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5 biggest mistakes you can abuse in lane to win – League of Legends

what is up guys today we're looking at five of the biggest mistakes that people make in Lane that you can abuse to get kills and get a lead these are especially things that I've noticed lower elope layers doing a lot thank you to progress again for helping to edit this video don't forget their new genius feature which connects you to a high/low player instantly for any questions you have remember to like this video if you did dislike it if you didn't but let's jump into the first thing the most abusable thing and the thing most people don't use our minions people are greedy they want farms so we're going to use that against them there are a few different ways of doing this but basically it comes down to the fact that when someone goes to CS that is a one time where you know where they're going to be where you can predict where they'll stand to get that minion this is probably the one thing you can abused in every low in every game it doesn't matter whether you're challenger or challenged you can definitely use this to your advantage so moving swiftly on there are kind of two different ways to abuse it the first one is using it to force trades like they are really looking for that minion right that's what they want so they take that and you hit them with an auto attack or ability while they do it they basically have to make a choice that's what you're forcing them to do they either miss OCS and trade with you or more likely they take the damage from you and choose to get the CS instead it's actually fine if they do trade you can always just run backwards and at least they've missed a CS especially considering most times they would just let you hit them it's definitely worth doing this is especially true with canon minions people just don't want to miss them and well sometimes even end up dying just because they come too close for the Canon and ignored you running at them the second way is the prediction side of things you can guess where they're going to stand to being ranged to auto the CS down and so that means you can fire your skill shots to that location and stand a better chance of hitting them so those are the two things you can abuse you can force a trade when they're going to see us and get some free damage or aim skill shots better because you'll have a good idea of where they're going to stand to get the CS the second one is abusing cooldowns this is the basic thing that literally every trade or kill most likely starts from this is the core of how you win trades and win your lane is really simple but basically when the enemy has used an ability it's then on cooldown and they can't use it on you if you fire I know it's sounds really obvious that part is obvious but I bet you aren't actively thinking that you should take advantage of this in a game think of this against an re-write she uses her cue on the minion wave and then comes to attack 'hey what is she gonna do she can't q that's most of her damage so just give her a good old slap the mistake aspect of this is just that players will still trade even after they've used a cool-down so they'll lose the fire next time an enemy uses their main spell you have a window where you can abuse them and punish them for having that on cooldown really what they should do and what you should do in this situation on the reverse is run away the wait for the cooldown and then come back in but most people aren't going to do that they're going to fight you and they'll run when they realize they're losing there is another side to this okay so when you're actually fighting like even if they use our abilities on you once they've done that damage from them they have to wait awhile before doing it again this is a way I get love kills honestly it's like a Twisted Fate right here's the one I have used the most if he ever uses it card on me even the wild cards even if they both hit me they might do like a third of my health or something it looks like I'm losing the trade but he has to wait another six seconds or whatever it is to do that again and that's where I can even up the trade and hurt him where you can't do anything back to me most players in that situation will use their abilities and then still Auto attack you because they've done more damage to you so they think they're winning they have nothing left though and that is where you can turn on them so the third thing the famous level to power spike and also getting level 6 this still happens in my diamond game is how I have no idea sometimes people aren't paying attention to their minion counts sometimes I just dumb I have no idea but getting level 2 first and fighting is a great way to get a lead early for bot Lane you're going to need the 3 fighter minions from the second way plus the entire first wave for mid on top you'll need just one fighter from the second wave plus the first wave the reason I am actually pointing out the first wave even though everyone knows that is because it's so important to make sure all the first wave minions are dead when the second arrives even if there's just one caster at the back that you left it's unlikely you're going to be able to get to that to kill it because as you go forward the enemy laner will hit you for it and that means you won't get level 2 with the three fighters where your opponent will this is so important I cannot say that enough like it's one of the first things I ever cover with people when I coach make sure the first wave is dead as the second arrives so we don't ever want to do that but on the flipside if you can zone the at all during the first wave or make one of your casters survived then you obviously have that advantage over them level two is a big difference in power and most people don't back off early enough so you'll get some kind of damage and advantage maybe even a kill you definitely see like a level two first blood in the bot lane a lot more because there's two of you at level two now so that's four abilities you can throw at someone's face which is harder to deal with the less obvious one is level six getting level six before your opponent can actually be pretty huge if you're a slightly more aggressive pick the amount of times I've heard a teammate say something like yeah he got level six and instantly went on me I just didn't expect it like it's too damn high it's a cheesy way to pick up a kill it shouldn't happen but it does the mistake part of this is that the enemy won't back off and respect your level 2 or level 6 or maybe that it's not paying attention and don't expect it so you use the fact that you have more power than them the fourth one is them staying with no potions no health or no mana this is honestly just greed and this is the typical thing like you know when you someone just kind of hides under their Tower they let you push and then like they try and scrape a few CS that is such a bad idea you end up losing more doing it that way than if you would just base and come back it's not only just that I mean that's the first thing right they can't see us I can't get close and if they do you need to punish them and kill them it's also the fact that you basically get a free Lane with them doing this think of it like if they base they come back with full health the manner with items you'll have to base to and then it's back to everyone at full health fighting again what they're doing now is just letting you free farm they're losing CS on the tower and you can maybe even sneak a kill in there so I see way too many people sit back when the enemy is out of health or has no potions left when they should be trying to force them away and punish them potions are another thing actually if they don't have the potion but you do then you can trade you can both lose health but the difference is you can heal it back up with a potion and they can the other side of this is actually when they're out of mana this is probably the more uncommon thing that people are punished for if they have no mana they can't use spells that sounds really obvious right but I have so many supports the bot Lane that just don't want to fight even though they are out of mana there are actually a few specific things that you can do here so one is the obvious if they are out of mana fight them because they can't use spells the second one is baiting the enemy into using what little manner they have left to fight you they're not going to have enough mana here to full-on fight you so you can still win the trade but if you have a health potion this is even better effectively what you're doing is trading your health potion for the rest of their manners so you'll get the health back but they can't get their mana back as fast once you've done that then they'll be out of mana and we're back to the first point again that is the easiest way to abuse a mistake of them not basing with no mana fight them and win the trade this actually leads on to my number five point this is a shorter point but be using their lack of waveclear and a mistake of not actively pushing with auto-attacks if you are even or ahead I normally go by the general idea that if you aren't also attacking the enemy champion you should be Auto attacking the enemy minions most people do not do this and that is what leads to them being pushed in under Tower or having to fall back because I don't have any minions left pushing them in is actually going to create a lot of pressure it forces them to use their spells on the wave not on you and it will create a CSV from basically nothing the mistake part of this that we're going to abuse is them not keeping it out of their towel they're not focusing the minions like we are and so losing control of the lane this might seem like it doesn't matter as much but it's actually something pretty important when paying on my own right to Diamond account I noticed this a lot I am very rarely challenged for lane control not because they are afraid to fight me or I'm better mechanically or anything like that but because they aren't Auto attacking my minions so it pushes towards them you do have to keep you in mind their jungler or the other lanes for this one like where they are but this is something that especially a lot of ranks you can abuse and believe them with the biggest thing you actually get from this is they are going to miss yes you can free poke them on the tower while they're trying to farm and they're not going to be able to do anything back to you this is like the number one way you can actually win a lane a lower a low so that wraps up my video I hope you guys enjoyed it remember to check out pro guides a few links will be around for that like subscribe comment share but for now let's go to the robots

