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Domestic Violence and Abuse

6/21/19 Hard Carry Support Abuse! — In-Depth Diamond Support Stream — League of Legends

hey bye yeah I don't know if our if it's gonna last or not oh my god we're now in 45 CS now we were just dominating I guess at least I didn't die and to find a bright side here I'm only down two levels well hopefully the power will stay on I don't have chat up or whatever I just basically just restarted the stream you're getting abused so hard DC for like two minutes it's like GT that's frustrating get paid and get out and ally has been slain enemy rampage I thought he was trying to hold me I don't know if he was or not I thought I saw I saw a commotion I've never been halted by a board before so I don't know what the motion is I know he's got like a half a second wind up though yeah I guess who this guy with local utility here loyalty is an earned thought go for an IE next oh yeah sorry I don't have a chat going right now guys I just I don't know if people are saying anything or not but I'll get you after I'm after the game's over basically Pat if you're wondering like what happened all that south is the DC got a storm going on here we lost power for about two minutes there so it reset the stream honor is the rust on a dull blade well I did save the so know what to heal but I think that's got like crit blasted by Caitlyn for like 9 million with a headshot or something hopefully they rotate and get that I was going to keep bottom going and I could have stayed okay I'm just gonna get this I was going to keep working the sidelines yeah it looks goofed up I don't know why we have vision here so the clients like messed up right now I think probably because of the cause I got D seed in the middle of the game or something hecarim could be coming up here after me state that five seconds too long tastehh I'm sitting at chat up real quick I'll play grey screen simulator restore Aaron heroes go hungry I always got to give them that just give that it's like we're not going to okay it's not about kDa my I'm dying to much whatever not on the mat these minions are just like disappearing I hate that glitch they don't need to probably be wet then we'll push one more since a crime there have to run down little was doing drop maybe that was her guy like one person splits one person holds I didn't see who was doing the grant but like that's totally not acceptable when they have a big herd like split pushing a side lane is fine if you need additional pressure but like you got to be doing something in lanes I was trying to press me around D but I couldn't do it fast enough well Mord hasn't been holding me yet so a DC guys explaining it like 50 times I mean I know there's people tuning in at random times that didn't immediately reconnect but there's a storm outside I've got values and DC just ruined us this game we're like when the team like six and one we're in a dominant position botlane just like literally random act of God like deep or is just just a curse like literally all right we'll try if I DC one more time now we got to cut the stream for the night but hopefully it'll stay online it's probably not even worth lives probably better just go to sleep I live in Tennessee What's Up mr. white thanks buddy appreciate it I mean I think pretty much every streams at TSP Q&A it wouldn't draw him enough viewership gray unfortunately it'd be better just to do something else either like work on some other concept just do something offline either go to sleep or do a guide or you know something like that okay they they not all this anyways as hell it's gonna van happens all the time as soon as you get to d4 I guess these guys aren't d4 but it's like you start running into people it just never play League they just quit when they get to d4 and then it feels like he just catch him when they might just maybe get back into it hate pickins IRA into assassins but Iko huh I'm a Dodge it's like three people that don't ever play their chance they're switching guys now is probably Nikko support Bebe's looking pretty rad yeah she's bawling she's like a nightclub DJ or something I guess we can look at the riot please here all right so you got four minutes hey everyone hard to believe but it's been almost a year since the last riot please video and since then a lot has happened we tested our first experimental mode Nexus blitz and while it didn't make the permanent roster we learned a ton and we're still looking for modes that could be new long-term additions to League ranked remastered launched establishing two new tiers dividing the season into three splits with unique rewards and hopefully improving your climb from iron to Grand Master we unchain Silas revealing more about the dark side of Damascus relationship with magic we kicked off our partnership with Marvel Comics introduced you to the crew of the Morningstar Nico and Yumi hid the rift and kale and Morgana were reborn in a dual vgu we were blown away by your response to kDa who went on to become one of our most popular skin lines of all time with the legitimate hit song under their belt not to mention the most watched video we've ever made our eSport has continued to see incredible pro play at the highest levels with record-breaking engagement at both last year's world finals and most recently MSI where the gap closed and EU did prove to be greater than na so much has happened and as always we're so appreciative of you being on this ride with us whether it's running a major eSport event creating a new skin or delving deeper into the universe everyone online works incredibly hard with one goal in mind to create experiences we hope you'll love okay now that we're all cut up let's talk about the state of the game we're well into season 2019 and all things considered we're very happy with the state of the matter right now many of the changes over the last 18 months have led to a game state that is simultaneously more stable and more diverse rewarding for carries but also great team play fun to play in normals and exciting to watch in pro play we plan to stay on this path by reducing the rate of change during the season we think there's less of a burden for you to keep up and more room for you to bring creativity and innovation to the game at the same time ad timing on that what they put the ban of that Teemo mid edition than ever before to respond quickly when champions get out of balance across all skill levels we're also happy with some of the more systemic changes we've made for example the changes to mid and late game vision have succeeded in encouraging more aggressive team play which you've seen on display at Worlds and MSI although it's started off Rocky champion options in bot lane are in a healthy spot every now and again we see exciting non marksmen picks and AD sees remain powerful and highly present at all levels of play lastly the preseason changes hit their mark by one strengthening laning phase – making comebacks more achievable and three resolving decided games more quickly looking ahead work on the upcoming preseason is progressing well it's too early to share details but we hope to communicate more soon okay let's talk about the client we've heard your feedback about the state of the client and the truth is you're right the state of the client isn't what it should be and it's taken us way too long to improve things however over the last few months we have been making important changes that were prerequisite for us to be able to identify the root causes of it like the good is cheerleading here now we can finally tackle long overdue work on client performance without shooting in the dark and that's what we plan to do we're sorry for how long it's taken it's pretty janky client considering you can expect us to make meaningful progress sure how profitable it is for him in addition now that we've deprecated support for Windows XP we can finally upgrade the client to a modern version of chromium which should come with generally improved performance we've also significantly improved how patching works making game updates at a much faster more reliable it's a good game hunter took an average of eight minutes to update League the new patterns are just less than 40 seconds a small percentage of you will have seen a new sign-in flow for league on PBE we'll be rolling out changes to the sign-in flow throughout the year including the ability to stay signed in to factor authentication and background patching later this year this next update is something I'm really excited to talk to you about message board that we're continuing to look for new modes that could be permanent additions to League team fight tactics is our next shot at this TF T is our take on the emerging Auto battler sub-genre with some new aspects