AIU Gets Confronted By A Black, Passive Aggressive, Half Ass Fan

AIU Gets Confronted By A Black, Passive Aggressive, Half Ass Fan

you know Hey a couple weeks ago I got a passive-aggressive email from a half-assed fan black guy he wrote in you want to ask me a couple questions here it is hello Devon I have a few questions with you on the subject of race in America I wonder how this conversations gonna go by the way a black guy asking a white guy about race in America you think he's gonna ask if I but I want to talk to you about why you don't think there is any such thing as white privilege in America because there isn't I think this is a word game and I think it means next to nothing I think it's just black people bitching here's a question forget black people let's say they evaporated they don't exist is there still white privilege do white people have white privilege among each other no it sort of cancels out doesn't it so let's say I'm going up for a job against five other white people can I claim my white privilege or does now the concept make no sense it makes no sense if you're trying to say that it is advantageous or preferable to be in the majority of a country racially speaking then sure great what kind of a point is that yeah when I live in Germany and I don't speak German I don't have German privilege the German privilege of speaking German now I could learn German just like black people could excel and succeed regardless of what anyone tries to do to stop them but that would require personal accountability and determination and it's far easier just to blame other people so basically it's a sort of Andy Dufresne situation get busy living or get busy dying if you don't like living in a country where you're the minority then get the fuck out or start breeding like rabbits we don't want to hear you bitch what part of that don't you understand and if you're gonna tell me that oh Devo no Devin when you understand when you go into a 7-eleven they don't follow you around and think you're gonna steal shit well I know that you are a den do and you're a great guy great student law-abiding but are you trying to pretend that you're not aware that people that look exactly like you tend to steal more often the criminal rates are lopsided that's why people have totally justified stereotypes which are simply acquired wisdom based on facts it is the scientific fucking method so if you have a problem with that again it is weak and it is tiresome to hear if I was look I'm a guy shaved head white guy if I was wandering around Charlottesville during that unite the right thing and the cops were looking for right wing looking dudes and let's say I happened to have just purchased some tiki torches I was going to a Hawaiian themed barbecue and I'm wandering around Charlottesville with my tiki torches and I get pulled over and questioned do you think I'm gonna be like hey that way my bad at here this is that outrage no I would have understanding okay officers I see you doing your job much respect to you by the way thank you for maintaining law and order in my society if you and I both walked out into public both of us being six foot three and me being quite a muscular black man I would specifically be the one seen as an imminent threat why to who I mean okay so when you and I are wandering around the streets just singing evany and ivory and a woman by herself is walking home at night and you and I are right behind her she's not looking back going I'm kind of threatened but more by the black know we're both a threat because men commit more crime than anyone else and it's not even close now if you want to subdivide among men and feel free to you know the answer to those questions especially on rape looking at you Central Park five looking at you so why would you think that a woman or anyone would see you as the threat I mean look at the logic dude it's not for no reason the number of black men in the criminal justice system is astonishing it's like one in three are gonna be in jail or some crazy number like that that's why are you acting dumb are you playing dumb if you and I are out walking and we see a bunny rabbit cross our path should we react the same as if we saw a bear but Devyn are you saying that there's differences between bears and bunnies yes yes I am but how are you saying that they're inherently differs from last year on bunny attacks and bear attacks and we're aware of them if you're a bear and you aren't happy with the number of bear attacks why don't you go talk to the other fucking bears and stop blaming the people who are aware of the differences between bunnies and bears much of the racism that many white Americans and other ethnic groups hold is latent oh it's so deep man we're diving in so deep hold your breath it is programmed within the minds of many Americans to think less of black Americans and to see us as dangerous wait a minute those are two separate things first of all I am virtue M of the mindset where I don't think less of black Americans and I hold them to account I treat them as if I treat anyone else so when I glance up at the numbers and I see that they are atrocious on everything from teenage pregnancy to their abortion rates to their single-parent families to their economic achievement to their performance and education to their criminal behavior I am embarrassed for them I'm embarrassed okay there's no excuse if you come at me with slavery and racism I'm not buying it okay I've heard that line of thought it's not good enough I've been around the world son and I've seen black people succeed in every country just not at the same rate so you can do it if you're not doing it stop blaming other people it's your fault black Americans are discriminated against on the basis of employment and other types of opportunities that currently exist know what what about affirmative action you guys have more advantages than non blacks and I call bullshit employment we live in a capitalist system if you have the goods they will use you they will