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300 PLAYER DAMAGE Total Beast Ownage | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 109

got a two-star tusk here got it all the way since the first round see if we can find the third warrior and I think that can give me a decent start and some decent items as well possible items are not so good but third third warrior here I want okay one of these two so tusk needs to not take damage he'll DPS its Mars or tiny the tanks are these two mainly this is kind of like the DPS no no reason to give any items to anybody I think early game these items it's like it's like I don't have any items pair of ant images I can get a pair of winter wyvern but will I use it well see I guess do you ever play it by do you ever play it by benching the Mars and playing the tooth tusks and hoping for mango to purchase the remaining tusks yeah sometimes I play that way sometimes I do that I know what you mean sometimes I have my units in a way that I hope to get a mango I guess a timber is okay put Timbers okay cuz I I need more a bit more damage if possible should be able to win this because no upgrades so gray for you vile sorcerers I'll put the antimage now and I want to level up put the venom three warriors to beasts yep upgraded arks can replace Mars or tiny I needs a pair right now I got decent pairs of tanky warriors – Thank You warrior slash utility talk with those axe is a purely tanking one Mars is a purely tanking one as well so I couldn't maybe try beast warrior with this I need a nice front line with beast warrior mmm the razors are super good here I'll end up selling the mix for sure level six is in two rounds this one I can play the razor and cupola mentals as well I would like to do a mage build – I could maybe transition this into a mage bill maybe I could try he has so many play words he have more plague wise than me my streak my streak poor little streak his tiny skill doing AoE damage around or just two units a we are just two units it tosses and it does damage in the radius around the toast unit so I guess we can say he does a UE I don't really want any of those except if I want to buy the Lina we have a super good beast game to snowball and stuff I have done the most damage but I need I need a crown or void stone on this man oh and I need him some budding many words and looking for an upgraded one soon or should that targeting was so good by antimage started hitting ckm on a burning I'll go for the interest okay warriors in mix elf demon or something mix warlocks drow Rangers warriors warriors Knights a bunch of warriors goblins mages duskies always ready chanting enchanted I'm sure it's most likely going into mage so we might have one mage I could keep bees I could also go mage Easter major my two options beast warrior or mage not getting any mana regen for venno but even then he can be okay for warlords I only have a morbid mask for the troll that's it oh the Vento great actually didn't see I was thinking about the troll if I want to do two trolls this game I don't think I want to go into the for troll business this game but I could have troll warlord and witch doctor witch doctor for warlocks attack speed for two trolls 35 attack speed that's okay I have three beasts right now I'm gonna need a lawn drill play for Beast I could play for Beast six warriors even I could go up to six warriors cuz I've got so many and stuff but I should be getting a 3-star tusk actually if I want to do that I can keep the Mars tusk Lycan troll and two more warriors for six one of them is doomed as I don't have demon here one of them is doom the other one is Khun Khmer because I don't have any disabled with this I could do that six warrior four beasts and the Warlocks are fellow and witch doctor I ended somebody's to win streak which is nice so I've got a super early upgraded venno even if I don't cover even if I don't have a void stone or crown for him he got upgraded her lids it was good I could also put the trolls already if I wanted to throw in the place of razor and witch doctor in the place of antimage or one of the Warriors I knew or something but right now I'm getting elementals so in this case elemental with an upgraded Tiny's better than trolls with without any upgrade I think but the overall plan the final finished product this game will be six warriors four beasts and and two to four warlocks actually I need that one interest without selling any any other units and in two rounds I'll be level seven so I can put the witchdoctor in to keep troll company this will be a quite enabled troll actually this is the kind of troll that carries alone he has to he has a mask of madness nice ok mask of mad he has double life steel later on we'll have warlocks for life steel he will have armor from six warriors and he will have damage from four beasts is the kind of troll warlord that will carry the out of the game if he is upgraded at least two stars which is not hard can always get that at least two stars can always happen now I'm not benching am maid I'm the biggest a.m. lover you see he caught a doom no demon Boris he he also got mana burned quite hard on two units now I put the witch doctor no problem he's always ready for a bite so there is no major other than him if it's only one his demons he has magical damage from myself with his demons not mages okay so doom conquer like and tusk troll Mars six units they no longer it eight units level nine I need 9 units I'm not gonna put for trolls yet what I have right now is stronger and the trolls are not upgraded but if I get another loan and another like and I will switch them for sure I can get rid of a.m. and I can push all the way to 8 because I'm on a huge streak so if I if I had a reason to I would invest down to 20 gold I can go down to 24 leveling up but I don't have a reason right now it's Enchantress a shitty beast yeah pretty much a 3-star enchantress has as much help as a one-star troll I think I wanna level it in put four beasts in I'll give troll the hood and then he is very tanky against magical damage even