we think make for a uniquely League experience like Nexus blitz what we want to build this mode with you and so we're releasing it in beta so we can that's not a uniquely league experience we're sure the initial release is stable I mean it's cool whatever it's not uniquely League come on and iteration is to follow up with a TFT ranked Q we're also introducing a new product called little legends for TFT little legends will be your avatar on the TFT battlefield and your main way of interacting with other players unique to different dramatic base from uni clearly though appears pets that cheer you on from the sidelines in my interpret and maybe the most important desire is the only one that EFT is letting us deliver on a long-awaited player promise Penghu will come to league as a TFT little legend we're very excited to see what you think if you'd like more detail on TFT see the articles linked below surprise of a campus after nearly a decade of taking 500 damage from flat Hannity's like yes it's true we're finally updating the death recap screen our goal was pretty straight forward we wanted to make death recap accurate informative and easy to read so you can meaningfully adapt to whatever your enemies are throwing at you the new death recap should hit PvE in the next patch and go live in 914 so have a look and let us know what you think rest in peace will death recap your watch has ended a word on context as we've discussed clashes technical problems stem from its unique pattern of needing to start mini games at once after the last round of testing we realized we needed to make some fundamental changes to the design of the system if we wanted it to work at the right scale so that's what like easy fix for clash you sign up for it it's easy like you sign up for it it tells you who you're paired against or whatever and you have to just contact like it gives you like a way to contact those people and you have to go like create a custom game between a certain time frame like hey you have 24 hours to like for your team to go pair with the other team and then like whenever you're gonna start it it just gives you like a tab or something whenever you're gonna start it get in there it's like a custom Lobby records the win and that's it for clash it doesn't feel like it should be that difficult like amateur tournaments do that type of stuff all the time ok I mean so I have it open hey what's going why bye everyone it's someone dodging well I don't like brandy usually but probably okay in the Kaiser Oh TFT yeah I'll probably watch I mean we'll see what people want to do with it people are asking why did they get rid of Nexus plates and why are they trying TFT I would imagine that necro that it was just neck growing ranked queue like their cannibalizing ranked key rather basically is just taking people away from playing ranked which is not what they want to do with like a game mode they want people they want bigger numbers they want more engagement they want people who don't usually like play drank that much to sign in to the client more and use the client I thought Nexus it was really fun I think for a lot of people it's not that it wasn't popular it just it wasn't achieving the goals it was getting people to stop playing ranked that's why they don't do the what is it the a RAM earth or whatever it's called a earth because it people stopped playing ranked whenever that mode is out a lot of times there's like some kind of theory behind it I've heard I forgot exactly what it is but people just end up playing that mode of time and then they like burn out on the game and don't play the game as much hey or if it's something like that it doesn't create good objectives for the game and that's why they only do it every now and then and that's kind of why they have a rotating game mode also to get people like hyped about a limited time event thing it's not about like fun doesn't pay bills I mean they've got to make money if it keeps people from playing ranked it's probably bad they're not gaining anything from that like if it's people that would normally play ranked and they're playing that instead they don't want that they want people to like play the game that aren't normally playing ranked or like newer people that play it but that logic that but people that play normals aren't the same kind of people that usually play ranked and they don't have to develop any new assets for normals they just it's just a mode that you turn on you know they have to develop and try to balance things like Nexus splits if they want to make it interesting like kind of like what they've done with a ram you kind of have to have separate balancing and like a whole bunch of different rules like it takes extra R&D so they're only gonna do it if they feel like it's you know worth the investment so they're trying to tap into that marketplace it's proven that it's you know has its own sort of audience within like a dota community and it does kind of have a unique crowd to it right it's probably I don't know if it's faster than a normal League game but there's no mechanics to it as far as I understand or very little just all sort of knowledge of the systems that I could appeal to a lot of people that normally wouldn't want to play ranked or like standard ranked maybe that you know mechanics just aren't there there's some other aspect of it maybe they just like the autotest more that's just why they got read and actually I'm not saying it's correct or incorrect necessarily it's a business model I'm just saying they're like that's that's the reasoning behind it that's why they just don't have a million different you know ranked mode like a million different type of game modes cuz it's not pulling in new people if it's just you want a lot of people playing you're ranked primarily because you want the few times to be relatively low right you don't want a bunch of split cues that's why they didn't want to do flex for a long time as like a separate hue but they've kind of begrudging ly done that like nobody plays flex or threes but I mean they'd like they want alternatives to ranked but they also want like the rank to be robust and have like reasonable few times get murdered yeah those hollow players are always gonna complain they're just never gonna be a pot like there's not gonna be a population of enough of those people they're like just challenger you know it's like the top 200 people queue times are always gonna be extremely long we're gonna get him anyways all right does he not have spike at all I guess he wouldn't have it evolved it this morning peg he back we know he back he was really low and running I need to buy that bad huh the f versus Peck who's missing so much wide-open CS now I probably wouldn't walk met his jinx she's too slow she can't really roam that well if Lisa and cuts are off in the river or something he had nightmare shouldn't have flash I would just stay just get experience and just let him push Brendon still bad can't even beat Caixa med I think admit like I hate branded usually but also okay maybe against paisa I'm flashed for a little bit ain't mouth I think my flash comes back before his by like 30 or 40 seconds I had a flash out of a cage and then he flashing that Bush I'm just gonna flash on him and light him up his face rush what oh that's how he got away from kha'zix I think was phase rush okay they're on they own dragon I don't wanna get hit by the WUF an enemy has been slain a promising garden it would have killed me do you see how much life I walked away away it does a hell of a lot of damage all of his ability well his queue at first doesn't do I can insane him out his W and his are hit really hard like if I didn't flash the W is hundred percent dead have I been liking three kingdoms it's ok I don't think it's better than total war Warhammer but I can't play it anymore after I release the remaining Gong do episodes because the viewership is just abysmal like the last five episodes haven't even cracked a hundred views just nobody plays that game at least it watches this channel so it's it's okay I think it's worth like one playthrough as yellow turbans I didn't like the normal one as much but it's okay I don't think historical games are really ever gonna be able to match the fantasy titles all right thanks PF appreciate it coming out yang kill them without and I really she critter for like 500 I don't know how she got that pass it maybe she attacked the tower once or something to charge it up I didn't think she had it either but she must have attacked the tower or something to get it at the last minute so much more to see down 50 CS I'm not sure why it's meeting pings I mean jinx is not that bad in Lane honestly she's just missing wide open CS like they haven't been zoning us I only have 10 CS I know the plants