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2019 ARRM Cares Winner Matt Tebbutt

(upbeat music) My name is Matt Tebbutt. I work for Dungarvin Minnesota
as a community support staff, and I work with the Wounded
Warriors Independence Project. Direct support professionals
work mostly behind the scenes providing the skilled
support, training, and care that empowers more than 35,000
Minnesotans with disabilities to live, work, and thrive as
independently as possible. They do a diverse range of
work, which has a tremendous impact on the people they
support and their communities. Employment support and
training, money management assistance, medication
management assistance, building stronger social
networks, this work and more performed by direct support professionals not only assists people
in building the lives that they want, but it
keeps people living in and contributing to their communities and out of restrictive and
expensive institutional care. – Some of the things that
I do with the warriors are recreational therapy. I’ve also helped people
plan trips internationally. My individuals are very,
very highly motivated. Pre-injury, they were
leading a normal life, doing their military
and family activities, and what we do is we
try to get them to adapt to doing the things that they used to do, but in a different way. – Matt is really pivotal. He’s the person that’s
sitting with them at home, and looking at what their
daily schedule is like, what does that consist of,
what programs are available for them to connect with,
which is the programs that we offer at the VA for
adaptive sports and recreation. So we have a golf program, we
do sailing, we do kayaking, climbing, all sorts of adaptive sports, and I think his role is really
instrumental and pivotal with that kind of connection
and that day-to-day interaction, you know, to kind of plan out what that week looks like. – So when I’m working with my warriors to achieve their goals,
they have a set goal. They’re the pilot, I’m just the navigator. I help them access
whatever they need in order to get their goal, to reach their goal. You know, I think my support with Keegan gives the family confidence and knowledge that people care. That’s the most important thing, is they know I’m there as a steady person that they can call on. (music) – I’m Kerry Adelmann. I’m mother to Wounded
Warrior Keegan Iverson. Keegan is in a wheelchair. He doesn’t speak. He eats via a feeding tube,
and he has a seizure disorder. So he requires 24-hour care. Matt has really become
a member of our family, and so if there is anything that happens, like a major seizure episode
or anything like that, Matt’s one of the first
people that we call. He’s come to the hospital,
he’s sat with us. He’s a source of constant
comfort and support, you know, knowing that he’s there. You know, he’ll sit and read to Keegan, he’ll listen to comedy with Keegan, he’ll watch TV with Keegan. I mean it’s really just
so important to Keegan to have someone that he
feels is a friend, as well. You know, that comes and
makes regular visits. That’s really a key for him. A lot of his friends, I
think, have been uncomfortable with spending as much time
with Keegan since his injury. And so to have Matt,
you know, a guy coming and spend that time with
him is really priceless. What we’ve found is, I
mean I hate the reference, but he’s such a teddy
bear, he’s such a kind, he really is, he’s such
a kind, compassionate, you know, loving person. And that to us is one of
the most important things and why we brought Keegan
home was that we wanted him to feel love at all
times, and not just people showing up to do a job. And that’s what really sets
Matt apart is he conveys that love, and I know that
Keegan can feel it, too. (soothing music)

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