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Aggression & Mastery of Rotations : Learn From Furia's Playstyle

hey this is voo and today I'm gonna take a look at furious play style specifically on T side I'm focusing on here and how they've used it to rock it up the standings and beat so many top teams now you might have expected me to look at nuke here however I think Mirage is a more accessible map for people to view and really understand and I think they have so many fantastic rounds that really deserve a great look on Mirage here so this is one of them and it's very hard to actually capture everything in one moment with furia because what they're doing is manipulating rotations to a degree that you'll see from almost no other team so they're going very fast worth middle here with the smoke in window and they're gonna get two kills on the mid players and they're gonna know a little bit of information here they know there's a player on Kat and they know there's a player window and you're gonna notice that furia uses this information better than almost any other team they recognize here that there's almost definitely not gonna be a player window after he leaves window because window is not generally a place people play in a 3v4 he's more likely to be somewhere near connector Topcon and he did just Molly Vinny out of Pallas here so they have decent information on that they also have an expectation on where the third player will be which is likely CT and because Vinny has been ma lead off I think he expected he might have been spotted here in Palace he knows that Dupree can't be focused on ramp realistically because he could get swung from palace and as they've made noise here URIs gonna drop off he they know Dupree has to be watching that flank there so he's watching the flank net in the distance I know for a killing he's gonna be able to find it and that's gonna execute that's gonna cause them to go out immediately able J immediately comes out ramp and you'll notice here from Vinnie he's not exposing himself to CT he understands that that is an area that the rotation is probably there Dupree is probably looking at him and able Jay is the one that makes the play on the guy towards jungle and again Vinnie's not peeking CT he's not giving up this kill he's just quick peeking he's trying to make sure he can get a trade Abell J gets taken out and he quickly looks for the kill realizes he can't find it and backs up but URI here is already going for the flank and again you're gonna see from URI this is a fantastic understanding of rotations he knows Dupri's looking in his bag look how many times he jiggle peeks there and grab up the shot cuz he knows he's gonna be there and after he finds that they know for sure device is rotating off of Kat before they even spot him it's pretty obvious where he's gonna be coming from in that situation they smoke him off flash them off and device really doesn't have much of a chance here so this is just a fantastic rotational gameplay amazing understanding of exactly where players are gonna be at given times from furia and where those rotations are gonna end up going and that's what you really see from furia they play very aggressively very quick and they have very little downtime in how quickly they see an opening and they execute on it because they really understand where those rotations are gonna be going and that's why they do well so well on nuke as well with their squeaky plays with their quick pops it's because of their understanding of rotations one of the other things that makes fury is scary and I'm gonna skip a few rounds ahead here is how explosive they can be you never know when Fury is gonna pop out four players off of one flash in an area that you thought you had map control of so here you're gonna see a straw let's go for mid control Vinny should be hearing them push up mid here and they're just gonna pop straight out a ramp no flash before they go for the first peek and they're gonna get pushed up very quickly here get pushed up a control and they're gonna smoke top con to even go for window control and jungle control here instead of the typical you know they might smoke off Kahn and they might smoke off stairs instead they're going fully aggressive they're going for map control here as aggressively as they can and to prevent the rotation again understanding of rotations they know that Astralis has to come up connector here so rather than allowing them to come up connector and retake you know from a comfortable position with jungle control furia forces them off of connector and says if you want to retake a you either need to go all the way around or you need to take jungle – and Vinnie's gonna be right here forcing them to clear every angle as they go for the retake this is understanding very good understanding of the rotations and an idea of what they want to do if a mid push comes out as well as just the understanding of how aggressive they can be you never know when Fury is gonna pop out of an area with three or four players off of a smoke and a flash they do the same thing at squeaky on nuke all the time they have two players one with the smoke one with a flash flash mini pop flash out four players are out of squeaky before you can even think twice about it and that's what makes that's another part of what makes them scary and all of these things you're gonna notice they work together very well so I want to say that part of understanding furia is actually understanding art because he really does create a ton of space for his team and more importantly he keeps teams honest by playing as insane aggressively as he does he makes sure teams cannot play an exploitable style a super passive style where they're not covering every single angle if you're playing against furia and you're not covering every possibility and by covering every possibility you have to be super passive and super spread out which means those pop four pops are gonna work really well if you're not covering every possible angle Art's gonna find that angle and here he is boosting up in a window