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5 Genetic Accidents That Will Shock You

5 Genetic Accidents That Will Shock You. Number 5. In 2006, this bizarre-looking baby was born
in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district, attracting a huge number of onlookers to witness
the astonishing sight. The neck-less baby was born with its head
almost totally sunk into the upper part of the body and with extraordinarily large eyeballs
literally popping out of the eye-sockets. The bizarre baby, however, died after half
an hour of its birth. It was taken to the hospital after its death. The news about such a baby being brought to
the hospital spread like wildfire and there were hundreds gathered at the hospital to
have a look. The police had to be deployed to control the
crowd. Number 4. Wang Fang, 36, of Chongqing city in China,
was born with her feet facing the wrong way. She has learned to live with her condition
without problems and had refused a disability pension by being classified as disabled. According to Fang, she can run faster than
most of her friends and have a regular job as a waitress in the family restaurant. Hence, there is no reason to class her as
disabled. Number 3. This baby named Liu Junjie from Anhui Province,
China, was born with a third arm. Doctors successfully removed the extremely
rare and well-developed third arm, but the baby required long-term physical therapy to
gain function in his remaining hand, which has no palm and flexes in either direction. According to Chen, head of the orthopedics
department at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, “We’re hoping to exchange information
with doctors who’ve dealt with similar cases anywhere in the world,”. “This is so rare that we have virtually no
information to go on.” Number 2. This baby was born with only one eye in India
in 2006. Medical staff who helped deliver the baby
believe that the child’s condition was caused by an experimental anti-cancer drug. Another cause written in the report by the
hospital was that it could also be the result of a chromosomal disorder. The child was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal
disorder, known as cyclopia. She was born with a single eye in the center
of her forehead, no nose and her brain fused into a single hemisphere. With such severe deformities, it was a miracle
that the girl survived even a few minutes after delivery. The baby died days later. Number 1. In May 2016, a baby astonished doctors in
India when it was born with a rare condition known as ‘Mermaid syndrome.’ Tragically, the newborn, whose legs had fused
together to resemble the mythical creature, only lived for about ten minutes. The baby was born in a fish-like body, and
had its hands spread like fins, which made this case really unique. The upper body of the baby was absolutely
functional, but the lower body was not developed.

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  1. I don't know if it is a genetic defect but… u was born with no hair color… my hair is since I got born white like snow or cocaine XD

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