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ABUSING Invisibility Cheat to WIN in Fortnite

welcome to more a dumb shenanigans with Dean V today we're gonna use the new toy soldier skin that came out in the item shop to hide and win in fortnight this is basically a cheat with the green version you can hide in front of trees and with the gray version you can hide in front of rugs those are only two examples that we're probably gonna find even better hiding spots in the video and if you guys don't leave a like on the video right now there's gonna be a spider on your bed when you wake up you don't want that make sure you guys follow me on Twitter I literally don't even have a thousand followers on Twitter and it's because I don't even promote it so make sure you guys follow me at Dean being whitey the link is also in the description and use my Creator code Dean beans in the item shop whenever you buy a skin and if you don't use mine make sure you use someone else's code make sure you're always supporting a creator in the item shop anyway I'm done wasting your time let's get into the dump shenanigans alright so we're starting off with the green version let's go lit up and let's get some guns you know and then we're just gonna hide the entire game to win my feet are literally completely flood but we have a fellow brother right there hey man I'm the only green soldier that's around here you should not okay you're dropping in the same spot as me as well or we're gonna drop over here actually we're changing locations thanks to my brother over there I think you guys can tell the gun literally mixes in with the skin as well because of course I bought the wrap yeah the skin may be ugly but hey it could get you some easy dubs in fortnight okay alright let's get into circle let's just hide okay we're gonna find a nice tree that perfectly blends in with my skin right now this is gonna be great wait can I blend it to this no okay so these kind of trees might work or not yeah the color doesn't blend in with the skin you might find some brighter tree somewhere see like that that's perfect okay we're in circle right now why not it just hide right here okay we got a hold a gun out okay ah yeah so how's your day guys did you guys drop a like on the video yet if you haven't do it you do not want a spider in your bed the next morning when you wake up and you don't want bad luck I forgot to tell you if you don't leave a like on the video you're gonna have a thousand years of bad luck you don't want that wait yeah this doesn't blend in that much okay I feel dumb I feel really dumb yeah let's go find a better tree I should have done my research before recording this video what am i doing it's all good we're learning while recording it's all good let's get into this baller and let's just go find a tree okay what kind of tree can we hide in boys obviously I don't want to fight any enemies right now why don't we go in a more populated spot and just hide there but what should I hide in and what if I hide in a bush this might be a good idea oh shoot this might be perfect or not I have no idea the grayskin might be so much better that you can hide in front of rocks walls and the skin I don't know man I don't know we're just gonna stand still for now see what happens you know all right since we're waiting in a bush let's play a little game pick a number from one to ten you guys have ten seconds go alright so if you pick the number six you're correct congratulations give yourself a round of applause Congrats alright so we're not in circle anymore let's give it another 40 seconds until we rotate to circle so far no one's shooting at me so we're chillin boys we're chillin I haven't heard any footsteps though I feel kind of lonely okay someone's gliding over me cool okay he didn't drop on me I'm probably blending in right now that's pretty dope imagine I just get sniped oh my life is over eight seconds and we rotate okay my ball is right there let's go we're out let's get circle that we hide again boys hey why not win this game with zero kills isn't that pretty tough a zero kill win that's the biggest flex ever we're living the Fortnight life right now imagine tryharding fortnight when he could just blend in with the environment to win people way better let's go find a tree or not a tree I think a bush is the better option like there's no way I could blend in with that tree or that tree or just any tree to be honest so the bushes are my best bet 100% okay this fight is going on over there what bush should I hide in right now gotta find the perfect bush boys huh this might be it boys this bush right here let's push the baller kind of far away you know and yeah just hide in a bush Oh Frick you mushroom birth you dude oh my gosh okay this bush is kind of suss or changing bushes that Bush was kinda suss and that mushroom too it was annoying okay Bush yes let's go this is perfect all right we're chilling Wow ten people left man zero kills we're doing great we're doing fantastic well I'm thirsty so all that hard work hmm all that tryharding and Fortnight gonna need it take a sip of water from that a very circle closing in and we're chilling in a bush everything is going as planned and if we need to we could run away with an impulse you know these impulses are godly to run away all right where's the next circle please tell me I'm in circle yes we have circle boys let's go the perfect Bush right here no one's gonna suspect a thing or chilling eight people left let's go we got this boys you see dub you guys stay completely still please tell me I get final circle that would be so good oh my god I just realized I don't have a shotgun ah that's so bad oh this is gonna be tough oh very circle closing in again boys this circle is closing in real slow please tell me I win this we got the mats we have trash weapons of course why don't we peek around a little bit this might be a bad idea looking around no one around all right yeah cool six people left maybe next game we could hide in a more open spot okay to make it even more fun oh but I gotta use a grey skin next time I mean that is if I get a dub with the skin which is probably happening from what I'm seeing so far all right do we have final circle let's see Oh No okay let's wait a little bit we could easily transition to the next circle so easily so close let's just wait here a little bit I want people to pass by me and not notice me at all that's literally all I want in life right now I'm having the most fun in fortnight right now by hiding a bush this is great damn someone just got sniped rest in peace bur rest in peace five people left Oh spicy content boys spicy spicy how long should we wait to rotate we should probably go now no waiting you gotta find a perfect bush where is it the perfect bush where are you at Oh No let's hold out a green gun okay maybe that one right there come on or that one let's see you shoot huh perfect perfect you could only see the tip of my head I should be good how we're just gonna stay still and hope for the best five people left circle is closing in boys circle is closing in I hear fights to the left of me oh my god this is scary this is kind of scary bro okay let's have my hands on the mouse and keyboard in case anything bad happens we got this Oh more shots oh my god why aah oh my god they're fighting it out boys and we're just chilling you know maybe I could fire some shots at them real quick you know just mess around you know what we're doing it that's it oh we hit him for 20 you know i Loki ruined that guy's that all right we should rotate now doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo boo give me that Bush please give it to me yes I would chilling we're chillin yeah okay okay right there perfect view people left okay you know what to be honest we're just gonna fight off the last guy okay did he run past me oh my god circle closing and I'm pretty sure they're fighting right now yeah they're having a build-off Oh No dang I hate these final circles dude oh my god this is scary three people left me and two other people there's someone literally right next to me I hear him oh no oh no we got this I believe I'm praying for tonight gods circles closing in as well oh no please one person died just one more died and then I'll fight off the last guy we got to go got him ha you're so dead bear oh no I'm not gonna let him get high ground on me there's no way Oh having more mats let's go first attempt – let's go we're insane two kills let's go that was kind of easy I'm not gonna lie Wow alright let's uh let's switch off to the gray version which is probably better than this version yeah I don't want to talk about it

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