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5 Ways to Overcome Your Breaking Injuries (Part One) // THE KNOWLEDGE DROP | BBOY DOJO

Let’s face it y’all, if you into breakin’
110 percent, It’s likely that at some point of your career. You’re going to have to deal with injuries. Here’s
B-Boy Dojo’s “what to do when you get injured” 101 Hot Tips, let’s go! Yeah! The Knowledge Drop is back.
This is Focus of the Flow Mo Crew, and Saiffa Studio. If
you never been facing breaking injuries in your life, then hey, I’m happy for you. Good job, but if you like me or anybody that
I know in the breaking game on the top, then you have dealt with some serious
injuries. Breaking has given me so much in my life. it’s
given me my passion, a way to express myself, a way to travel, a career, bunch of friends
all around the world. But in return it has taken some time off in exchange. I’ve seen
a bunch of people go through depression and anxiety because of their breaking related
injuries, the time off it took in order to heal. And it’s no joke, but if you approach
it in a way that it’s almost nearly inevitable that it’s going to happen at some point
of your career. That’s going to change your perspective. That’s going to change everything.The great
news are that our bodies are amazing when it comes to healing if you allow it to. Here’s B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo’s hot tips on
how to overcome the time when injured. Number one is rest.We’re going to start with
something that’s common sense yet. Possibly the hardest one for b-boys and b-girls. If your social network is based around the
community that’s in the practice session it’s hard to stay out of it. Your passion is breaking,
it’s hard to get that time off and let your body heal, but it takes time for the body to
recover from an injury. If you over stress your body during the time of the recovery, the
recovery is not going to happen. Your short-term injuries become chronic and
you might have to deal with them for the rest of your life. Rest is the number one when it comes to recovery. The
time of healing is a biological fact, that often can be sped up. If you break the ligaments for your ankle
for example, it takes six to eight weeks for them to heal up again and be back to normal. Respect your body by giving it time to be
back and strong again. Number Two: see an expert. We think we know
all the answers but we don’t. There are people who have been
trained and experienced in specifically that kind of injuries that you are going through
right now and I don’t mean your local nurse or friend’s friend. Find out the best doctors, the best physiotherapist,
the best osteopath, the best acupuncturist, chiropractors, nutritionist, whatever it takes. Approach this with some seriousness and you
get some great results, and it’s hard to swallow your pride and get some help trust me. I’ve
been there but in my experience the better the doctor the more they’re going to find
results in order to get you well instead of just saying ‘“hey, that’s it for your breaking
career. No more.” Get an insurance if you don’t have one already
in order to overcome some of the cost.

Cesar Sullivan

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Overcome Your Breaking Injuries (Part One) // THE KNOWLEDGE DROP | BBOY DOJO

  1. Its like God spoke to me because im going thru a injury (A skateboard injury not necessarily from breakin) but thanks for making this, hope to see more

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