ride you like a mule if you're a kick-ass computer programmer they don't give a fuck if you're black ok and are we talking about black barbershops or B et network do you think you and I do you think our applications are gonna be looked at the same over at B et Ono so it's a human characteristic it's just a normal phenomenon that if you share cultural things with someone else they might be more inclined to hire you then sorry homie you might have to start speaking English correctly and get your grammar on point I wouldn't hire you just based off the first three sentences of this email cuz you can't write you can't write is that racist for me to notice or should it be like what the fuck why is this adult male typing to me and he has no grammar it's obnoxious many black Americans do not trust other white Americans because of many of the episodes of discrimination we have faced at your hands know what you consider to be discrimination is just normal life shit just average everyday stuff we white people go through that it's just we don't have the same race card to play so we have to actually address the details of the situation so if we don't get a job it's not racism and if we go hit on a girl and she turns us down she's not a lesbian and it wasn't racist it was us it was us you have been coddled and raised in a black community where this is the one narrative it is like a cult nobody questions it and the reason you get nowhere collectively is because this solution this diagnosis of why you are not succeeding is totally false it is total bullshit and so the remedy isn't working you saying oh it's at my hands I am the problem my discrimination the reason that's not working is because it's preposterous nobody cares about you Jerome nobody cares if you died tomorrow I wouldn't know about it or care no matter what race you are you're not special you're not from Wakanda get a grip being a young college attending black man I am as unique as a unicorn no I am still seen as a threat well I wonder why a young black male hmm who's the most dangerous and violent subset of our society young black men how did you not piece this together I have seen black people in Germany England Canada who were well-dressed there weren't thugs there were family people they were working people they were respectful and friendly how did I judge them on their rates on their melanin no it was on their appearance because we've been judging people on their appearance ever since saber-tooth Tigers and if a guy is gonna come in with a sharp suit on or just a button-up shirt and he's looking corporate he's looking OnPoint then I make assumptions based off his appearance and what potential threat he has to me just like if I'm out at night and I see two guys walking toward me I'm assessing a threat now if I spot that they're Asian then the threat is no more but let's say they're not Asian and I just see two guys white or anything I'm thinking this is a potential situation now what if a shadowy figure comes out from behind them in it out look it's a woman then the threat is neutralized because I know that the chances of two guys and a woman mugging me are far less now when I get closer I find out the woman is a lesbian and then once again I'm nervous I am looked down upon in the society in general no that's in your mind this is what I call the inferiority complex that black Americans struggle with who's looking down on you you're a college student muscular young that is your psychosis man this is something you will never ever have to face in your lifetime right gotten way to be worldly these people are so trapped in there little bullshit narcissistic scenarios hey so when I was living in Argentina I never had to face any sort of feelings of being different no they love Americans down there yeah they were all super receptive to the fact that I only spoke English that went well you know last time I was in Brooklyn and I was on my way to get some food and I looked around and I thought hmm I'm the only white person within ten hundred miles and they all look thuggish as fuck and they weren't exactly looking me up and down going oh thank god this colonizer a stroll into town gentrifying motherfucker no I wasn't welcome there I felt out of place I guess demographics kind of matter and there are bigger things than race at play things like class do you have class forget your race shit do you have class are you educated are you criminal what culture do you belong to are you a positive person out doing positive things or are you destructive and negative these are things that actually matter and if you look around and you spot that mmm I'm noticing some patterns here and certain groups of people have certain correlations to the things I just mentioned and they're not even then go ahead and address that but don't blame the messenger for noticing what is this is the privilege of the majority and many can't do anything about that privilege God so you think we walk around going where the majority we're barely over 60% and it's spread out and most of its in rural America okay so any city living folk like myself we ain't the majority I'm not the majority in Los Angeles definitely not the majority in New York or Atlanta and when I just visited Phil Anselmo in New Orleans I was not the majority how could I have ever coped it's just pathetic I mean look how about this if we're gonna just spread it out I mean you're a guy living in a city so wait a minute you're not the majority at your college or in your little neighborhood or in your city well here here's how we can make it even sound worse and let's say look let's talk about the whites in Montana and Eastern Washington you know those whites that you and I will never meet let's just tally those on to the majority yeah that'll make your case seem much worse here how about this as a next level thought white people are a minority in the world what there's more blacks in the world than whites oh my god it turns out you're the majority I just blew your mind so why don't you