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3 Exercises to Improve Hamstring Flexibility – Training While Finger Injured ft. NoobStrength

Having good flexibility is very important
in climbing, but I never really focused on it. As I injured my finger a few weeks ago, it’s
time for me to train for it. So today, my friend noobstrength, who is able
to do a front split, will be teaching us how to improve our flexibility. The focus of this video is going be the hamstring. Now the routine is pretty short, around 10
minutes long, so it’s pretty easy to integrate into your daily or weekly routine. Now the first thing you’re gonna do is get
warmed up. If you’ve already climbed or worked out,
you can skip the warm-up and go straight into the stretching. Once that’s done, we’re going to test
the positions that we are trying to improve. And since this is a hamstring video, we’re
gonna test the toe touch position. Oh, my god. At the end of this video, we are going to
test the toe touch position again to see if we made any improvements. Let’s get right into the stretching. The first one we’re gonna do is the Banded
Hamstring Stretch. To get into the position, you’re gonna lay
down on the ground and wrap a band or belt around your foot and then use your hands to
pull your leg back like this. So you’re basically going to do is pull
the belt with your arms and then resist against the belt by contracting your leg. Hold that contraction for 5 seconds; then
relax for 5 seconds. Now the leg doesn’t have to be completely
straight. Soft bend is okay. When you relax, make sure you really take
a big exhale and then use your arms and hip flexors to gently pull your leg closer to
your face. Once you’ve relaxed for 5 seconds, you’re
going to contract again for another 5 seconds and then repeat until you’ve done 10 reps
on both legs, and you will wanna try to go further for each relaxation. So one of the things we are trying to do, we
are teaching our body that it is okay to be in this new range of motion. So when you’re in the relaxing phase, really
try your hardest to stay calm and relax. Allow yourself to sit in that new range of motion. It’s time to move on to the Wall Calf Stretch. Now with this stretch, you’re gonna put
your foot against the wall like this. Then you’re going to visualize moving your
hips against the wall like this. Inhale when you come back, exhale when you
going forward. 10 reps on each leg. Now the main thing with this stretch is no
chicken necking. Okay, that doesn’t do anything. Remember it’s hips to the wall, not face
to the wall. Now we’re gonna go on to the third stretch,
which is called the FMS toe touch. You will need to find a slightly raised platform,
and then find something that you can squeeze in between your knees. Now you’re gonna stand with your toes elevated
and the object squeezed between your knees. Then you are going to bend over and try to
touch your toes. 10 reps. Let’s say you are kinda inflexible, and you
can’t quite touch your toe, so you are in a position like this. If that’s you and you reach your end point,
squeeze as hard as you can and then see if you can go any lower, and if you still can’t, then
it’s okay to bend your knees. But just the bare minimum so that you can
touch your toes. Once you’ve done the 10 reps, you’re gonna
do the exact same thing, except with your heels elevated this time. All the same cues that apply to the last
one apply to this one as well. OK, three, squeeze. Now try not to like yank it forward. OK, bend if you have to. That is intense. Now that we’ve gone through the routine,
we are going to go ahead and retest the toe touch position. Let’s do it. I totally wasn’t expecting an instant improvement. You might be thinking, this is awesome! But let’s say you test the toe touching
position again first thing in the morning tomorrow. You will probably find that you are not as
flexible as you are right now right after the stretching session. But if you continue to stretch consistently,
you will find that your baseline is going to improve over time. Thanks so much for noobstrength for teaching
us how to improve our hamstring flexibility, and if you are interested in fitness, flexibility
with a geeky flare, be sure to check out his channel over here.

Cesar Sullivan

15 thoughts on “3 Exercises to Improve Hamstring Flexibility – Training While Finger Injured ft. NoobStrength

  1. Still stinks about your finger injury and hope it heals fast. Good stretches. There are many ways to stretch and condition, but have to make sure to do it only to your level-don’t want to get hurt stretching? 😝Like everything, takes practice and consistency. 🤘Found that exhaling deeply at bottom can give a little more range.

  2. Thank you – nice excercises!
    Can’t wait for the side split video! I’d like to be able to climb like Alex Megos or Ashima 🤣

  3. I have been thaught that you should not feel pain while doing this kind of exercises, to avoid muscle contraction. So you should reach your limit without pain and gently staying there. Do you agree?

  4. honestly this looks staged AF. How can someone have the fitness level to do muscle ups and not something basic like touching your toes? Good video and ideas nevertheless 🙂

  5. Good video. Love your work, but not a big fan of the «It’s okay to bend your knees» comments from the other guy (forget his name). If you can’t touch your toes, then don’t cheat by bending your knees. Try just reaching for your toes with straight legs and and for an even better form, a straight back. Bending your back to reach even further might make your back ache after your stretching routine. Remember, it’s a hamstring stretch, not a spine stretch. Keep up the good work.

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