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5 Tips Pros Abuse In Fortnite Battle Royale (Fortnite Tips & Tricks)

so what's going on guys and welcome back to the channel today I'm gonna be showing you guys five tips that pros use to win in fortnight Battle Royale I've been getting a lot of people asking me well what is the pros do and after observing a ton of different streams with myself not being a total pro I picked up a ton of tips that you guys can use to get that umbrella or rank better in games or just generally get better at the game kicking things off with my first tip my first tip for you guys is to keep two ARS or an AR and an SMG if you don't have 50 plus shots in your AR now a lot of you guys are probably gonna be wondering well why would I need an SMG or even to a ARS if I already have one now the most common thing that I'm seeing when it's top five or six is that there's three duo's miles and miles away from each other all in really nice force no one gets in no one gets out and that's the case for everyone's force so the way to deal with this is to save a green or blue or purple SMG because the ammo drops are a lot more common for crappy SMGs than they are for ARS or at least for me it seems that way but anyway if you do this you end up saving your AR mo for what actually matters and that's the target so you can still use all 50 shots you might need for that medium combat fight but when you're just poking at each other sports from afar and if you don't have a sniper having a second AR or an SMG can help you a ton with just destroying their walls and floor now obviously if you get enough ammo for your AR you can just use that AR and you'll be totally fine but in many cases you're not so fortunate to end up with a ton of ammo now in this case you guys are gonna see we were working with the bare bones of weapons and you're gonna see that these guys built a brick fort but then decided to build up to get a bigger vantage point their biggest mistake was making it out of wood so I pulled out my SMG since I've got 50 shots that I want to save to be able to kill both targets with my AR if I need to and so I just sprayed their walkway down with the SMG so they fell down now in most cases people are going to have RPGs and grenade launchers at this point in time however if you're not so fortunate you can still win you just got to build strong and save a second gun solely for spraying at their fort now the reason I use the SMG for this specifically here is because the SMG accuracy is all over the place since it's close range right well that's actually a good thing when you're using it for this because you're hitting multiple fort pieces at a time because of the spread so I just ended up melting their fort so that's tip number one moving on to tip number two this one only works mainly for duo's and squads but if you're playing on duo's against someone on the high ground the high ground has its benefits but the high ground deficit is that you can't see around the hill that you're on so what I did was I had my buddy John sneak up around the outskirts of the hill while still using my SMG to use the first tip so if they thought we were still both here because I was firing from our fort while distracted John snuck up on them and then I jumped down and headed toward the care package once I destroyed the majority of their fort and he was able to sneak up on them so they had to move this is because they had fallen down and this is where we both met up together and we ended up actually taking both of them by surprise now was this coordination really good and unlikely in most scenarios well yes but sometimes that's what it takes to win and I'm telling you you want to be using these types of diversions whether that be tossing Bluff grenades or smokes or shooting like I did or whatever you want to do it's huge a diversion is huge if you can get their full attention and get them to focus on one person and use that to your advantage if you're playing on squads if all three of your team members are stealthy enough they can sneak up on that fort while they still think all four of you are in your fort before we move on I just want to quickly mention that my twitch streams are every Wednesday and Friday at 7 o'clock and 7:30 p.m. so if you want to see me live-streaming be sure to tune in at those dates in those times tip number three run near the storm or if you have the proper amount of med kits run in it now there are a few ways to make it into that tiny circle without being picked off but one sure way that I've used is literally barely making it each time when the storm comes now just about every strategy guide that I've seen says that you just need to be inside of it which doesn't really tell you a whole lot but what I'm saying is that this doesn't mean trap yourself in the storm far out what I mean by this is play close to the line but still outside of it and when the storm comes you can either if you think it's totally clear run with or alongside the purple but if you hear the gunfire near the area in the circle you may actually want to take cover right next to the border and actually wait a couple seconds and if you're on solo and obviously this works the best because you don't have to both get medkits but if you have a medkit you can literally wait until you're like 20 health and