go reconnect with the majority of humans the blacks and the Chinese while you're at it and then just bask in the comfort of being in the majority because you have the same skin color as the other people do you understand that this is simplistic and like a caveman mentality towards this right this privilege is turned into hatred huh surely you're kidding first of all it's not a privilege we don't even think about this this is a non-issue for us this is your problem this is all happening in your head so you're bitching about our so-called privilege has turned you into being hateful that's your hatred because it's your inferiority and your anxiety I have faced discrimination my whole life Wow because of the color of my skin oh poor baby you poor baby I don't want brownie points or handouts oh you don't you just want sympathy I just want to inform you about your ignorance my ignorance my ignorance of how hard your life has been because black fuck you no I don't accept that it's so unimpressive of course you want brownie points why are you bringing this up I didn't come to you a total stranger and said hey um Jerome do you know that you know my mommy died when I was a kid and it hurt my feet fees and I lost my hair and where and you know you have hair privilege I'm in a minority of baldies shut up God you suck I never ever complained about racism aside from this entire paragraph I just have to deal with it oh are you at a historically black college are you talking about this every day I advise you to see the different points of view and try to learn from them to make your videos better as if that's possible why don't you learn and respect your elders and sit down and shut the fuck up and wait til your brain is fully developed at 25 when you can rent a car and then come back at me and I'll teach you a fucking thing or two about life and lessons and wisdom you dumb millennial bitch and if you ever want to come to Berlin step out mr. muscular black man and I'm fuck out one last thing I want to ask you do you think black Americans are inherently lazy and dangerous and this is the reason why many of us are not successful in America question mark okay so let's take a look at the sentence do you think blacks are inherently lazy I mean what an attempted gotcha he's trying to project this straw man on to me maybe this is something he's wrestling with but he's trying to staple that racist idea onto me and then ask me to confirm it I've never said black people are lazy I've definitely never said they're inherently lazy I don't even know why you brought that up as far as dangerous I mean I'd break it down like this how would you know that a group of people is dangerous how look at the stats doesn't mean all but it means that yeah there are trends so who's more dangerous when it comes to violent crime men or women men we cool with that everybody understand that apply the same logic to a racial breakdown of crimes and there's your answer and as far as inherently that somehow is a sticking point with these people they're like was I born this way is there any changing it are you saying we're doomed who gives a shit that anything's inherently away my concern is what is happening who is doing what and with what frequency that is the paramount concern if you want to move the conversation to how could we improve I mean in order to improve you'd have to know why why is this one thing happening and I can tell you right now it has nothing to do with racism or white privilege if you want any evidence of that look outside the United States there are black people in many other countries why don't you go crunch those numbers when it comes to crime when it comes to education or when it comes to overall success in life go through all the African countries go through the Caribbean it's not all bad I mean there are pockets of success and you can learn from those but briefly speaking when it comes to why are people more dangerous or wire men more dangerous it's testosterone and studies show that blacks on average have more testosterone than white people so the same logic that tells you men are more dangerous than women ask yourself this why are you okay when I explained it in those terms when it comes to genders and then you freak when I talk about race and then the other thing is IQ and the bell curve and people can deny that all they want or they can look at the writing on the wall and understand that there are differences and that IQ is of massive importance I might do a video on chess chess who are the grandmasters of this world there are thousands of them but it is a limited number do you know out of all the grandmasters in the world how many are black right now alive two – one of them's American Maurice anyway yeah he says this is the reason why many of us are not successful in America huh no you being dangerous first of all if you commit crimes and go to jail and then you fuck your life yeah you're not gonna be successful in America if you're lazy for that matter that applies to anybody I mean if there are stoner white dudes out there who are doing nothing with their loves their gaming and fapping so here's what I would suggest to you and he says thanks somewhat of a fan great you keep talking about we them you us you know it's very divisive what if here's a thought experiment what if your definition of we extended beyond race what if we was a national thing what if we was a language thing or a cultural thing or we the fans of this team we the fans of stranger things we the fans of this artist I mean the really Zen level of this is we human beings or not fuck it sorry shout out to the vegans we living organisms on the planet so just try to think about extending your definition of what you consider we to go beyond this ridiculous primitive tribalistic division that we now refer to as race because there are connections that can be made there are things that unify us and you stop spending your time thinking about all the divisions you might begin to see some of them [Applause] you