can make it a little bit harder to last hit oh god zip it the fucking cage throw it out dude if I got that combo off we would have triple kill done I was like.he Witter Lee had to hit me with the cage if I was in the middle of the cage I wouldn't delete it all them he literally had to clip me with the cage and that's what he did turn around I thought she's gonna walk through there she picked me out well you beat Vegard by ganks like he should die like if the jungler even looks at him he's dead basically our jungler came down there and almost got him once I think we have got him like a couple other times but I mean he just dies every time do a gank just like all the other cheese AP bot lanes the Zaire ass the bell causes all this stuff and things like longer range stuff like those same things are pretty rough for him the deal with it's just he's like pretty good into things like Zyra that are like kind of shorter mid range mages sort of I mean I couldn't still delete him and I can outplay as W if I don't get clipped by the cage like he has to literally tap me with the actual page if I have my flash op I mean I could use brush hey if he walks up and I get a combo on and he's dead also it's just it ever gets more bride I mean they're ahead right now but I don't think engage supports are that amazing I do end I mean maybe why is it like 20 seconds I don't understand why they can't just make the time like five seconds yeah but I can't get a QA I mean I can but it's like way too expensive as a support I mean there were nerf and him a lot next patch I don't know I just make it to where you can't qss it but lower the time for like five seconds or something it feels like it's just something that's just too hard to balance around like with malzahar's like other people can help you or like Warwick's other people can help you with other suppressions for the most part skarner's is extremely close and it's only for like one and a half seconds like an 8 second suppression basically is ridiculous Inez Wow had it oh everyone just laugh okay Wow I guess elite we got the good position there yeah I mean I guess they could do that to where there is no ring you can just go anywhere with him if you can actually tie it in or at least expand the ring quite a lot it's like they're nerfing everything else about him next patch though I'm pretty getting their fight six times I think he was already hot nerfed like four times this patch after the first day and this feels like fundamentally it's just very difficult to balance like hey you can force a 1v1 with like only interaction is quicksilver sash I mean I guess like people can run around and dodge him it's just it's for too long or just give away this like change the stats dealing where he doesn't get the free stat something the girl went mobility boots because they have a lot of the map opened up he just wants to be able to rotate faster I mean I don't think it's a terrible idea well we missed well what what Jesus Christ I can't believe that mess yes I'm missing stuff in a game we're probably gonna lose anyway yes I don't know any nice fighters head yeah he's had a bunch of snowball a chance I didn't play that well either kind of a tough lane but I just miss a lot of open stuff too pretty much lost every Lane and then pantheon and projects just requires snowballs there's worthless if you don't take over the game this is a bad cop like Pantheon in Kazakh sir both white I guess Fayette field has a point click Stein but he's pretty much always like you have to roam really well with him and you have to win Lane hard weave down like 50 CS in the laning phase I don't think Mouse is ever that much I think he's been about the same I think Mouse whore has always been like two and a half second suppression well being down CS is one thing but being down 50 like when you haven't died is another thing when they're not zoning you know it's not like the John were camped us and we just got zoned Oh Kate ones on I mean they're pretty good lane like Veigar is pretty good into uh in his IRA it's okay I mean a lot of it was the Caitlyn was out playing our jinx hard like jinx wasn't like trying to nullify the lane like jinx should be able to push almost as hard as Caitlyn does with the Rockets and like Zara is like gonna help thin out the wave too because whenever I cast Mikey with the plants like it usually ends up hitting some of the CS sometimes as well so we shouldn't have been pushed in that much as we were I don't think the two ad on Caitlin matters that much it's really just the meta is like okay with her she's almost always pretty decent if you're good honored oops right let's go as our again here feel the thorns embrace really we're voluntarily picking Ezreal into vain auto-filled i guess it's probably a terrible idea I'm only gonna do it some basically 0lp I mean why not let's just go back down to platinum one okay sorry I just students at me and II know I had to just respond to that real quick twitch survives early jungle by getting a kill level to like he has to get a kill like he goes red buff to gank and it has to be a successful gank he's not very good unless you're like extremely good on him he's very cheesy very snowball II I mean hit like ganks with red are very good on him against immobile champ so he'll probably have a decent chance against rengar seriously what why is she separated from all of them venture off the beam well I mean I guess they got me it's really wacky cuz no one frickin warded and they got around behind me I mean I don't think I've ever seen that or it's been extremely rare Ezreal just like I don't know beaten off a tower tower or something like lol dude trying to watch our blue what are you doing you know you almost never see somebody who's completely separated from somebody else like that Jesus Christ top lane is really really done yeah and you died twice to him venture off the beaten path a little too spicy for you love now fights like but you got a kill level one guys there's no way I could have not died three times in Lane by five minutes I mean he got a kill level dan if Ezreal hit that though oh that was actually pretty bad in vain pinned me into that wall maybe I was in trouble I don't know Brahm did have cooldowns and I had plants there to protect me that I was still bad to probably pass that way especially with the way this as really fostering we don't like 50 CS yeah we're only down five you're not gonna kill it well they did get that I guess she leave does she back she's still here I mean twitch is rolling also Malphite is closed on CS if he just died like once or maybe twice I don't know I mean we can definitely sell anything play it no way he dies right now fights like screaming please help me with this champion I'm supposed to hard counter in Lane that's such a busy world nice how bad congrats buddy well if I'd hit that problem with the root and just flash faster I think we could have a boy of those dads I had the stuck around to Auto Attack the prom like two or three more times I don't think he's worth a ban anymore probably I mean he's really good but there are so many other champions that are also really problematic right now Jen's whose nerve hurt him pretty badly and there were other nerfs as well I don't know exactly what they were like how is that even possible like Malphite literally just presses are on him and twitch opens up and kills him with his whole right the problem is we can't carry from BA with Ezreal like if I hit that probably could have for summoner's not hitting the Easter day I think said was ever gonna kill karma but guess he got her I should just dodge this I knew it was gonna be terrible I just I've already dodged once and it would put me at negative tanks I'm already at zero it put me negative thirteen actually I've already dodged once and I'm only gaining thirteen or fourteen on a wind Azrael is all about like losing Ezreal is all about like saying hey rest of the team find a way to carry me unless you're extremely good on him I mean twitch can potentially win the game for us it's just like the Yi and the rengar with karma shielding him it's gonna make you pop a vein vein is actually kind of tough for Zyra she's tough to hit the e with like you can harass her in lane but she gets played through and King early so she has lifesteal to harass through a lot of your early game stuff and then she can just dodge most of the easy stuff just like if the rest I mean I guess we do have a twitch so maybe we don't really need the Israel in theory to be super strong it's just like it takes away a possible wind condition and like botlane is a really strong wind condition this matter right now so it's like whenever ad carry's aren't very good I think Ezreal is a lot better by when they are pretty good Oh they can't really diverse