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Domestic Violence and Abuse

A Baby Needs Stitches For Head Laceration | Season 1 Ep. 10 | FIRST RESPONDERS LIVE

– Hi, buddy. He just started
crying right away? Yeah. OK, good. Does he have any
medical problems that you guys know about? Not that [inaudible]. Good. Yeah. Obviously, he’s crying. That’s good that he
hasn’t started to– Mommy! –get sleepy or
wanted to throw up– Mommy! –on us or anything. Did you get a good look at it? Yeah, he might need
a couple stitches. He’s going to
need some stitches? Yeah. A lot of times,
lacerations like that are scarier-looking to
us, because they bleed a lot. It doesn’t look like he was
bleeding all that much, huh? OK. Do you guys have
the ability to take him in to go get that cleaned
out and a stitch or two? Do you guys have a vehicle you
can take him in, with a car seat and that kind of stuff?
– Yeah. Do you think he
needs a stitch? That’s going to need
to be cleaned out. And they’re going to want
to check it for any little shards of glass or–
– Right. –anything, and make
sure they pull that out. If you were to
just leave it as is and you missed any
little pieces of glass, then it could get infected. And so they’re going
to irrigate it. Hey, buddy, want
to hold onto this? Don’t put it on
your head right now. You have a bump there. Going to be a
honorary firefighter? Mm. All right.

Cesar Sullivan

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