then just go ahead and pop the med kit and you're back where you were except you've not only allowed for the hardcore perjures to kill themselves leaving behind all kinds of awesome loot but you've also lost all suspicions so if they were maybe looking at the border while it moved and they saw you well then they may just presume that you were lost to the storm and again this is a rare circumstantial strategy but it is one that the pros use because if you have a med kit it will work with bandages it may not be worth losing the 25 health but with the med kit you lose pretty much nothing from doing so moving on to tip number four tip number four for you guys is going to be to get your brick or metal materials up to 250 plus early on now the reason I say this is because making your fort at the very end is very important and considering top 10 or top 5 players all have RPGs well you're not gonna do so well if you put up a wood structure or even some wood stairs to get an angle on someone you want to use that wood very early on to raid houses to sneak into the roofs those scars will destroy your wood Hut some people like to just hope people drop materials and go for kills but you want to go to locations like brick houses or places with a lot of metal like say the prison because then your Hut has now become an impenetrable fortress and that's what you want considering how unpredictable the circle is you need to be ready to move in so you want to be getting those materials early on so the best way that you can do that is to land somewhere that has good materials and as for tip number 5 this tip is mainly directed at squads because solo and duo is pretty rough a minute into the purge but squads bear in mind most squads are not coordinated teams get in a discord or Skype call of some guys you know are decent my tip is that if you're in squads go to hotspots now it sounds ridiculous to go to a hotspot but think about it the 5 or 10 sets of shed and folk house will only have so much loot in them take a town and then rather than just helping out to people now there's enough loot and you can satisfy all four of your buddy so that's my tip go somewhere hot but somewhere hot that's away from the bus so it's not totally overwhelming but for people if everyone gets a gun and you take two houses or say do two and two so you're still together in duos you should take the town whatever it is no problem unless they're too close to the bus this way you start with epic and legendary loot in solo or duo is my epic and legendary from people toward the end of the game button squads you can claim what's yours team up and stick together take that stuff right away you'll get all the legendary and epic loot and dominate that game just don't stay wherever you were for too long because you're probably going to have drawn a little bit of attention to your location after killing everyone in that location despite the aggressive start your attention is still very much to go unseen after that as a group and told the very end but this method works best for squads also because if you take a house well you've got some wood and some bricks in some metal right but if you take a town well now you've got all the wood and all the bricks and all the metal so bear that in mind when you're playing on squads and bonus tips number one make sure you adjust your vertical and horizontal sensitivity accordingly for the most accuracy when you're going for those headshots number two peak corners and use a good headset with preferably atmosphere to help you distinguish footsteps and other sound and lastly number three don't pop the bush unless you're sniping or hiding waiting toward the end of the game why do I say this well because of moving bushes is even more detectable than a moving person so don't be a moving bush because it will also hinder your sights when you go to shoot so if you're gonna pop it pop it on your fort or on a mountain with a good vantage point so you can effectively use the bush rather than it hindering you and then get someone to laugh at you and get pop when they see a moving bush in the middle of the roof there's only so many places a bush can be guys and that's a disadvantage in a lot of ways but don't pop the bush if you don't have the means to use it and that's gonna conclude my pro tips video I really hope that this guide helps obviously this isn't the top 5 tips this is just 5 tips that I've seen a lot of pros using subscribe to the channel if you're new drop a like down below if you've enjoyed now before I totally wrap up I do want to let you guys know about how you can get some free v bucks in four nights so I'm gonna show you guys how you can get some free v 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  1. Simple, but the soccer skin, and crank 5 90s. And yes I am aware this video was made in like season 2, calm the fuck down

  2. Wood is the best mat because it may not have a high health but its health builds up quicker making it better for build battles and just regular building

  3. My usual weapons choice is AR/Machine Gun, Shotgun (usually tactical), and a long range weapon (pistol or revolver). I sometimes use a SCAR.

  4. Would FreemyApps work for getting V-bucks?
    Also how do you get V-bucks from App Zone? Do you just play apps?

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