with this mini plant sitting around me he's not feed they your Owen six against him he just got Tiamat so he's really far behind and he got cleaver I mean I guess he is against the Malphite which makes sense but he doesn't have little T so twitch is going off though think they probably laugh rampage I think it matters if twitch has seven kills it's not a walk in the park but twitch is extremely a very powerful champion with gold I mean I don't think we're favored but liked which makes it possible dude shut like I'm the reason we just got that kill my chill he's there how'd the Karma I was like how did he get out so fast karma Speed Racer destroy top I guess so much more to see I don't think he was complaining because I took the kill I think he was complaining cuz he didn't want me to be in that Lane he wants me to magically teleport to like top lane or something with Ezreal mmm Ezreal is in an open lane Hey there's literally nobody up there the entire time it makes zero sense for me to go up there given where their macro was right there Wow really long thunder I'll have enough damage to kill him and enemy has been slain and ally has been slain he's gonna get the toys we're all dead I had to wait on him to help but I try to hit him with the e dude are you actually trying to complain about other people and this guy's 1 and 11 he's actually trying to say something about another player on this team well it'll be 1 in 11 top lane is one thing but to complain or do it say anything other than I'm sorry is just like insane I think that's a bait on the Karma really we're gonna get lit okay I guess we're yours bottom okay wait why why wait till then like why not get him when he just used his alpha on me he was healed back all of his elephant like two heads the wit's end things always well I think the issue is on our team I mean I guess at least decompress our and do something in a byte but we just we need to kill ye and we need to kill rengar immediately in vain is becoming a threat and we just don't have it like malphite's bait like he's an R button he's a piece of CC for one and a half seconds and that's it against like several really mobile chance they had karma this shield on which is gonna make it really hard to burst through all that I mean they have to really stir by maybe maybe they will how do you use Bork you have to be close and then you just activate it on somebody point click pretty short range it's like Ottawa it's like 550 or something 500 it's like Auto Attack range it might be a little bit more than that but it's not very far might be like 600 yeah but we can't kill him because karma has Athene's unholy Grail I can't go by myself you should put it that way Karma's really opium I may need to just play her banner I don't know his IRA is very strong too wait why did he go so early we had vision on it he like is he just an ting you know like flash board he had his old I mean like if he just sat over that barren pit with me when i snared them all and altered and then he halted i think we could have killed all three of them I mean Baron was that like half health when he flashed in I don't know I mean we're probably gonna lose anyways but I'd seemed pretty dumb unless he was hinting or something oh my god he knows okay okay I am getting realized but yeah I do realize it doesn't slow ye but it can still slow other people yep or Connie's pretty standard whether in kink in Sue's wits and I think is kind of the standard most people get enchantment the attack speed enchantment I don't know people we're doing the crit bill but they nerf that last patch some people are doing it I'm gonna get that there and sign up for two minutes I'll fight I understand I'm not a big fan of Ezreal either but buddy you're two and 15 to be fair Ezreal has managed not to die so Ezreal is doing what Ezreal is supposed to do which is not dying I mean people are probably gonna be surprised at his numbers like he almost always puts up good damage it just doesn't ever seem like he's doing damage he is not their only person on their team they also have rengar they have Vayne karma like right there that's low definitely helped let's get that wrong Holton didn't have it all when's the patch gonna be released it's not 99% of the time it is 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on a Wednesday at least in the United States I don't know if they do it differently in Europe sometimes if there's like a national holiday in the United States or something it might be different so like for that you lie actually is next next week fourth now it's the week after that so it should be fine but sometimes it's delayed for a day if there's a holiday where people would miss on Monday or Friday they might be able to win without their and all that to do is win a fight I mean these fights are like we're winning them but it's not that decisively like I have to be able to hold like three people including either rengar or yi and twitch has to delete them like that's basically how we want to fight but yeah we got to get on the free fair and it's gonna be really hard to win supers yeah I can't buy a void staff that right now they don't even have that much magic resist but that would be what I would get next I mean if I didn't fit in money I'd get a dead cat but wait staffs a lot cheaper that gonna depict maybe or what okay I got them we might just end up losing here please can't delay his fast enough it's Karma afk I don't know maybe at 3 and 17 all right dude it's like it's the freakin Twilight Zone man like wit early as soon as you hit I'm really surprised Malphite even did that much damage Wow fainted 13,000 and like as soon as I hit diamond like without a doubt you notice as since we dipped into plat 1 like every time we do it we're back within like 2 days max but as soon as we hit d4 it's just like not even everyone in here is diamond it's just like when we're there in fact I was the only diamond person in that game but like when we're there it just like completely changes everything I mean Malphite is the lowest damage but I thought it'd be by a much lower margin than that weekly climb to d4 fix hay weekly it said like semi-weekly we do it twice a week okay let me refill my drink let me grab a bar real quick and we'll get back at it yeah I don't know right yeah that's a bit of exaggeration d4 is really that close to bronze and I don't think that just because you play a lot of games apply to me get d4 I mean I was platinum for like five years like season three four five six we broke two diamond at the very end seven now I got two platinum one but like there are a ton of people that have thousands of games and platinum I just don't believe that love like d4 is the defy population P 4 is the P 5 population we're on to tonight don't find me the post I mean what it what is this what are the accreditation for this let's go karma Oh Karma's banned goes higher then I really have a hard time believing that D for dips in the deep in the p3 is its this says D for is the top 4% of players right says right here 3.4% top three point four percent of players this is saying d4 is dipping into like the top 4% in p3 there is no way p3 last season was the top 4% p3 because I was in p3 a lot last season and it was like the top 6% or something I guess we'll just play it Oh everybody's different Abed high-lows complaining because they complain about everything it's like bro you want that it's they change the algorithm to make the matchmaking faster like do they want to sit in queue for 45 minutes or something to get Matt like an old challenger game there's like 200 people and Challenger you gotta have 10 of them for one game I don't think the game quality is that bad like the thing that's bad is autofill but they said they can't get rid of autofill especially at high level play I mean game quality is so subjective like measurement so I you know I can't prove or disprove that I mean leagues an old game like who left get better every year it's like a small minority of people that make a vast majority of noise in like any field I think most of the big-name people and streamers that were like Challenger that had a good like a big league following still play league I mean like pokey main left there may have been a couple others I mean she wasn't challenger but she was you know big name I don't even know what she plays now she's basically just like that variety streamer I think maybe I don't know if she still plays fortnight or not but I mean it's hard to hate on her she got like an extra a million and a half people that by switching over to fortnight cuz little boys loved watching her I mean she's funny it's not just her looks or whatever she's I mean she's successful jungler tries to invade doesn't understand what priority is or pains she just got really good