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  1. Hey Devon, big fan and generally agree with everything in the video. I usually look up a lot of stats throughout the videos to investigate the actual numbers myself. I could not find articles confirming the high testosterone in blacks. I did find an older study from 1992 that hinted to your findings (only abstract) but there were two more recent studies that could not find a difference. What are the stats you are going off for that conclusion?

  2. So do all the poor white Americans living paycheck to paycheck without a car and living in a single wide trailer have "white privilege"??? I wonder if Ophra,Jay Z, Beyonce,and all of the other rich black Billionaires in America think about "white privilege" and care about all the dirt poor white Americans or even black Americans?? What about the NFL,NBA and MLB players who make $Million$ annually.. There are more blacks playing these sports then whites or even Hispanics. White Privilege??YA RIGHT GIVE ME A BREAK!!

  3. If whites have no privilege amongst whites, what is :
    Scandinavian, Teutonic, Franc / British, Scotch / Irish, Portuguese / Spanish , Greek?
    No one gives a shit if you're 6'3 or 7' 6. Until you stop radiation, bullets or Bioweapons, you're just a potential victim. Be as white as you wanna be, but do it honestly. You fucking Jew.

  4. Devon, if you’re ever in Seattle hit me up! Get in contact with me through

    I’ve been a professional DJ for 15 years and a Video DJ for 10. You’re obviously a very artistically talented guy who’s had a lot of training. It wouldn’t surprise me if you already knew how to use turntables, but if not and you wanted to learn how to do what you do with videos in real-time, hit me up. I’ve also amassed a 4TB HD music video collection that I’ve meticulously named and organized.

  5. Devon, you continually make sense. Day after day you’re right on target with things, yet you keep calling yourself a Liberal. Why do you hold on to that moniker? The one thing you fail to understand is that it’s not possible to be constantly right about things and also be a Liberal. So… either you’re going to have to start being wrong by expressing Leftist opinions or finally admit that you’re a conservative…. or just ignore me lol.

    Just because you haven’t lived a poor enough life to know that welfare is BS that just gets abused and stunts people’s mental growth , doesn’t mean that if faced with reality, you wouldn’t quickly change your mind. Take it from a relatively poor person… Welfare is harmful, not helpful. More government programs mean more control over people and less freedom for decent people.

  6. Dude….a well worded and well deserved response. Exactly my feelings, which is why you are my favorite YouTube contributor. So smart, extremely intelligent, and I'd say outstandingly handsome, BUT I NEVER SEE YOU!
    How about a little eye candy for the women in your following, huh?? Would you like a pretty please?
    By the way, Howard Jones at the end! Eclectic music choices as usual, loved it❤️👍
    Ebony and Ivory did me in….😆

  7. Anytime I feel myself being pulled to some SJW nonsense way of thinking about race ….I watch an AIU video to get slapped in the face with some aggressive realism. This is great.

  8. It's funny how you mention being a white guy in a predominately black neighborhood. YOU ARE RISKING YOUR LIFE
    A black being in a predominately white neighborhood is SAFER THAN BEING IN HIS OWN NEIGHBORHOOD

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