Oh someone's someone the army boys look at them go one gold Porthos probably stays one star yep Kasich stays one star enchanted I'm sure sorry tusky husky tusk so I can replace the tiny with doom actually I could do something that's pretty risky I feel I can level to nine all the way and put doom for six warriors six warriors in the mid-game are very strong especially when there is one major only so he's doing magical damage which counters me he's doing physical some damage some magical to think it's a good intervals well exactly exactly leaves me a thirty gold if I lose I'm not completely have you encountered chillers in Auto chest now never never run into a cheater I need upgrades now holy twenty-two damaged oh my god this is quite the team here voice why'd the team and the number one DPS is a troll warlord one star all right conquer replaces tiny upgraded conquer not gonna put a one star over tiny and we need to upgrade everything to three stars if we can even troll warlord three star will be doh I need to find a Mars 3 star very important otherwise he will follow Mars 3 star with six six six warriors actually unkillable tank hey Santa what's up dude I have heard about auto chest cheats heard about people playing with cheats and stuff I haven't encountered any I can row a little bit more here okay just down to 40 I can hit the doom as well and the lone druid so I do have things that I can hit and make me stronger right now it's not like I have everything to star and I only need three stars and I'm very far from them so I need to take it easy and reroll slowly I can play it a little aggressive right now oh dude he got unlucky as well he got me too many times the weakest player gets the strongest player too many times give me doom you like an in tusks would be okay to three-star but I don't want to focus on them right now this mage is gonna this mage might cause some problems but I think without Naga my my to start role warlord will do will deal with it without Naga if I get a BKB for example or just like this with lifesteal and hood those majors don't have disabled other than cooker he cannot permit disable me he needs to burst me and I have resistances against the burst so if I leave through the burst troll will lifesteal up to full HP in no time with double mask and and everything so troll to star wins this another three-star troll warlord game I would love to do that but I'm very far from it if I get one more ogre axe I can make a river I guess okay I need to hit something I need to hit something else I did hit something else something else like a conga for example it's okay so his position middle middle middle here so my Mars being here will thank most of the time most of the enemies and that's exactly what we want this is gonna cut it I'm sorry I'm sorry oh I got it I need the treant an inch to make it treant an inch to make it a 3-star fold them conquer both them I'm sorry but this is gonna hurt not many upgrades left for me other than long tusks so I kind of hope that the game the game ends as soon as possible before the majors stronger than me to burst me oh I also have the troll yeah I almost forgot hasn't seen any trolls all games 20 damage minimum two people every round is at least 20 damaged oh my god finally enchantress enchantress and stuff the troll has been upgraded guys oh I didn't have to sell the witch doctor you don't have to sell the panel either I'm sleeping there is no way these troll dice 260 damage yo I've never done 300 damage to players let's see if we can get to do that this game I've never done 300 damage to players this is the game we're gonna do it here we're gonna do it live we're doing it live maybe maybe I put a second liken to someone some more wolves or what Oh or major loss to the lizards oh enchanted I'm sure I hope you someone like and you have to someone he's killing them he can't kill the troll there is no way these troll dies the trolls got a solo him but he is killing my summons man I need to play the mage and do the damage to him instead I need to I need to deal damage to him I'm sure I went for this plate just to just to do 300 damage I went for this specifically whoa Coco 3 star are we doing it cuddle oh my god we're not doing it we did very little damage I sold this fan from earlier I kind of want to keep two likens for more summons I'm a 283 damage I can make a three-star like and right now but I want some ones it's gonna beat me actually and these guys gonna kill the mage I need to do my damage to the mage I needed the mage to tank my damage okay dot repositioning we did it we did it we did it we did it we did it we did over 300 first time first time we did it first time 300 damage done literally 1v1 v7 literally 107 nobody has above 100 either nobody has above 100 damage done I have basically killed everybody by myself and and I also I also lost only one fight oh if this was if this was a perfect game – I need to check the video who beat me like I only lost one fight when was it who was it 300 damage done that was so good thank you guys for watching the video on YouTube as well if you guys enjoyed it like on the video would be nice and don't forget to subscribe if you enjoy it and if you're new to the channel subscribe to see all my uploads every day also I stream on Twitch so don't forget to follow me on Twitch and check out the stream thank you for watching I will see you in the next video good luck and have fun playing games I was supposed to say have a nice day because I want to change it up a little bit but yeah have a nice day good luck have fun playing games and all that

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8 thoughts on “300 PLAYER DAMAGE Total Beast Ownage | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 109

  1. Great vid danny 🙂
    when you see the finish, you wil lnotice that DMG is not equal Life taken, cuz the overflow dmg will count, like when a player has only 16 life and you deal lets say 25dmg 😀 😀

    The second placed guy had a damn stronk Warlock team too

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