branding and marketing okay man it's just perfect for like the the tweens just fine but yeah I don't I mean I don't know a lot of the other big names that laughs specifically because of that I know some people cry about it she's fine she's good at what she does I don't like velka I mean you can win with vel'koz he's very dangerous of course they picked locks in to us too I just played lux unless she's banned you want to play like a long range mage the jinx chompers deluxe after I bind it I don't remember I don't remember seeing that maybe she did please please oh my god please one more she canceled on him I don't think I had a plant or something at the time I think I was out of plants I don't remember I'd have to go back and watch it Esper ahead and see as wait hunt cars to get two kills oh Christ I got the kill on me at the W instead of boxes ignite it's gonna be hard to win this Lux is gonna be able to like shield a lot of my damage late game and Vlad's damage I should ban laws I don't know I need a band like caramel analogs the Pope both of them are pretty good in his IRA in before by Aya's kind of froze it there probably should've done that the rare boy that's right okay she is going tear also so we can be a lot stronger in here all right is pushing towards us ah damnit buy that potion ticking earlier include a haddock Todd walks is such a pain in the ass to kill with aftershock inner shield it's pretty gross she didn't even react to that gank for a long time I think she's just sitting there looking at me waiting at a queue yeah assassins are pretty good against IRA that's how she's balanced she's very oppressive in the laning phase but she's weak to flank type of stuff hey if I was topside I'm pretty sure Anna Cox got me we're all yeah we probably shouldn't talk to that well I should have gone the other way I was trying to cut her off this way if I'd gone this way and just halted I think we would have been fine right I chose the wrong way I knew Lux was middle or I should have known so I saw her there so I should have gone the other way such a busy world or I should have not greeted for the r if I didn't step up too far to try to land that are I think then probably add her on his own a vies top I'm just gonna push more here I guess chara plating will zoom follows that to meet this clown a for sky said to go over there to respond so now we have more priority mid so now it was just wasted I got it too i scale pretty well also I don't think I should have left that wave no one was there he was like two screen clicks away from it pretty sure the cannon would have died before even got there ready for the Pantheon rework well you better keep waiting cuz gonna be at least probably three or four patches we'll say at least one plant they say try to come in test and they chose to rotate instead of push made a vice top all right build last item on Lux what would I build I mean it's kind of situational maybe death tap I mean if you're just like ultra rich but I mean I would probably still get in most situations hearted sensor Athene's redundant how did my Oh a plant shot was flying through the air when she backed and then I triggered stuff on her yeah I mean I'd go Athene's Redemption ardent sensor to your to boots I will just go for maximum deletion here tier two boots and then like I would save your control word slot until you have a completed next item and then after that you know Mikhail's or walk it Chiarello's this kind of depends on what the situation is or that Pathak readers like ultra-rich that should be extremely there you have that much excess gold I'd work on like shotcalling to try to close out games faster okay if you get into that point because that's probably like you know like a forty minute game 45 really is shouldn't commonly have games going over there hey thanks Michael I appreciate it buddy whose bed we have dead people right yeah always backup must get a pic here no no no these wouldn't throw it harder than us in the air in public whoa whoa Oh God I'm running away good yeah if I was typing or something I don't know something went right there at the keyboard warrior over there why Jynx has played pretty well for the most part that's how you play Malphite you go two and three not two and seventeen and then you're relevant with your old self governess monkeys our reporter sure she was afk there I mean definitely so why'd I go from 50 to 147 I don't know people is logged in man what when was I at 50 we bet we're at over an hour ago we're at 109 maybe he just hadn't refreshed or something 50 is very rare it's like viewers night maybe even then we usually get to 60 or 70 or are you talking about just in general like on the channel because we've had over 200 like several times we did lose some people because I got disconnected in my first game and like some people turn it on I just have it running in the background or something you know just to support the channel yeah we've had over 200 at least a few nights this week I don't really know what it is I mean some people just come out and watch on certain nights okay no I don't know there's sitting there's no special special catalysts to it or anything well we've been doing and we'll be bringing it back for regional testing suit we want to thank you all for your patience and continued enthusiasm for clash despite the stops and starts every time players get to experience clash you tell us that you love the format and want to see it live we do – yeah I think we're still working hard to bring two years in the making you can read more about our current plans in our most recent death how is it that hard to engineer in the description below there's like a different matchmaking system before I go there's a pretty big moment coming later this year that I do want to get I don't know I'm not a software engineer all of us on League are incredibly excited and humbled it feels like in October league will celebrate its 10th anniversary we think about league as a game that we build together with all of you so celebrating our 10th anniversary is really a celebration of what we've done together over the last decade we've got some fun stuff planned to mark the occasion and a ton to share about the future of league so stay tuned for more details as we get closer to October from all of us on League thank you so much for playing and we'll see you on the rift I mean it's cool I don't mean to be a hater I'm glad they put these things out it just and I love League but it's I I don't know like the class thing is a bit ridiculous like they were hyping it up so much at the beginning of last season season 8 they do get free skins with those loot boxes well it flopped because of technical problems not because of a lack of interest I think a lot of people are interested in like organized play Namie it's pretty good with vain but I just been winning a lot was I right I didn't want to stick with IRA it's hard carry these these fools I think matchmaking in ranked is fine I mean you can't fix incompetence like with players you know what I mean well zero wins early but Jannah is a problem like the main problem with matchmaking and League is that people aren't good at every champion which you know they shouldn't necessarily be but I mean it's basically autofill but you know they say they can't fix that without without like adding significantly to queue times so I don't know if that's true or not I don't think there's that much of a disparity I think like play rates between roles like maybe support is like 5% under or something the ad carries probably the second least played role I would imagine but I don't know it feels like they could find a way to handle just give people their role or at least get rid of autofill just like let people have one of their two roles but like that's the biggest issue is when people play champions they don't know how to play whether it's Auto filter their Auto filling themselves by playing something random then their skill level doesn't reflect that champion now they tried to fix this earlier this season but everyone cried about it and they got rid of it I don't really think the quality of games is that much lower honestly like they try to do it with positional matchmaking because they understand that if you get filled you're at a disadvantage if you're in you're off role so they tried to do it positionally but then you know a bunch of high elo people cried about it they took it like basically so they spent a lot of their time and effort in the preseason working on that to try to fix that issue to give us better matchmaking and you know the system they came up with was potentially abusable by scumbags and so the rest of us didn't get it I mean it matches you based on your hidden MMR right I mean some things they could do is they could get rid like