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5 White Foods Harmful To Your Health

5 White Foods Harmful To Your Health. There are good and bad foods we eat infrequently
and others, daily. What few people know is that there are 5 white foods we eat every
day, that have little nutritional value and are harmful to our health. These foods also called ‘white poison’ cause
diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. Do you want to know what they
are? Here we tell you: 1. Refined salt. The salt we consume today has nothing to do
with the natural crystalline salt. This was a decision some time ago from some scientists
that concluded that the other components were not necessary and that was enough with sodium
chloride for salting meals. The natural crystalline salt contains the
84 elements of the human body in its ideal ratio but is now a pure poison we eat every
day. So we must avoid salt as often as we can. Especially avoid all junk foods that
contain a lot of it. 2. The flour. The flour we eat today is mostly starch and
retains only a small fraction of the original grains. The finer and whiter the flour, the
less minerals, vitamins and fiber it contains. Lean for whole grain breads! 3. Refined sugar. Refined sugar has no proteins or minerals,
or enzymes, or fats. That is, no benefit to our health besides providing energy. This
is a pure chemical substance obtained from sugar cane that goes through many processes
where it loses all the components that could be beneficial to our health. However, being
eliminated, it causes an opposite effect and its excessive consumption can cause harmful
effects. 4. Pasteurized cow’s milk. Believe it or not, milk is a source of cholesterol
and saturated fats; some studies have linked it to diabetes and osteoporosis. During the
pasteurization process destroys beneficial bacteria, enzymes essential to absorb nutrients
and its entire phosphatase (necessary to absorb calcium). Painful but true, milk is one of
the most harmful white foods to your health. 5. White Rice. Within the white foods harmful to health is
white rice since has gone through a refining process where is extracted the outer layer
and germ and retains only the endosperm, composed mainly of starch. To replace this ‘white poison’
you can eat brown rice, it has gone through less chemical processes. Do you know any other harmful food to the
health? Tell us in the comments section below. For more information on the 5 White Foods
Harmful To Your Health, Just CLICK the image at the end of this video or the link in the
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2 thoughts on “5 White Foods Harmful To Your Health

  1. When you are in the check-out lane at your grocery store there's a good chance that the people before you and/or after you are buying lots of foods containing these white poisons. Every once in a while there will be someone (you?) buying genuinely healthy foods.

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