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49 thoughts on “5 biggest mistakes you can abuse in lane to win – League of Legends

  1. Yay wasted my time watching this because this is mostly gold level mistakes. When someone doesn't back in plat+ typically they have a jungler waiting around to bait you into pushing the wave or diving them. GIve me back my 5 minutes please.

  2. About the last point:
    When you push they may lose control over the lane but the minions are on their side of the lane so your lane is easily gankable…
    You could stay away but when the next wave arrives it is near their tower and in order to get the cs you'll have to go there and that's when the jungler can come to gank
    Isn't this a bit dangerous? I mean of course you place wards… Is that the answer? Buying control wards?

  3. what does challenger or challenged exactly means? i want to know whats so bad about that sentence(i dont have a very good english)

  4. Stopped watching after that abysmal Azir play…

    How you gonna make a video guide about a game and show terrible gameplay at the same time?

  5. 6:19 Wait…isn't that what you are supposed to do? Why did he say "I have so many supports that don't wanna fight even though they are out of mana"? Can anyone tell me if he messed up or if that is what you're supposed to do, please?

  6. Guys I know how to abuse people in top lane, pick nasus, start e, take dorans, take ignite( if ur feeling spicy) and take ap runes. Top dead

  7. Good advice for learning players, but for the love of god, could you please not make a video of bronze plays that make me want to use bleach

  8. I'm still here, and honestly I'm spooked that this has something to do with you debating on not leaving us with the robots anynore. in one of your recent videos this past week I felt a crippling amount of disappointment when you just said bye and ended the video. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we, your loyal dedicated subscribers (who also watch redmercy, pants are Dragon and other youtubers) deserve to be left with the robots. I can't stress enough that in the future if you choose to stop leaving us with the bots of satisfaction. I don't know how I could continue to watch your videos. I couldn't go on. It'd be too emotionally awkward. please think about this long and hard. we love you. – your fan base ❤

  9. You need 4 warrior minions and 2 caster minions to get from level 1 to 2. Reaonably speaking, you don't need to clear tbe entire first wave, just everything except 1 caster minion. Just a fun fact

  10. Another thing that you can abuse in lower elo is to push your minions into their tower when they are backing. This will give you a huge advantage because they will loose loads of XP and GOLD.

  11. the amount of times i see players stay under turret on 20%hp and mana until they die is insane, the best tip imo in this video is for them to just go back and buy pots/items and get full hp instead of just being dived under tower and then gg [email protected] because now you lost farm and you just gave your opponent an easy 300g

  12. I fucking hate the punishment. I got disconnected 2 times row and it gives me 6 times of 20 minutes for waiting of my punishment. Anything could help me with this? i can't take this shit anymore.

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