one thing I think they could do is say that you can't do it with someone that is more than like two or three divisions below you or above you depending on you know orientation but that would help because that creates some problems to where it's like you can have a platinum one duo queue with a gold four and it's gonna pull the gold for up into like the Platinum Games yeah I mean you got to keep in mind that like no I mean that's not that bad compared to some of the other ones we've seen a lot of it is psychological like games feel unfair because we have there's lots of psychological fallacies that go on to make games feel unfair I mean one is that we have recency bias so we remember like stuff that's fresh in our minds so frontal awe streak we're not going to remember the times that we won we also have a very limited perspective I don't know what kind of fallacy that would be but I basically we're a lot more likely to remember negative events than positive ones and so you know we're gonna remember the person who goes Owenton on our team or two and 17 that Malphite but we probably won't remember the time when the enemy had the two and seventeen Malphite on their team right so we always remember the people that feed on our team but we just really don't even think about very much the people that feed on the enemy team or the times when we didn't have a bad game and we got hard carried right we're thinking man we have to carry this idiot who's like oh and seven but it's like we've all had games where we've been oh in seven before right and like not played that well so and I'm guilty of it too I get frustrated by things also it's just human nature but it can make it feel like it's unfair because we're just so focused on the short term and so focus on ourselves and not thinking about the system at large and also just like how to express skill in a team game is another thing it's like you know people think oh you know I went five and OH in Lane but I keep losing it's like well probably because your macros drive I mean winning Lane is good but you got to actually do something with your lead they're like thinking hey I've got a good kDa it's like yeah but you're not taking enough risks too you know exert influence on the game perhaps so just really complicated to really understand a complex game and how it gets matched made a lot of time in terms of fairness because sometimes things that feel really unfair are things that are within your control that you don't control well enough and sometimes this is a great mystery I mean I'm always working on stuff – just like everyone else like how can I get even more of an edge so it's gonna be that way with any match made game it's a team game I mean if you play something like Starcraft or like single-player County competitive games it's a lot easier to take personal responsibility although people will still make up excuses there to say oh I can't win on this map I keep getting this map or this strategy they do is uncountable by my race it counters me hard and you know that type of stuff so there we're always going to find ways to evade responsibility another thing is I don't remember what the fallacy is called but we always feel like we're better-than-average right I think a lot of people do at least where it's like I'm better than everyone else around me but it's I in reality you know if you played a lot of games at a specific ehlo you probably not you know like at that particular point in time it doesn't mean you can't get better in climb but clearly if you've played a lot of games at a certain a low now like you might do certain things way better than they do then other people do but there might be certain things that you don't do as well also like I'm not d3 yet because my teammates are bad I'm not d3 yet because there are things that I need to improve on like it does feel like meme like as soon as I hit d4 we start getting bad games but you know I should be able to win those games or at least more of them that I'm currently winning I've definitely liked have not played well every time I got reloaded there certainly been gains now there have been games where I had played lowly boss but we've also been plenty of games where I was part of the problem so Zyra is not amazing with vain but like it can buy time for vain just to keep them off you dunning-kruger okay yeah I'm not a psych major I enjoyed my psych classes in college I'm like aware of the like a lot of the psychological problems that people have but I just don't know the proper names for them anymore like the average person is gonna say they're above-average and pretty much anything and I mean that's a good sort of evolutionary psychology effect right like you want to feel like you're powerful and you know worthwhile I guess people motivate gets people high it gives them a lot of self esteem self esteem is really important you need to let them push in here if we can wait why would you not hit him when he's in the bush what he was wide open and then you go for it okay that's troll I don't know so I think I think that you know there are games that are not fair but I don't think the system can fix what I don't think any system can fix those problems other than get rid of autofill but they say they can't do that I think getting rid of auto and they tried positional matchmaking so I think they're trying it's just it's really hard to fix it because like this system like whatever they come up with is probably gonna be like abuse cases we're getting rid of doooo I mean that would be another thing that would help aggressively like cracking down on people and issuing more bands for like troll behavior would be another thing well they don't want to split the queues which is why they don't want to do a separate duo queue because that would force more that would force more autofills the last people you have playing the more likely it is people are handing off role and that's partially why they got rid of blitz like I was talking about earlier because it was cannibalizing ranked people were playing that instead of ranked with the fun game mode like they want people to still play ranked they just want the people that aren't playing ranks to play that instead the people that aren't logging in the people that just kind of play every now and then those are the people that they want hooked in like the hardcore ranked people they want them to keep playing ranked for the most part I think that would make sense to me this is but those people are already committed right they don't have to do a lot of special stuff for people like me that are you know gonna clock in and play our 4 or 5 hours every day because I'm gonna do it right they need to you know try to blue little tinny that or big Tammy that you know is maybe an hour to a day to play League they have to do homework I have family obligations whatever and they're you know trying to decide if they're gonna play fortnight or League like that's who they're trying to get a ram has done a great job of that that's a newer kind of audience to like they're tapping into people obviously the dota autotest people but maybe like hearthstone people as well like people that have like a pretty good mental game but maybe the reflexes are just a little slow for league or something like that people that kind of like the strategy stuff where people just like to switch it up and do something a little more chill you know I mean there's gonna be ranked for it so I'm sure you know there will be some not chill type of stuff going on – okay rek'sai stop we can try to fight him without even on CS which is good sort out I mean Janna kind of out scales me but at least we're not getting butchered by the Jin that was a really extended trade and now we're down like 22 guys they're not back okay I guess he didn't back wait until my seat is it okay if I build mr or Armour if I which champion depends on which champion and like what the circumstances are like if you're talking about Zyra I would extremely rare that you build resistances maybe like a banshees male or something but like your pickings IRA for heavy damage you know so you need to do heavy damage we need to push men but I don't like sannyas on Zyra I mean some people will get it but like like maybe against his head or something it's like my thought on zhonya's though is like if you're not playing a champion it's pretty mobile then you're just gonna die after you get at it like you're gonna stasis and then you're gonna die anyways most of time and you're paying a lot for that passage like a whole lot because iron scales really well with Lee Andres and Reilly's and like avoid staff because her plants do quite a bit of base damage let's try to soften her up a little bit there now I wouldn't do cut the only person who does cut down is you me because