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999,999 Damage Melee Build In Menagerie Or Raid

hey guys this is a crazy melee build for the menagerie which also would work in a raid why would you want a melee build because you can enjoy killing your enemies in one melee even reaching the maximum damage shown for one hit 999,999 this is obviously easier to get on ads and major enemies but I also think it's possible to hit on bosses for this you want to have an elemental buff and a striking hand mod shielding hand and maybe even giving hand will also work great in this build you can use an old raid class item and gauntlets for these mods if you want to use any new mods you need some season of opulence armor you want to equip a melee exotic like worm got caress and throwing hammer or seismic strike and insurmountable school for it or even Peregrine Greaves with the solar throwing hammer you also receive a damage buff from roaring flames and picking up your hammer after hitting an enemy will regen your health for a hunter you want to have trick knives or combination blow and o phidias pay the relies handshake with gamblers dodge for maximum carnage wait for brawler to be the active modifier match the weekly sins for even more damage also if you melee with a crit like hit an enemy head it will do crit damage but those damage numbers will appear white instead of yellow so it's hard to notice also run a tractor cannon because why not debuff your enemies why make a build because 20% bonus damage plus 25% ability damage plus 25% sins plus 2 times brawler plus 20% damage reduction with giving hand you get more heavy ammo plus exotic damage like worm got 4s and liars handshake and subclass buffs like knock out roaring flames or combination blow and you got a crap ton of damage with health regen opportunities the corrupted strike boss was even killed with one tight and throwing hammer from full health with the right buffs and debuffs adding striking hand and emperor's blaze makes mailee damage all the more fun an example build is Kota the Devastator with tractor cannon worm god cress striking hand mod shielding hand mod an emperors blaze with these I was able to hit some massive damage numbers almost reaching the highest showing damage on a boss if someone had melting point activated and said a tractor cannon I believe it could be achieved brawler will be active today and two more times this week so get out there and punch through those defenses take this beast out and break their grip on freehold G's forever guardian

Cesar Sullivan

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  1. Thank you so much I'm going to try this later. Is there an actual detailed breakdown somewhere you talk pretty fast

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