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A Special Workshop With The NYC Ballet

♪ [music] ♪ – [Natalia] When a parent like me has a disabled child, a lot of the time that we spend together is based on medical intervention. My whole life is a mommy and me program. And given my daughter’s disability the rest of my life is most likely going to be a mommy and me program. Cerebral palsy is caused by a traumatic brain injury. There were movement workshops for children to dance with dancers from the New York City Ballet and I really would have loved to have done one of those with Pearl but I didn’t want her to be the focus of other people’s stares or comments and I wanted to really protect her from that. I wrote an email to the New York City Ballet. I just emailed them. It would mean so much to my daughter and children like her to be able to take part in a New York City ballet workshop and for one day feel like they too could become ballerinas. And I thought you know the worst they’ll do is they’ll say they’re not interested. [applause] – [Joseph] Out of the blue one day I got an email. Would you be willing to come and help us set up some workshops for children with disabilities. Well I remember looking at it and thinking: well let me think but yes! Because this is Lincoln Center with two of the principle dancers of the New York City Ballet. – [Adrian] I strangely have very little contact in my life with the disabled. And I think that there are so many stigmas that you absorb through culture, through media. – [Maria] I didn’t want to treat them differently than a normal child and I didn’t wanna make them feel disabled. And I was worried that you know I was gonna get emotional watching them because it’s difficult to see someone struggle. – People looked at me 10 minutes beforehand and said, “Doctor Dulkovsky do they wear their braces?” And I looked down and I said this is dance, not therapy. – Doctor D just decided that everyone should just take their braces off. Like everyone should be present fully in their bodies without any sort of restrictive devices. That moment really clicked for us. It resonated and you saw this great sense of liberation. – [Joanne] Freedom. Total freedom. She can let her body go. She can be the same as someone else. When Juliet was two she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. So you will see she’s slightly wobbly when she walks. It’s an incredible opportunity. I mean just to say she’s coming, she’s danced with someone from New York City Ballet is incredible in itself. – [Juliet] Just let it go and feel the rhythm and yeah. ‘For the round that we’ve just practiced in our warm up. Take your buddy. Circle.’ – [Maria] I see parents who are always holding, literally holding their children up or pulling them out of the wheel chair. And when I can see them sitting and seeing their child be independent. Yeah, I get, you know, emotional. – [Debra] When I see Maggie dance, I really see her heart. I see joy and that for a parent is just the best. – [Margaret] And if we mess up and we mess up. We just have fun with it. – It was a really emotional day. Maria and I had not been prepared for how connected we would feel immediately with the group of kids that we had. In fact we had underprepared for how energetic, enthusiastic and physically capable these kids turned out to be. – They just turned it into this amazing program. – So awesome.

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40 thoughts on “A Special Workshop With The NYC Ballet

  1. Just what we need, in times of misunderstandings and unrests. Beautiful people with big hearts who cares about others. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is truly a lovely effort.  Sadly, I had a very different experience visiting the NYC Ballet with my two young sons, my friend, and her young son after a children's workshop.  We were made to feel quite unwelcome by the staff and other patrons.  When I wrote to the media relations staff and later to the president I received no response at all.  I used to share a ballet subscription at the NYC Ballet but do not feel comfortable returning there.

  3. Ow come on! why can't I see the program at the Lincoln centre! I so prayed to god that the video would just go on forever! Please show us the actual performance, behind the scenes, et all, and I'd really love if you could just let the video on forever! Thank you NYCB!!

  4. Honestly, I need to be able to "Love" this, not just "Like" it.

    Well done NYC Ballet. Bravo, from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Aww man! Right in the feels! I'm really starting to feel a sense of respect for the ballet world outside of just the amazing athleticism.

  6. This is really similar to what my Professor at the Univ. of Illinois is doing!  :))

  7. Beautiful for all!  Is this clinic program going to be repeated?  Several us in the KC Missouri area are going to pursue an initiative like this locally.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

  8. THIS is EXACTLY why there should be funding for the arts!!! I get so pissed when I here politicians say that its a "waste" of tax payer dollars, well I'm a tax payer & I think it's probably on of the BEST INVESTMENTS we could make. A REAL waste of tax dollars is PAY the SIX FIGURE salaries of a bunch of selfish, self-absorbed DO NOTHINGS, who "work" maybe 3 months out of the year AKA CONGRESS!!

  9. I write this with tears of joy on my face. What an uplifting, amazing program! I sincerely hope that they can keep doing workshops like these. Dance for every child really is a movement! Thank you, Pearl. ❤️

  10. I also have a very mild learning disability and it's always important for people like us to have activities something to do and it's beautiful to see kids so happy to do what they're doing you know we are normal like everybody else we might look different we might talk different when you might walk you know any type of disability we're all humans we're no different than nobody else and we're very unique people when you see a disabled person don't look at them because they can't do much or don't feel sorry for us because we could do more in our own way yeah sometimes it could be difficult for us but just imagine what would be like to be like us and try to understand and have a little more compassion

  11. That is a very thoughtful and compassionate thing to do, we as a people have to come together and be so much kinder. The kids looked beautiful and I am so proud of them for getting up and dancing with so much confidence.

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