there's there for some reason not covering it this round they've they've kind of rotated around art found that opening and he's gonna get a free kill off of it he's gonna open up the round and this is a force buy here from a stralla so it's not it's not a full buy it's not like furious should be losing this round but still you can see exactly how it works they found an opening and they just dominated the force by and even though art will die in the end he's gonna die – zip X there with the scout still he created the opening towards a and again he's making sure that these teams when it gets to be late round when it gets to be these weird situations he's making sure that those teams are always watching every angle and they're not kind of stacking waiting for the four-man pop-out because art will art will punish them so now I'll give you a good idea of why it looks so bad when it goes wrong so those Browns look great he got a longing for information he got pushed up he got into good spots but when it goes bad he to a viewer to like a casual observer he looks like an idiot so here the plant is actually they're going to Palace here and they're going three towards B the plan is to use a bunch of utility that you know might fake a team out because with these smokes down it does look like the type of flash pop play that furia will make where they'll go out with for three or four players and they're sending art out to beat a bait man and try and get pushed up control and it's supposed to draw rotate these players Palace to come out however arch is gonna die it's straight through the smoke there to Dupre with an off on cat and this kind of falls apart immediately because astralis knowing the way xperia play is they're not surprised by it at all they're just holding their positions they're not rotating at all unless they have to and this is why in some of the games in the series and and several times and you know in every game it's sometimes it looks like art is kind of just suiciding out but there's a reason for it again there is a reason for it he's creating space he's getting cannot control he's forcing teams to be honest if they're not rotating a player when all of that utility comes out towards B and all of those you know flashes and smokes are thrown that means something and fury can use that information and use it to their advantage if they're not rotating what all of that utility gets thrown when a player pushes out B that means if they do push out B with four players probably utility still isn't gonna be used rotations might not come out very quickly and they can do their you know four-man pop flash plays that work incredibly well because if the team does rotate this this Yolo play from arts gonna work perfectly if the team doesn't rotate the format pops gonna work perfectly so it's kind of a you know a damned if you do damned if you don't situation for a lot of these teams against period I'll just give you here a quick example of what it's kind of supposed to look like and this is gonna be against fnatic so fnatic has already been kind of dominated by these four pop plays you know several times this half lost quite a few rounds to it so they're they're paranoid about it and this this Yolo play from art the same exact Yolo play because it's done against the team that will rotate because they've had trouble against it look at the rotation here coming out of fnatic they don't rotate until art gets killed until they're sure that this is a push and it's not just a smoke fake they start to rotate and you're gonna see furia make their way out they're already out before the rotate comes back they only partially rotated they didn't full rotate but a partial rotate was enough there for furia to get a site control now Vinnie went for a play tried to get jungle control because that's important part of the plan there they Molly deep jungle to try and push up and catch players and get control of jungle so that they would force fnatic to have to retake only from CT didn't work there for Vinny but they're gonna 3d5 it anyway so people Jay gets one yuri gets one case cerrado gets one and then case Rada is gonna get I believe both players here at the company CT and that's what it's supposed to look like the team didn't full rotate they partially rotated furia again understanding rotations executed on the time and got out before the rotate the half rotate came back they tried to get pushed up jungle controlled because they understand that you know 4v5 you have to get a trade for something read a retake is not that hard in theory so they try and get pushed up jungle controlled doesn't end up working out for them but they still managed to win the round anyways and that's how it's supposed to look if teams over rotate again if they over rotate they'll probably deal with the four ones you know that the five men or four men pops a little bit better but if they don't over rotate or but if they do that then these one-man fake plays these one man information plays are gonna get more rotates and it's gonna get caused more damage when they're going the other way so to summarize here what is furious playstyle and what makes them so good well they're very aggressive often in coordinated ways many times it looks loose however they're great at manipulating rotations and many times of play they're making is based on great communication that allows them to have an understanding of where exactly the weak points in the map for an opponent they constantly make teams worried and make them play safe or make them play honest by covering every angle because with furia you never know if they're suddenly flashing and behind a flash coming out with four players just swinging wide on you and trying to take a bomb sight seemingly in an instant you always have to be worried about what that means and they also have art running around and making every team worried about any area that they're not looking at so if they want to be playing passive to deal with these aggressive sometimes somewhat loose sometimes solo aggressive plays from fury if they want to play passive to