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Adopted Kids & Their Parents Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Why did you choose to adopt? Don’t you dare start crying yet. (both laugh) (classical music) – I’m Cynthia. – I’m Tabitha. – Anna Gonzalez. – I’m Connie Gonzalez. – I am a the proud father
of my wonderful daughter. – Do you love that, he’s proud! My name’s Marissa, I was adopted. – My cousin passed away,
her mom was my cousin. – I think I came up here
when I was like eight and then I didn’t get adopted till ten, ’cause the process is stupid long. – Four, they were all
adopted from foster care, she’s the oldest, she’s 21. – You wanna go first? – Sure, ooh. – Grab one, don’t get crazy. – Have you ever caught me
masturbating or having sex? (laughing) – Um I haven’t caught the full act, I like walked into the den in the back, and I was like (retching) He was alone! – Have you ever caught me
masturbating or having sex? – No, like okay, she’s a virgin. That’s what she’s told me for years
– I’ve always told her I for years!
was a virgin ’cause I see you don’t sound positive
never wanted her to have sex there and hold on, are you not a virgin? – I’m gonna drink. (both laughing) – Are you serious, alright my
mind’s already blown let’s go. – I cannot ask this question. – That’s okay just ask it. – Have you ever had a
threesome, and would you? Please don’t answer that. – Alright. – Have you ever had a
threesome and would you? – No. – No? – No. – Okay. I don’t know that first
question threw me off, I don’t know if I trust you (laughs). – Have you had a threesome Connie? – I’mma take a shot. (both laughing) – Can we drink to that? – I can say no, but we
can still have a drink. – Uh, we’re drinking. – Oh okay. (both laughing) – Shit. – Oh this is a good one. – Uh-oh is it a sex question? – No no no no, what’s the
most annoying comment you hear when people find out you’re adopted? – Oh my god I’m so sorry, so many people think it’s a bad thing, and it’s honestly it’s the best blessing. – I always hate it when people
say, where’s your real mom. – Yeah I know, like uh right here because this is the bitch who got up in the middle of the night
every time that kid was sick, couldn’t sleep, or was having
a night terror, that was me. – How would things be different between us if I was your biological child? – I don’t think any different. – You don’t think it
would’ve felt different if I was like blood
– No or anything
– no you are blood! I am blood so luckily
– Oh I hate when you say that – Oh you used to say that a lot, oh I’m not blood, I’m like yes you are. – (sighs) Great, what’s
something that I do that embarrasses you? – Everything. (both laughing) – Thanks. – Well you’re just loud. – Oh well I’m a communicator,
you’re not the communicator. So you don’t really talk yeah
– Not a talker. – Let’s not talk about that. – Okay, I’ll just drink, here you too. – Okay I’m not complaining. – List all the illicit
drugs you have tried. – I’ve definitely tried some psychedelics, like shrooms and acid, you
should try it sometime. – No. – I recommend it
– No. I highly recommend it. – I told you recently that I
had just gotten sober off of smoking meth, yeah I was doing
that for about two years. I did try heroin, one, one time, I didn’t like it, and
thank god for that, um. – Why did you think you needed that? – I was really sad that mom passed away, and it felt like it was
the only thing I could do to keep my mind off of losing her. So I love you, thank you
for keeping me alive, but that’s that. – Okay, why did you choose to adopt? – I never was one of
those people who felt like I needed to have a biological child. But then as soon as I met you and you came toddling up
with your little glasses I knew that you were my daughter. – Your mom wanted to have kids, and um. – Didn’t you have a vasectomy?
– and I had a vas– like a reverse? – Yeah I had a vasectomy
and I had it reversed, well very difficult to get
pregnant with that consideration, so we wind up going, you know
what’s our choices, adoptions. – You adopting me, kind
of got thrown on you. – No it was never thrown on me trust me I was fighting for you. – Don’t you dare start crying yet. – I was just so happy to get you. – Oh my crybaby (laughs), play a new game, take a
shot every time you cry. (both laughing) – What’s something you wish I had done differently, around your adoption? – You and mom both handled it better than I could have ever hoped for. I’ve always known that I was wanted, I think it was perfect
just the way you did it. – You tried to be my friend too much, so when I got older and
you tried to be a parent it was really hard for me
to look at you like that. – I have no other kids, just her. – Her one and only. – I mean I don’t want, I never wanted my cousin
to pass away to get her. – But you did, and I’m here. Don’t worry I’m happy to be with you. – No ’cause I don’t think
you really understand that I wanted you, so bad. – I never doubted that you wanted me, but now I know, I know
and I appreciate it, I love you, I do. – Do you send nude images
to the people you’re dating? – Oh my god. – You don’t have to answer
it, I know that you do. (laughing) – Let me just drink. – Wait I already answered it for you, no this is fun, shit if I looked like you I’d be naked right now. – Oh my god. (laughing) – Here we are, last one, do
you wish you had been raised by your biological parents? – Fuck no, no, you’ve
shown me so many things. Whether it be compassion for other people, or the genuine thirst for
knowledge that you’ve had, or how many times you got up
to help mom when she was sick. There are so many things, and
I would never give them up, for any person even my biological parents. – You are my real mom, you
raised me and they didn’t, so I’m thankful for you. – Thanks, I’m thankful for you too. – Honestly, it breaks my
heart to even think about not having my mom, so I don’t even want to put myself in that scenario. I would do anything to be with her, but I would love for
her to be here with us. – The only thing I
would never have wanted, was your father to follow. If I could get away with it I probably would’ve run him over. – Yeah so– (laughing) – I don’t wanna cry, uh, I like you. – I like you very much
– you da best. – You’re my best friend, honestly, like seriously you’re my best friend. – You’re not my best friend (laughing) – So fucking rude. – Remember what I used to tell you? – Yeah okay you’re famous saying, I don’t like you but I love you. Well I like you and I love you, asshole. (both laughing) – That was good. – Yeah it wasn’t bad
– Was that fun? – Yeah it wasn’t nearly scary
as I thought it was gonna be. – I’m glad you did it. – I know (laughs). – I think it was good, it
was a lot more eye opening than I thought ’cause I
thought we were really open with each other, but then realizing that there are a few questions
that I never thought to ask, or like there are a few questions that I never wanted to fucking ask. But, but I like to know more about you, and I’m glad that we did this. – Absolutely. (laughing)

