if i wasn't such a milk-aholic, Yeah, i would Go on the most dangerous ride on this list and conquer it alive.

  22. I WAS THERE WHEN THE DEMON WAS STUCK LOL IT STILL GETS STUCK CUZ ITS SO OLD! 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 I just think that's cool that I saw that.

  23. See, if you've been to Knott's Berry Farm, you'll know the Calico Railroad is… probably one of the tamest rides there. The knowledge it killed someone is really quite weird.

  24. Yes the first boy was decapitated but it is known why he was there, he had lost his hat and jumped two fences to get it back


  26. lets just say I almost died on a ride 2 years ago. this theme park was one that moved to all places over London and a ride was there that spun you everywhere, me being stupid enough I went on it. near the end of the spinning, my seat was shaking and it caused me to feel realy nauseous. I passed out and my safe gard opened. luckily the sweet girl sitting next to me held it down and said to stop the ride. I was layed on the grass and I woke up. Ive only been told that I passed out on the ride and that she said to stop it. I just remember my mum screaming at the workmen. if you are reading this, please help somebody if you see them in danger. thank God that girl had spirit, or mine would have been taken.

  27. I was once on a ride as a kid in Montreal when Man & His World and La Ronde was still a thing. One ride that was actually pretty slow that showed you parts of history and such – between two buildings and several feet off the ground with only a tiny, thin rail for this big cart got stuck as there was an electric error. I got stuck with three other people including my brother and we were stuck there for some time. Pretty scary. Then of course our friends starting trying to rock the cart.

  28. No.5 happened again with he big dipper in Blackpool Pleasure Beach back in 2011 or 2010. This time Nobody died & I was at the park when it happened. That ride is so problematic.

  29. There was some event at our mall in Indiana, there was one ride that almost went upside down, it was the arm looking thing and had little branches holding the people? Yeah it was that. Well I was on it, it was about my 2nd or 3rd time. Keep in mind this park lasted for only four days. Put together and not exactly safe. I did it anyway. There was this little kid next to me, around 6? Well, it started going, we were swinging and what not. That kid started screaming, and I looked over and saw that he wasn't strapped in, the arm thing was loose and could be moved up. He was clinging onto the one next to him, and thankfully the employees hit the emergency stop. They literally had to grab it and slow it down. We left after that. Not too significant, but still.

    Another time I was on the Disney ride expedition Everest and I didn't like the thrill. I crouched down to try and stop it but I ended up hitting it on the end. My jaw was slack and my mouth was bleeding, so of course we went to the hospital. Turned out I broke my jaw. Yeah. Not a fun way to start my vacation in Florida. Didn't get sued because it was a me thing.

  30. I remember when I was little my dad use to get a free family pass every year at Thrillville so we'd go there in the summer. One year me and my brother wanted to try riding the Octopus (it was one of those rides where it spend around and goes up and down while the cart itself also spins) the guy told us if we wanted off at any point to just say so and he'd turn it off. So we got on and I noticed the seat bar didn't go down far enough so there was about 3in of space between it and my lap. When the ride started I started to slip out of it so I wrapped my arms around the bar. I tired screaming to get off but we saw that they JUST did shift change in the middle of the ride so the guy who told us he'd turn it off was gone. I had to endure 5 minutes of that before I got off. Never again did I ride that. A similar thing happened on a roller coaster at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. The bar did the same thing so when we started going down I had to hold on for dear life because I felt myself sliding up. It took a pic too so you could see me cringing with my arms locked around the bar. I still love amusement parks and rides but i won't wanna ride them if the bar doesn't go down enough. I personally would rather they be shoulder bars, those make me less nervous

  31. for the batman ride (number 10) the guy was trying to get his hat… so it is known why he went in the restricted area

  32. My mom told me that the mans head was cut off and I was like I’m never going to that park hmf

  33. The Rapids ride has a similar accident in 2017 at Drayton Manor of the death of Evan Janath

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