their bathe base health is so low and some people aren't even doing it anymore now you can see my runes down here like the only thing that I do is a little bit unusual is oh they're probably gonna get away though right maybe not remain humble God that TP though damn that was such a sweet prediction – but Jenna got him out of it the chant is so crazy she's like well I'm just gonna heal everyone for 600 and knock everybody back I probably should his letter died once I saw the teepee I think my flash was down I have to go back and look I think it just came back yeah I mean Jana's good god I had the prediction e – so perfect just didn't quite have enough damage in vain had her flash she could have I'm sure she would have used it if she had it though I don't think there's any way that she had it right there gonna turn all that around up there the Janna probably died okay maybe not venture off the beam faint should have rotated man with me he also is quite liked but let the big boys pressure the side lanes we probably had this tower she just rotated like there to send him like three people towards the gnosis they just don't okay well I guess she got two kills old Bush bait I will keep pressuring this damn it really that Janna cut back at the last second yeah here okay rumble is top yo what up Bryant he broke through the race hmm rumble had that I wonder why he left maybe he thought at least is coming for him wow I only have one assist what how is that even possible I guess we just killed the Djinn there were several close calls I mean Annie's coming up man like we're not out playing that fifty people table dude it's 4v2 oh you weren't fending them off now I mean we should have run immediately since we saw Hanny start rotating up he's over we're not beat mani I need to go bye by the baron yeah you shall try she flashed on me like right when I think it flashed under actually she wasn't even the one who killed me I was just about to flash and hit all three of them and I think like everybody flashed I'm not sure maybe I just missed everything I got freaked out when she flashed on me like that over the pit yeah well they're back in the game these guys overextended and I wasn't able to earn it maybe sure just like max range q.q planted instead of going for the hall in there I did have the potential to kill several and stop it that's still an uneven fight a catch is an uneven fight believe it or not like a1 b3 is uneven I think Jen flashed my roof and a nanny flashed on top of me is what happened and that one fight that's hard well everyone just thinks they're gonna make the business vain keeps thinking she's gonna make the big outplay I mean maybe she will but it's like you know what if you just make the safe play like you probably probably still win I mean not like don't ever fight but just don't take a an even fight don't do 1 b3 this wait for a3 b3 see you Jake we're caught again I didn't have that hair last night you don't run that way run this way do not run South okay well I guess they didn't really get any towers at least not yet things aren't always what they seem I can only get vision that's like that I'm able to secure day that's super redundant so much disease oh yeah when we get the ford objective first because it takes them time to wall so if you get the inhibitor first and you should have time it's gonna take them an extra 30 seconds to walk to bear and versus the inhibitor now without Elise here we had the sonim cuz she was gonna get it look at it just it's Mike steal it I'm just gonna sell that since I'm just ultra rich you just get a death cap well he didn't need to sacrifice himself to after we killed the rack sigh he could have just walked like after Annie flashed away could it has walked away from the handi I'm pretty sure like the way that I walked he could've just turned around and walked that way or whitewall towards me so that I could help him over the wall there is still a reason to push it because it forces one of that well I guess if it's really far up the lane if the Super's are really far up the lane then they don't have to go stop them immediately but if the supers are in their base and they have to stop them yeah I can't walk all right we're just gonna get this just for immediate power such a busy world yeah we probably just get this skip free drag right any vision medals they could come this way but I think there's going to give it up and it still sounds them though they could all be an ambush no you also just get with the towers man I forced them to come to us don't let nanny take you for free she really wants to flash yeah my most play still Jana overall that's like mastery points and he halted minions does she go papaya there she done the pagan nice swag Rory that's right Rory swagging on him wait how was I at 11:00 oh I was at on like negative three that's right gained 14 and gained 13 it's awesome we're working on the viewership here 131 all right I'll play one more I played tahm Kench alot in season 6 that was before anyone really played him there was not any pro presence with him I think everyone is still playing like Alice Starr and I don't remember what else sure which movie get that munchies Sammy munch it up oh no Alex hopefully you can catch your balance ow feel the thorns embrace nice forgot we are we ice – and – tonight something like that I mean I'm not gonna not pigs IRA when I've been winning with her a lot did you just miss click that Sammy are you just trying to delete a message okay I mean if I'm you know if I'm winning on something I'm probably gonna keep playing it for a little bit I mean it's kind of like number one rule of thumb I'd probably play karma right now if she's open I was winning a lot on Karma for a little while there and then then I wasn't anymore but grasp TF this guy's gonna be playing the Trinity for CF it's like is that really that good E&Z is it feels like you wanna burst his head before he bursts you I don't really know the Trinity build that well yeah he is gold yeah I mean I play a diverse amount of champions but I play like Bert like streaks of certain champions so it's not like diverting like every night is a different champ every pick but I switch around the chance that I play I think at least once every week or two if not faster than that but if I if I'm like winning a lot with a certain champion I usually just keep playing them till I'm not winning with them anymore specially if it's first pick blind pick because if you think about it your first pick blind pick should not change that often for like you know watch achill strategic reasons because you have the same amount of information you know you don't have much information about the enemy team so whatever you pick is just based on whatever you think is strong and based on the band's you know versus like if your last pick a lot then you know you'll have more freedom to pick you know some more specialty champs some counter pick champs and things like that I mean I'm just playing Zyra ya know zyra's pretty much always good if you're good honor to a certain point but I just feel like I can outplay people bottom now pretty hard at least in a lot of these games so I'm just playin czar if you think that like you can beat your lane like really hard and I think I was good Sarah was recently played in the LCS I mean a little bit she's not yeah she's good I mean like she hasn't received direct buffs but just the style of champions that are being played right now the Caitlyn's the Seavers liking us the importance of lane pressure winning lane and tower plates and things like that makes it a very good metaphor her and like some of the they're like the really mobile chance of the nerfed a lot so like your Ezreal is your Aleutians those types of champs are getting nerfed more and you're seeing a lot more champions like jinx and she's a lot better against those immobile types of champs Oh jackpot I mean it's just like almost impossible to lane against her she's so oppressive if you don't send help and she's one of the better AP champs against like ganks she still could be ganked for sure but like you have nice vision with your plants and really good teamfight presents great mana efficiency early they did nerf her mana regen some so now like usually getting like one faerie charm early does help I mean bizzle berries Hatteras is like on his tier-one list for I don't know a very long time uh she's pretty much always to your one or two your tune a mile is the only reason that sometimes she's not Tier one is because she's kind of tricky to play she's just sort of weird so you have to get used to like using your plants properly and not everyone is amazing on her damn almost got my plants back we probably would not have been able to kill either one of them but who do you pick against karma it