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5.4 Affliction RBG Guide – How To Do Damage

hey guys welcome back to my video this is part 2 of an affliction RBG guide part 1 went over stat priorities gems enchants how to set like two sets of gear in case you want to play destruction affliction at the same time without needing to swap all your gems and everything every time one of our glyphs talents professions all kinds of stuff so if you're watching this video and you haven't watched part one please go ahead and watch part one I'm gonna go ahead and go into part two this is affliction damage for RBG and it's only gonna work for a 5.4 because dot snapshotting is being removed in warlords of draenor so pretty much everything I'm about to tell you is going to be meaningless as soon as the next expansion comes out alright so I'm gonna pause the video right here and explain everything because I really don't have visuals to go with this stuff and I don't want to make sure that you guys understand me alright so I'm gonna break this down at the simplest form then I'm gonna add some complexity and then I'm gonna go advanced on you guys so in its simplest form you have three dots you have agony unstable affliction and corruption corruption is just the basic diet doesn't really have anything special to it unstable affliction on the other hand is also a dot but if a healer dispels it they get silenced and agony agony has is it actually a curse or bane bane of agony now I'm sorry and it can stack up to ten agony at once tact doesn't do anywhere near as much damage as it does it ten stacks a getting if you actually look on recount when you're doing a raid of battleground it's gonna be your number one damage spell if you can properly keep it at ten stacks and spread your dots around all right so that's what the three dots do now you won your three dots one as many targets as possible but it's at the same time you want to be trying to cast how Shadow fury fear and spell lock as much as you can then what you want to do is you want to macro together soul burn and soul swap and that instantly applies all three of your dots to your current after that then using Soul Swap by itself without any modifiers just Soul Swap by itself allows you to copy your dots and their current time frame from your target and you have three seconds to paste them to another target if you wait more than those three seconds then you'll need to copy them again so soul burn soul swap instantly applies your dots so soul swap by itself will just copy those dots and you have three seconds to paste them that's the simplest form of it now to add a little bit of complexity to that and a lot more damage you want your agony stacks at ten before you swap around your dots Melissa Melissa grasp if you don't use it that often but the channel on that will get your agony stacks to ten a lot faster than if you just wait for them to get the ten on their own that's usually the only reason you're gonna channel Melissa grasp is to get your agony stacks to ten unless you're going for a killing on flag-carrier or something but even then you should probably be more concerned about CC'ing healers since your burst is poop then also you can apply your dots to the same target twice to extend the duration of those dots further than they are when you initially apply them so when you apply your dots to a target they have a certain time limit on them if you immediately apply them to the same target again the dot the time left on those dots goes further than it was when you first applied them so knowing both of those it's smart to get agony to ten stacks and then extend the duration of your dots to their max time before you start swapping them around now that was the complexity portion to switch over to the Advanced portion you have to watch your procs and I think by blizzards default UI they'll be in the upper right hand side of your screen but you need to be able to multitask you have to be able to pay attention to everything going on the field what people are calling who your dotting up who needs to be CC and on top of everything else you need to watch your proxy you need to look for your damaged trinket your like your PvP not the own use one but the one that procs you have to look for Jade spirit you have to look for your cloak enchant if you're a tailor and all kinds of stuff like that they tend to like to go off at the same time if it's been a while since you've been in combat all the internal cooldowns on them have have reset by that time and they like to go off around the same time most most of the time when they go off and you're paying attention and they go off you want to make sure that your agony stacks are ten on your current target then you want to make sure you pop your cooldowns while all those procs are going off Dark Soul your PvP damage trinket if you have it you anything else you have I'm an herbalist so I have lifeblood that increases my haste pop that pop everything you got make sure your agony stacks or ten extend your dots to their max duration and then start swapping them around to everything I don't care hunter pets maids elementals warlock pets every single thing on the screen just you kind of want to make a priority of players but pets are very good to be killing them as well just melt everything all right so with that being said a lot of times in rate of battleground especially in the lower brackets you don't have to worry about being CCD if you're in the back of the group so you can actually go into the fight pop all your cooldowns instantly soul burn soul swap your closest target start channeling malefic grasp until them get your agony stacks of ten and usually because all those dots are popping and so quick all your procs will go off while you you already popped your cooldowns you'll have it agony up to ten before you know it like really quick within like two or three seconds a little bit like ten all of your pox will be going you popped all your stuff you reapply to extend the duration of your dots on the target and then just start swapping them around like crazy um it's not until you get to the higher bracket that you actually have to be careful that you're not go in there and pop your cooldowns and then getsy seed right away but for the most part this will work for for most groups when you go against them okay so I'm going to go ahead and hit play and I'm gonna show you guys exactly what I'm talking about here you can see my buffs that are in the upper right really don't have any right now it's been a while since I've been in combat so all my cooldowns should be reset I'm gonna pop all my apply my dots instantly channel malefic grasp get agony up to ten you can see everything else has gone off all my procs I extend the duration on my target with soul burn soul swap again copy those dots off and start pasting them all over the place for the most part if I'm targeting in a random battleground I click nameplates it's only if things go too crazy on the field and there's a bunch of hunter pets and things in a way that I'll actually just click I'll click directly on battleground targets I'll click straight on the add-on to pick people off and then everyone's well I like to use tab but for the most part I don't use tab I click nameplates here you can see I did 200,000 DPS 200 thousand every second I was doing 200 thousand damage think about that for a second that is crazy damage now once you get in PvP it's not gonna be that much but still you can put out a lot of damage really quick doing this and this is how I do it now there are a couple more things that I wanted to go over really quick there are other things more important than damage but I needed to explain the damage because that's what this video is about but things that are more important than damage you guys need to you have to CC healers you have to get fierce on them shadow fury how shadow Fury into a house of shadow fury so you can walk up and have them try to get combos off like that you want to peel for your healers too if you're in the back and you see someone's beating on one of your healers you want to save your spell locks I don't mind loosely spell lock I try to save them for chaos bolts or heals when I see one go often the time when I need it I could probably spell a lot more often than I do but I really like to just save it for a time when I think it's crucial like my someone's in trouble and I need to lock out of case bull or a heel or something like that try to CC out of someone else's CC call your CC and someone else would be like alive you say I'm fearing on the the Druids getting feared full fear he trinket fear again all right he's feared someone get CC out of this fear if you hear someone else saying I'm cloning the shaman makes her right out of that you say alright I I've got fear out of that clone or something like that you want to chain your cc's together in a really good game cache fear as much as you can let's see what else again the damage portion of this guide only works because of dot snapshotting 16.0 hits this won't be as important and it won't really matter as much I'm not really sure how things are going to go at that point but there's a lot of changes that I don't really know too much about yet I hope this video has helped you guys out if you have any questions ask me in the comments or ask me on Facebook if you have questions about my user interface check out my user interface video do me a favor check out my videos before you ask questions because a lot of times I get I probably get asked once a day what my add-ons are and I have a video specifically just going over my add-ons just like I have one on this going over damage now so check out my videos and if you still can't find your answer then ask me a question and I'll be happy to answer thanks guys a good luck next season and I'll talk to you again soon take care

