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A Remedy for Bruising, Black Eyes, and Swelling (Natural, Quick, Effective)

Welcome to “Half Pint Hacks” where awesomeness
is our specialty. Today we discuss a solution for black eyes. Black eye, shiner, big ugly bruise. You really don’t want to run around looking
like this, do you? Alastair actually looked a lot worse. This whole area was swollen and so my mom
made a paste with yogurt and turmeric to put on his eye. She put it here and here. It made a noticeable difference in just one
hour. You can see this extra-dark area here — that
didn’t have the paste mainly because it was so close to his eye. Turmeric does stain fabric so take care with
your clothing. That’s it. The biggest way to treat a black eye is to
stay away from cement steps. Thanks for watching.

Cesar Sullivan

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