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Adopted Kids & Their Parents Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

  1. no offense but this comeent section is pretty judgemental like stop focusing on her face, shes lucky shes even alive rn coz she went thru a lot.
    i really liked the father and daughter very mature .

  2. lol if I take a sip of wine my mom will kill me and if I send somebody a nude picture oh damn she gonna torture me for 1 whole year everyday new torture Yay right

  3. they should make one with internationally adopted kids cuz it’s a lot different when you’re raised by people who surround you with a completely different culture than the one you were born into

  4. What I find absolutely hilarious is I look so much like my parents but I’ve been adopted sense birth so when I say that I’m adopted they don’t believe it. I also appreciate how my parents never hid the fact that I was adopted because when I was tiny I’d always ask for a brother or sister and my mom said she couldn’t have kids and I though how tf did you have me then?!

  5. "do you send nude images to people your dating?… You don't need to answer I know that you do"💀😂😂😂😂

  6. I don’t think adoption is wrong as long as the parents are as wholesome as these parents.You can tell they’re so caring for someone who’s not even biological and it honestly makes my heart warm

  7. At 2:01 the girl looks like a goth that came when I had sleep paralysis
    Sleep paralysis: when your body is paralysed and scary things appear in your sight and can hear it in your sleep
    It’s only a few minutes but it’s worser than a nightmare

  8. I feel like I’m mis judging and because that’s exactly what I’m doing but I thought the blonde mum with the glasses would be super strict.. but.. she was a cool mum

  9. I'm in foster care and my foster mom is my great aunt and I love her death, I've called her mom since I was 3 ❤ I dont like the term "real mom" and it doesnt make sense to me honestly and I would of hated being raised by my biological mom

  10. Omg I would loveeee to do this with my adoptive mom! She’s such a closed book I could NEVER ask her these questions! Especially the main one why me????

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