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11-year-old killed after 40-foot tree falls on group at Girl Scout camp

Cesar Sullivan

47 thoughts on “11-year-old killed after 40-foot tree falls on group at Girl Scout camp

  1. This Sheriffs anquish whilst speaking of the little girl is absolutely heart wrenching. Deepest condolences to the family of the blessed young girl scout.

  2. Isabel Was a very beautiful little girl with a heavenly smile. Her family’s will miss her. May The Lord Bless her family. My heart goes out to others who were hurt. And I will keep one in my Prayers🙏. R.I.P.

  3. It's so shocking to here about something like this happening out of the blue. I used to be a Girl Scout back in the early 2000s and had a great time with my group for those few years. She shouldn't have had to have her life cut so short. RIP.

  4. I’m heartbroken! I have great memories at Girl Scout camp (and I am 68), Bless the family for your less, she is a beautiful girl

  5. I wish comments were just as sympathetic when it is a child of color dying or hurt. We have babies dying in cages and half the comments of those threads are about how they deserve it. Where is that so called Christian charity then?

  6. I knew this girl. She would sit by me and my friends on bus. This is devastating. She was so sweet.

  7. this is very very sad especially a gal as young as her to have died from a freak accident. This young lady was too young to be DEAD. Why God WHY? R.I.P. Young Lady and God bless you.

  8. May god lift you all up with strength while you deal with this terrible tragedy. . praying for all involved 🙏

  9. oh Jesus please help these families that are in great suffering and pain for right this terrible accident Jesus Comfort them hold them in your arms that the family gets together and supports each other to ease their pain is going to be a long journey I'm so sorry for that beautiful little girl but she's an angel👼 now she's with Jesus so so sorry my heart feels broken😢 too I have beautiful grandchildren also I worry for them so much but I put them in God's hands🙏

  10. If you’re reading this comment you’re doomed.
    You will die.

    The Angels will be thrilled to having a new friend. RIP

  11. I know its sad, and that it hurts right now but God called His angel 👼 home, just look at her wonderful & beautiful face…

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