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3 Takeaways from 49ers vs Colts (Preseason, Game 3)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be talking about the San Francisco
49ers as always. Doing another Top 3 video. This time, covering that 3 takeaways that
I had for this game against the Colts that happened yesterday. We ended up losing 17-23. Would’ve been nice to get the W, but hey,
the first team offense/defense didn’t play the whole time. There you have it, but anyways. It would’ve be nice to get a win. Hopefully, they get some more during the regular
season. Going to be doing that. This is going to be a really quick video. Preseason is just about to end soon. I want the regular season to happen right
now. Hopefully, it’s a more exciting regular season. So yeah. There you have it. Anyways, before I get the video started as
always, please “Like” and Subscribe to support my channel. Thank you guys all for the support. That definitely helps me out a lot. Hopefully, we get to 1,000 subscribers as
soon as possible. That would be fantastic. Let’s just kick some a**. Let’s do it. The Top 3 takeaways I had for the game against
the Colts yesterday. Coming in number three, I have the defensive
line. They did a really good job in this game. They did a lot better than they did in the
previous 2 games against the Cowboys and Texans. They were able to pressure Andrew Luck and
the offensive line. Get a couple of sacks. I think one or 2. I don’t know exactly how many. I don’t have the statistics with me on hand,
but they did a better job at that. Hopefully, this is the defensive line/pass
rush that we get in the regular season DeForest Buckner, always a beast. What can you say? This guy is going to be a special talent this
year and I think he will anchor this defensive line perfectly. Hopefully, he can lead this line to getting
more pressures and sacks later on during the season. Pass rush, pretty good. Hopefully, they keep this up. Hopefully, we don’t get the pass rush that
we’ve been getting for the earlier 2 games against the Cowboys and Texans as mentioned. If they can keep it up, that would be pretty
good and it’ll make this defense even better. For this part, I’m going to to be splitting
up to number 2, number one for both the offensive side the ball. So coming in at number 2 for the offensive
side of the ball is the red zone touchdowns/dropped passes. This is very essential. Hopefully, we don’t get this too often. This is not a very strong point for this first
team offense. Garoppolo was having some good passes, but
a couple drops I would say. Tight ends had a couple drops. Kendrick Bounrne had a crucial drop on a fourth
down. I saw that. It was pretty bad. Hopefully, they can not do that again. Another thing that was a problem is not scoring
touchdowns. I mean, this was a problem all last year,
even when Garoppolo was the quarterback. They could’ve score a lot more points had
they not had to settle for field goals. Hopefully, they can really work on that and
get the red zone efficiency up even more because if they can’t do that, then all we’re going
to be doing is scoring field goals and we’ll be losing games by like 3 or less points or
something like that. They really got to work on that. If they can do that, that’d be a fantastic
job. Right now, it was a little bit of a problem
in this game for this squad. Garoppolo, his statistics look kind of eschewed. It don’t look good on the surface, but it
wasn’t all his fault l would say. I think the receivers had some dropped passes. Other than that, it was not too bad of a day
for the offensive side of the ball, although they could do some more. Get more polished for later on. If they can work on the red zone touchdown
efficiency/not dropping too many passes as much as possible, then that would be fantastic. That’s what I got in this game against the
Colts. Not too bad. Hopefully, they can keep it up and they’ll
be playing week week 4 against the Chargers. Coming in at number one as the biggest takeaway
that I got against the Colts yesterday was Alfred Morris, the running back. Now, Kyle Shanahan has a quandary up his hand. What is he going to do with the running back
position because Morris did a fantastic job in this game. He fit perfectly in Kyle Shanahan’s system
because they used to play together in Washington. It’s not surprising at all. I kind of had a feeling he was going to do
a good job for this team. Maybe he just needed a fresh start from playing
for the Redskins and Cowboys. He’s on a pretty good team I would say on
paper. Hopefully, he can be a really good piece for
this offense. I think he’s going to make the roster I’m
assuming because the other running backs that are on the roster, I don’t know if I could
trust too much. Joe Williams has been injured too much. Raheem Mostert’s not too bad, but I don’t
know. Maybe Alfred Morris might be better. McKinnon’s going to be the one running back. He’s out for the rest the preseason. Matt Breida’s a pretty damn good back. Morris, he did a really good job against the
Colts. Maybe it’s prisoner of the moment, but right
now, Alfred Morris, he is making Kyle Shanahan’s job a little bit more interesting I would
say to pick someone in the running back position to fill the void for the 53 man roster. He did a really good job assuming that he’s
going to be having more snaps in this last game against the Chargers probably because
he hasn’t been on this team too long. So, we need to see more from him. I have confidence in him. I’m pretty sure Kyle Shanahan has confidence
in him like he did in 2012 with RG3. Can’t say anything else. Morris is going to be a pretty valuable asset
to this team if he makes this roster, which I’m assuming he’s going to make the roster
just because of the running back situation, but you never know. Right now, going to give props for this game. He did a really good job and yeah. Going to keep it like that. So, there you have you guys. Doing a look quick takeaway for this video. Let me know what you guys thought about this
game against the Colts. Was it good? Was it bad? Tell me some good aspects, some bad aspects
of the game. I’d like to hear what you guys have to say
and if you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe as always to support my channel
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I’ll see you guys another time. So, I hope you guys have a nice day, nice
weekend, nice whatever. See you guys another time. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a good rest of your weekend.

Cesar Sullivan

5 thoughts on “3 Takeaways from 49ers vs Colts (Preseason, Game 3)

  1. What did you takeaway from this game against the Colts?
    Also, "Like" and Subscribe to support my channel! Have a great weekend!

  2. We played very well. We just had bad focus drops and mental errors like that unnecessary hold by garcon that kept us from scoring. If those didn't happen we get atleast 2 tds by the starters. We'll clean those up, very correctable. We dominated upfront on both sides of the ball. Luck was under constant pressure, Morris had huge holes and Jimmy had a clean pocket.

  3. Hate the refs calling penalties that shouldn’t be called this league is rigged and everyone knows it.

    Edit Penalties piss a lot of fans off this is just how it is hate the new helmet rule as well this guy “the equalizer” is hella delusional up in here calling out another #NinerEmpire fan who does that?

  4. #1 Morris is a bellcow, probowl caliber running back can pound the rock= Breida Jet are not (PS bye bye JWilliams and Mossturd) #2 Still need a legit Pass rusher sorry the Colts had two starters out on the OL and only one sack? sad Do we really need Armstead? did anybody else see him fall down then stay on the ground while Luck runs right by him!!!! weak #3 Pettis does not catch contested balls period its a hole in his game….. in fact far too many drops period catch the dang ball then run sheeeesh…. PS the starting safeties are weak, Tartt makes mental errors and Colbert is a tackling liability we see this week in week out

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