depends on what the rest of your team is doing I mean karma is gonna beat almost everybody in lane actually I need to get boots I really want a faerie charm but because I don't have to flash any boots like Nami can be all right in the laning phase someone like Soraka can nullify a lot of her early poke depending on who their jungler is Sona Sona is pretty good you mean give me all right Lux is all right yeah it sort of depends on who your bot laner is who their bot laner is and who the junglers are TF might be dead who only had pickaxe even with a kill I mean I guess she's probably going essence reaver yeah I'm gonna wait on a book here I was trying to wait on that bran shield before I'd turned on him when you put W or passes and combo Q or e okay Q gives the range plants and gives the melee plants the range plants have 750 range the melee plants at 450 the melee plant supply a 30 percent slow they both do the exact same amount of damage and their damage is based on level it has nothing to do with how many points you put in key worried so even if you only have one point in Q the Q plants will do the exact same amount of damage is e even if your plants are maxed it's all based on your level and your W does not affect plant damage either so I max W psychics it gives you more plants gives you a shorter cooldown on your plans and most of your damage comes from your plants so some people will max-q next but I'd rather just have more plants like the queue does give you higher like bursts but the W gives you more consistent poke better vision control and more damage and longer bites you also just run out of mana if you spam abilities and you don't have plants to go with them you'll run out of mana so usually waiting on your plants anyway so having a shorter cooldown and maybe a bit more damage on your queue I don't think matters you can get two or three points in queue if you want early who's that shield goes down smite your papa really Oh what she's smoking I really don't want any new going off well she just saw my II was on cooldown and she want to make a play but the forest holds many she saw me like she knew my root was on cooldown but I still had our having night though wow they're mine lately get one more wave oops I was miss play chara plating will zoom form as we'll take a shot at it okay here we do have priority we should build again his mass enough I think yeah I nearly went off oh alright and we got her clash and said losing a lot of pressure Zedd can definitely kill me so I got to respect that I'm a wait second that's Leon tree does a really big pickup especially when we're gonna be poking people under Tower a lot here there's a pretty long wait but big I didn't pick up I didn't time it right I should have just gone and it's taken a CS or something wouldn't pay attention the exact amount of gold I needed for that item huh I need to get a ward over there okay well we get Tyler they back I don't want to say call this eso you should have let me hit the Ebers before us he's big man I don't know if we could go home Wow he walked out yeah his cue heals him like five thousand there's on them they're gonna get by we might know to get this to your to so difficult to kill I even had a knight on him I don't have vision so scary really why the how was she there such terrible conditioning by vain machine get punished for it is randomly walking through our jungle when we have like all of those towers down on the map she has no vision anywhere and she's like let me just walk through their jungle against an Evelyn and it sounds good yeah I mean she got rewarded for it I was very close to yeah came pretty close to ceiling man I mean it's almost impossible to do anything versus a new name higher than iron 7 wait until he should be able to beat team oh right yeah definitely gotten covered try to get him award here I'm sweet he's not even going like heavy apt moe interesting TF went full zhonya's then rod-like usually you just go the the armored component and then rod if you're gonna get rod I mean you might as well just go Luden's like if you're not getting rod like very early it's really probably not worth I mean I don't know this game is gonna go longer so it's not like it's like completely ridiculous they spend a lot of resources on me and they really can clean them up I altered it a damage to the new-new but also to buff up the plants because plants do like 50% more damage whenever they're whenever you hold him I mean at least TF volts at me and Bane tried to run me down for a while I hate dying but at least that was for a relatively good cause why they didn't shut down the 700 gold bounty Sivir dad was trying to make the big play such a busy world mind I hear says coming in hot the forest told many surprises full and satisfied that's right baby they might Baranof that okay wow he really get away what a baller yeah they done goofed up get out almost yeah the only reason I tried to clear that earlier was I knew I had backup in the area and I thought that they were all gonna be near the new new who we had vision of we can't bear and with nunu up cheapy backed we can bait okay check it if they're getting desperate on the vision okay yeah we gotta be out of here yeah I don't think very much down here why is he so unkillable I didn't miss it with my eBay he was nowhere close [Applause] OTF didn't start him I mean I didn't true to me to my route doesn't stop him from using his old Oh venture the B should be a free drag they might fight for it kidding me mrs. first whatever still has enough guilty one of my thoughts on Greek mythology I mean it's cold yes wait wives tee up doing zero damage yeah would say okay Timo has wit's end now maybe I will get a stopwatch is like a final item as that is going for me a lot here that's why supers are new news of us jungler right now I think for soloqueue he's quite unkillable gets every objective or he should still does like okay damage I can't even really be on the same screen as that unless I have other people with me I mean Zyra is pretty bad and the champions like Zed but it's good against the rest of their team everyone's falling off pretty hard when what the how was that shield cuz that a walkie oh my god really you gold-card the new name the vein right there there's a whoever the hell the other low person was and we gold card the new name what you have full vision it's a TFO like you'd know where everyone is he's like a cool champ I'm gonna have to get have to sell this again stop why they have to sell listening to stop watch even though it's just really awkward I need it for the next fight but also need wards you can't ban said I mean there's so many other champions that need to be banned or dead yeah he's good against Tyra but there's a lot of stuff assassins like if that was a phase I had the same score or a talent or a LeBlanc or it Zoe I mean there's nobody can have said Wow we just got out scaled that play by the bush he just doesn't do anything even one fucking thing anymore oh he doesn't actually killed the ADC that my he's welding board I think that's good what he's bad I think there are other assassins that are similarly good yeah we screwed up in that Bush so I say don't push bait most of the time although that seemed to be pretty safe I mean it was literally five people on nunu and we couldn't kill him and I like ulted and like had plants in that whole area I'm not playing another novel yeah I know man it's 3:30 a.m. here I gotta go to sleep I mean a DTF may have been better against that nunu I mean dude was just like unkillable like what happened there I know I missed my route how did we not kill him two inhibitors down I mean they only have one tower in this game right now we're probably up like 7000 gold ok Eve's not with us teemo's top okay Eve comes back okay so blue card I miss my route I ignite him I'm not sure why we're seeing the slide show okay Eve it's just like not even in the play everybody sits in the new new hole takes a ton of damage and then said just like AoE accuse everybody and delete sin yeah we should have been spread out well we should have waited like right here for hint like if we waited here like there's no reason to everyone stand like in the actual bush because we know none of this other stuff is warded so if we would have stood like over here why can the Raptor spit or something and then fire it in there we probably would have got him or it would have been a lot safer because then we wouldn't have all been trapped here and it was like that zed combo like the zed q and w that just like deleted everybody right there but anyways alright that's gonna be it for tonight thanks everybody for tuning in we'll be back tomorrow and I'll see you next time have a great day

Cesar Sullivan

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