try and get those players into cross fires Art's gonna be there finding the weaknesses in that passive setup finding what angles they're not holding and exploiting that to the greatest extent he can so I'm gonna show you around here and this is gonna be against fnatic from Furia and it's gonna be on mirage here and this is a great example of how they manipulate rotations yet again and how they do it it needs to be very quick this is incredibly crisp and it looks kind of loose if you're not really paying attention because they do just run out a here to some extent but there's definitely reasoning behind it so they're faking mid here you're gonna see three smokes land in middle and they've gone quickly up cat several times now with these two exact same smokes so they know that by throwing those smokes they're likely to cause a partial rotate from JW in window here towards B to support his team at the same time Art's going for a pick towards a and obviously art going for a pick doesn't necessarily mean his team is anywhere near him so it doesn't necessarily mean all that much then you have a him get the pic on Crim's and this is gonna cause a different rotation it's gonna cause brawl n to start rotating into sight however because they've already got the idea in their head that probably JW is likely to be rotating towards market they want to bust out a as quickly as possible and take down what is probably a solo a player and they're gonna catch brawl in here moving his way into sight because his teammate got picked and he wants to try and hold on as long as possible so without even any smokes out yet they're gonna go wide swing out and watch what happens here from Vinny he's going directly towards CT spawn he knows that the the CT spawn player was likely partially rotated he wants to catch that player out and there's zero hesitation there Vinny and Abel Jay both push towards CT they catch the players in rotation and case sarado is there to support three players peeking directly into CT spawn finding info information getting control of the map and putting fnatic in an awkward spot that they're very uncomfortable with this is what fury is great at they understood the rotation there they understood what they needed to do and there was zero hesitation 100% confidence in their gameplay on that call on that read and it works out for them perfectly this is the this is a great example of a round from furia where they just know what's up and they know what they're doing well so in this video off I'm gonna show you one final round from furia versus astrology is the confidence that these guys play with they really do go in every round in every situation with a hundred percent confidence in their player's ability their own ability and their teammates ability as well so they're gonna be going towards B at the beginning Yuri is gonna go towards mid here and he's gonna hear three players in mid here's two players close to him and here's the player in window and that's gonna proc fear you to want to go quickly towards B here and they're not gonna give too much away Kaiser autos just throwing a basic nade set but eventually they're gonna start to group and before they're fully group is gonna be case hirato and able J going in and I just want you to see Kaiser autos route here even with only two players leading he goes deep into the site he's not worried about that player bench they know because of their understanding probably some reading into a straw with some understanding of their rotations and just understanding of rotations in general they understand that it's gonna be a single player B obviously because there's three in middle and they have full confidence K sarado to clear out cat cats clear he's not worried that his single teammate might lose the engagement as he spread out from his his other teammates a little bit behind here he's not worried about that he's worried about getting pushed up on the rotate make sure that and his teammate wins that engagement when they get the kill he's here to make sure that they can hold the bomb site after that that rotation from window the fast rotate from Majewski er is not gonna get anything done that's the confidence furia plays with and even when it goes wrong megistias gonna find a timing and grab a kill there he's gonna get traded even when it goes wrong they do a fantastic job of it and they're still gonna win this round even though you know the pushed up play didn't work it still got the information it got the damage and it prevented the rotate that's exactly what they wanted from it and it works out perfectly so thanks for watching if you enjoyed the video feel free to subscribe you can also catch me live on Twitch most days if you want to watch that I'll see you next video

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21 thoughts on “Aggression & Mastery of Rotations : Learn From Furia's Playstyle

  1. Hey guys I just got back to making videos for fun… this is a dumb place to plug but it would be cool if people checked em out UwU 😛

  2. Great video. I feel like Furia can afford to lose a player as bait because the SG is so deadly in post plant situations. Retaking a site against 3 SGs must be a nightmare. The weapon fits their style.

  3. These videos are really good, but people that don't know this yet, should understand that this is almost never viable for pug matches/MM.

  4. moE should watch this and understand how stupid he was about arT LOL.

    Context: See arT Tweets & replies with moE.

  5. Thanks for recognizing arT's work. He's doing such a great job. Hello from a fan from Brazil, thanks for the analysis.

  6. Great job at breaking down furia's play style. I could see you doing a desk analyst job for a CSGO major

  7. Great strat ,but part of the success is based on they don't get outaimed.
    Lot of teams that are comfortable to play a 3v3 retake and still win it. They don't really need to rotate early.
    Same strat could have very different outcome

  8. love to watch this team, really entertaining.

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