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#16 Paris à vélo : de l’insolite, un accident 🛵 et des sourires 😁

Well, it’s okay! Spit on me! I’m sorry? I said spit on me! do you want me to spit on you? Are you serious? You’re already on this place, I don’t know what you’re doing here? what do you mean? here the bicycle area Well, no, it’s behind. Oh, no, you’re on it , actually. All right! I am a cyclist Well, you’re on a motorcycle, yeah. I need the bicycle areao go straight ! a cyclist gon on bicycle lane, followed by a VTC (UBER) the VTC (UBER) saw the bike path the bike path, please, sir. you’re in the middle of a track access. It’s okay there. Come on, please. Sir? Make an effort, please! I don’t give a shit. Okay, I’ll report it to Uber. No problem (the uber app was on on the dashboard). Have a nice day A lack of attention for a few seconds, the scooterist had nothing she could get up later. The red light! and so the light is red, so what? It’s red for you, you don’t go on the bike path, miss! But he’s crazy, that one! You are on the bike path But why did you come out of nowhere ? I come from the bike path, are you serious? I come from nowhere… Of course, I’m serious. please return to your lane But I’m not actually going back anywhere. Where are you now? you’re gonna give me orders I’m not going back anywhere, I’m staying here. What are you doing? Look at her. I’m staying here. you are in the forbidden direction (against the direction is more just) I’m staying here. very well You think I’m a kid. Like go back to your place. yes! you put me in danger But you’re not the one who’s calculating me.
you’re the one who came from nowhere. What is this lady showing on the ground (the bike path) It’s not because you’re on a bike on a bike track that you can…. on the ground is what (showing the track) and so because we are on a bike path we are on a bike. yes (that’s the purpose of a path) That we do anything. No… I do shit? Are you serious? ( this discussion is useless running away) the cars are double-parked here. horn! What’s his problem? pourquoi vous n’allez pas sur la piste cyclable ? Look at her, what’s on the floor? if I don’t feel safe on the bike path, then I can use the road. I also pay my taxes for this road So at least respect the cyclists and be careful move on, now that you’ve passed the light. It’s for me? OUI! Thank you! you’re welcome. it’s so rare! thank you go ahead! they will not stop (motorists) look! Yeah, that’s lucky!

Cesar Sullivan

3 thoughts on “#16 Paris à vélo : de l’insolite, un accident 🛵 et des sourires 😁

  1. Purée, à 2'00'' et ensuite, la co*** pleine d'ego et vide de bon sens m'a gavé.
    Elle fait n'importe quoi mais vu qu'elle tient à son estime de soit, c'est toi le fautif.
    Juste pathétique.

    Et les piétons sur la fin : genre résignés. 🙁

    Y a vraiment un problème.
    Faut que ça change. Mettons leurs la honte avec leurs comportements en images à ces zozos ! 🙂

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