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A House Fire Scarred TQ Wair’s Entire Body. Now, He’s Going To Play College Football.

– Taquarius got dreams. He tells me everyday, “Mom, give me three years. I’mma be in the NFL. Give me three years.” Even if you never make it to the NFL, you know I’m proud of you right now. Because you don’t stop. You don’t quit. I moved up here in November. I got my house December 24, the day before Christmas. So, that was my kids’ Christmas present. That’s just … life was good. I didn’t have no furniture, but we had a house. March 22, my house was cool. I got everything. I had a computer, living room set, all my kids had beds
with the clean sheets. I felt like it was comin’ full circle. Then we went to bed. And when we went to bed, I woke up to smoke. When I heard Taquarius screamin’ I couldn’t see him ’cause the smoke was so thick. But I heard him screamin’. – I was in the room that was on fire, so she kept callin’ my name and I walked to her. – He comes out the room that’s on fire, so I grab Taquarius, and I run out the back door again. And when I let go of Taquarius, his skin kinda fell off a little bit. And so I just started screamin’. It’s three o’clock in the morning now. I’m screamin’ “Somebody help me!” I didn’t know what to do. I’m freaking out cause my
daughter’s in the house. It was so hot. The smoke was so dark. I couldn’t get back in. – She died that night. I got burned. My hand, my foot, my chest, my back. – We get to the hospital and that’s when they tell me Taquarius is in a coma. Then people’s comin’ at me tryin’ to get me to pick out urns. That month or so in a coma, that was horrible. When he got out the
hospital it was like… that was the worse time in his life I feel like. But I never wanted him to
be a victim of the fire. Yeah, you got burned in the fire, but you gonna be able to do everything everybody else could do. – I never had everything. But I had everything I
ever wanted growin’ up. My mom tried to do that for me, so… I love her. She just gives me the most
advice out of everybody. Just be who I am. ‘Cause I got to. I don’t got no choice. – After the fire, I signed the
other kids up for football. And he had a trachea in, you know he had bands. So he couldn’t play. And every game we was there, you could tell he just wanted to play. And once they put a football in his hand it was over. The burns didn’t even matter. When he put that helmet on, and his dreads stickin’ out
the back of his helmet… He lookin’ so good on the field. He just like everybody else. And I feel like in his heart, that’s what he feel. – It’s just an outlet, you know? A stress reliever. Whenever I get mad, upset or something I can go play a sport, you know? And I feel like, it’s just… It’s just who I am, you know. – He ain’t cross me. – Oh he made the first shot. – I moved it. – Don’t move it. – I’ll see you later Grandma. – Mmm, I love you. – I love you too. – You know you’re my star. – Yeah. – I didn’t even know until, probably when he first came out as
a sophomore playing for me, that he even had one hand. I do remember him coming
to me and asking me, you know, “I wanna play ball. Will you give me a shot?” And I told him straight in his face, I said, “Man, if you can
play, you gonna play”. I remember, actually this season, during the two-a-day
sessions of summer camp. And guys are complaining,
complaining, and TQ is like, “Hey, keep talkin’. “Keep complainin’. Because I’mma take your minutes.” And us coaches looked at him and said, “He’s not lying.” And he started every game for us. He could not not be out there. – I know it’s like a sad
story when you see somebody doin’ somethin’ with
sports with a disability. But when you actually good, and you actually can
keep up with other people that are so-called regular, it’s like … it’s more amazing. It’s like, “I don’t
want to just do this and be average, I want to be the best.” Why do something, if you not goin’ to try
to be the best at it? I want to play football as long as I can. And if I can go to the league, that’s great. But I just want to be successful, you know, in anything I do. Anything around sports, either player, coach, ref. I just love sports, you know. I’m destined for sports. That’s what I feel like. That’s just who I am, though.

Cesar Sullivan

33 thoughts on “A House Fire Scarred TQ Wair’s Entire Body. Now, He’s Going To Play College Football.

  1. I would like to say that you are an inspiration God was looking over you and for you to continue your passion and love for what you're doing inspires me and unders to continue and do what we have to do each day continue to work hard I hope to hear your name on Saturdays and Sundays God bless you

  2. Brought real tears to my eyes. This young King came through the fire bearing all his scars for the world to see and lives everyday of his life in its greatest glory. What’s our excuse?

  3. Him and his family are one of those unique stories that come around once or twice in a lifetime, maybe three if one is lucky. This kid has more strength than most people I know. May God help him along his journey! Good luck TQ!

  4. Amazing story but this is terrible for the NFL running backs free agency marketability I promise one of these trash organizations will use this to devalue the position even more

  5. Buddy, you are so inspiring! Very emotional piece. I wish you and your family the best in your next chapter!

  6. This guy is the toughest, a lot of people wouldn't be able to live their lives, he managed to still try to reach for his dreams although he, unfortunately, didn't make it. How sad

  7. Beautiful story and beautiful boy. He’s an inspiration and his Mom is amazing! I wish them the best. Inspirational.

  8. I would love to be a close friend with TQ.. Not because I feel sorry for him but because he's an inspiration to whoever knows him and he's a cool ass dude! Wish him nothing but the best in anything and everything he chooses to do!!

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