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30 Kills Solo | Console – Fortnite Gameplay

Cesar Sullivan

33 thoughts on “30 Kills Solo | Console – Fortnite Gameplay

  1. Answers to some frequently written comments:

    It's me playing but on a friends account who doesn't want his psn to be shown 👍

    Why my edit is circle in this video, it's because I didn't remove it when adding right arrow (left inner paddle) as edit button. If I used circle as edit it wouldn't be insta edit because my building button is circle

    Its a lot of bots in pubs, to get high kill games you have to take advantage of these passive lobbies, if it was a lobby with good aggresive players they would've killed the rest of the people 🤦😂

  2. Yeah there’s a point in time where it’s time to turn the game off and give it a rest. How do people even have the kind of time to get this good?

  3. Bro that’s easy i get over 60+ kills

    In creative.
    Im a underrated youtuber if anyone could check me out it would make my Day!🔥🔥🙏🏻

  4. Bruh I need to start getting 20, 30, 40 kill games again because I used to hit all of the kills but now because I recently switched to PC I'm getting completely smacked 😂😂

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