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So what’s the most amount of damage you can deal in a single blow in Minecraft at least on the Java edition? It doesn’t matter what kind of hit it is Bow, sword, axe, whatever… What’s the most that you can do? Well that’s a pretty interesting question So let’s have ourselves a fun little experiment *Intro music* So what’s the most amount of damage that you, as a player, can deal to another player or mob in Minecraft in a single hit Keep in mind I’m doing this assuming that it’s possible to do this without commands and in Minecraft survival mode I’m going to be tackling this problem by summoning a mob a whole bunch of health Hitting it and seeing where their health goes to Keep in mind that every point of damage is half a heart of damage So the answer seems like it might be obvious Apply the best enchantments to your weapon hit yourself up with a strength 2 potion Which I’m going to be doing throughout this entire video And BAM! That’s the answer Well not so fast We need to know what the best enchantments are and we need to know what the best weapons are A sharpness V diamond sword with strength 2 applied Does 22.5 damage with a critical hit but what’s to even say that the sword is the strongest I’ve one shot with a bow before Well, let’s look into that A power V bow will max out at 23 damage For whatever reason whenever I shoot a mob in the same spot though the damage can vary but 23 will be our base number here because that’s the max So, alright what else it there Well, two things Not only can you apply sharpness, Bane of Arthropods, and smite to swords You can also apply them to axes and axes may swing slower but they deal more overall damage and you can crit with them Bane and smite enchantements are also more effective against their respective mobs than sharpness is in general So let’s try those instead The most amount of damage I could do with a smite V diamond axe with strength 2 is 35 damage to a skeleton and with Bane of Arthropods it matched this at 35 damage dealt to a spider Sooo, that’s the answer right? 35 damage WRONG! BOOM! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! TNT to the face is 56 damage Remeber I said a single blow So how much can a single source of damange in survival Minecraft deal and TNT is 56 damage I’m not gonna count a hundred plus TNT exploding all at once since that’s multiple sources of damage So, that’s cool but there’s one more source of damage to go after One more to dominate all others The final answer Dropping a mob from the world build height limit to the last possible layer of bedrock and over 250 block drop aaaand KABOOM! The final answer is 251 damage if you push the mob off of the cliff or 253 damage if you punch the mob off of the cliff and then exclude the punch damage itself So, 253 damage is the most amount of damage you as the player can cause to another mob in survival Minecraft and that answers that So I hope you all enjoyed this video If you did please leave a like on it It helps out myself, the channel, and the video quite alot and if you enjoy this kind of experiment video please let me know in the comments section down below But anyways guys I hope you all enjoyed My name is always is AntVenom, and I bid you all farewell Thanks so much for watching

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100 thoughts on “253 DAMAGE w/ ONE HIT in MINECRAFT?!

  1. Want the biggest damage?
    Then write /Effect @p Strength 10000 255 true in your minecraft and boom XD

  2. is it possible to use a piston to push the mob up when at the build limit? just to get that one extra block in

  3. For the most damage dealt from one source, first you need 1.8.
    Arrows do damage depending on their SPEED + amplifiers like strength 2 (+260% rather than +6 attack damage in 1.9+) and power 5 (+250%).
    Then you need to build a tnt launcher that makes all tnt go simultaneously next to the arrow player has shot as a crit with strength 2 from a power 5 bow. it also has to be as big as possible to make the arrow go fly as fast as possible.
    AntVenom did exactly that in a more recent video than this expect he used 1.9 and spawned the arrow in, and more tnt could have be blown. In that video Ant did a little over 84 damage. With more tnt it could easily go over 100. Amplifiers are additive. 100% is the normal damage as a percentage. Crit adds 50%, 1.8 strength 2 260% and power 5 250%. Doing the math, that would be 710 damage! That's enough to kill the wither 2 times, assuming that it would be easy to aim that arrow towards a freaking moving wither which it isn't.
    That's my tactic to deal the most possible damage in minecraft.
    Wait, you are saying we could just launch the target with that tnt launcher thousands of blocks and it would get way more damage when landing? Well, at least I found a way to one-shot wither and ender dragon…

  4. Just do /effect @p strength 999999 255
    And u can 1 punch and Ender Dragon or Wither.
    Not kidding I tried before guys, try it to.

  5. Make a tnt launcher and launch the mod into space and then let it die from fall damage

    And yiu forgot weaknes potion

  6. Wait, no!! get the strongest weapon in game with strongest enchantment AND THEN use those to push a mob off from height limit; you will do more damage than 253.

  7. So when you punch the mob off the block it takes more damage because when you punch it, it gains a little more height, therefore it takes more fall damage. But what if you use a fishing rod on it so it gains MORE height? It'll take even more damage.

  8. Who’s gunna build to block limit in bedwars or skywars
    I was looking for fighting starts and stuff

  9. make a slimeblock launcher on the cliff, but just under the block limit, power the piston, break the stuff, wait for the enemy to fall into the last layer of badrock and this is it.

  10. In pe it’s 82-91
    Shootin an iron golem with a multishot 1 and quick charge 3 crossbow, with Instant Damg 2 arrows, while sprint-jumping off of a 3-block tall pile of blocks with strength 2.

    For some reason, doing the same thing on Java does way less damage.

  11. What would happen if you used a TNT cannon to send a mob above the height limit? How much damage will it do then?

  12. Get strength 255 and the best enchantment that does most damage with fireaspect max and with the bow make it wither for a long ime

  13. Helpp on mcpe in creative or survival whenever I hit animals it kills them with one hit idk how to fix it pls help

  14. He can do a jump potion of leaping and when the creeper jumps on that one block he can destroy the block when the creeper is up in the air and it will deal more damage

  15. You forgot that you can bring mobs higher with an elytra and lead! This means that there is no limit to how much damage can be dealt with a single hit!

  16. im watching in 2019 but its not true cuase can use enchantments with commands that are over 1000000000 like 1b sharpness or 3b knockback

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