Cesar Sullivan

16 thoughts on “5.4 Affliction RBG Guide – How To Do Damage

  1. i also have the addon platebuffs how do u make ur buffs at the top to be so close and with that border?

  2. nice guide dude. Haven't played affliction since SL/SL in season 2. Might have to dust off a warlock and give it a crack again

  3. No mention of the Mannoroth's fury seed burst? I agree whole heartedly that seeds in standard rotation is not as strong as it was but I would have thought using it in your teams burst would be important.

  4. I just wanted to say I love these videos and that with your advice I have become a much better warlock. For example with the Kanrethad fight for the Fel Fire quest line, I learned so much about simply being aware of your opposition's actions and that the DPS will come naturally to reacting to your opponent. Still get a kick out of all the threads about Green fire on the forums though! XP

  5. Serious sir, i have some questions.. first of using, soulburn seed / seed in your rotation do you see it as to much of time in "cast" or since you boost your agony to10stacks you dont need the seeds? cus iw watched your vids more then 1 time and your mentioning that about the seed.. but since your doing that agony boost now maybe you dont have time for the seeds before your procs/buffs runs out? (using herb/tailor my self to so recommending that to everyone) and 1 more question i though i stat it here since i started a question here already so… your latest videom i see you have a new addon there just on the side of your party frame, it looks realy clean so my question, what is it, what does it do, and does it help in anyone that nothing else does?.. im only using ArenaLive, Tidyplates, ExtraCD. along with some "just for the looks addons that dont do anything in your gameplay"

    anyway mate, love your videos keep them rolling like them dots

    love xqz 

  6. Everytime I try aff I barely dps xc and just go back to destro :/ aff is my favorite and I can't use it lol

  7. Hey man, a stupid question – how do you control your char? asd are spells so you just have W as forward and control it by the mouse? thanks

  8. I lol'd when you were so excited ab 200k damage. I PvP and raid so when I raid I'm used to casually seeing 200k+. Keep up the work.

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