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unless you destroyed their bags yes meet Roscoe Toby welcome back to the channel today we are playing Minecraft bad Wars double edition the crew and I have joined in a party but I think we all got split up but luckily I am with gold the Builder and I am with looters with rainbow and oh that means the scariest ones oh I'm with that's irons underscore I see and they said they would rush so I'm just gonna sit back cold make sure to keep our bed protected I don't want it to be destroyed so did I know today is going to be very very lazy's or anything oh there's nothing on your Oh always see their bed I'm gonna go break it okay they see me they see me no it's just a panda don't don't worry it's just a panda okay no I don't think I need your help yet Gold I'm just gonna go for their bed oh oh no it's peppered white bed has just got destroyed you guys nobody muesli useless hitting unless you destroy their bed yes girls carry me traffic oh don't kill me drop it and drop it and I just saw someone take that you did not take my diamonds yes we are great wait no no we're kind whether we're the purple one don't why gold why what can we get with two diamonds technically nothing what's the point you know I'm putting it in the Chester we're going to put the diamond in the chest we're gonna collect more wool and go break some more beds actually we should be honestly super careful because this is open oh nice I go I just fell off I fell off with my iron sword man that what that was so dumb of me we're going to upgrade our armor right now to ayran armor gold thank you for sharing this I'll leave the rest in the chest for you welcome you got so much lip from that team yeah all right so let's get some utilities let's get a bunch of golden apples and hide them in here and builds on to the next island is anyone after us it doesn't look like it nope the coast is clear alrighty I'm making my way – no one's on emeralds you just go no you are not on my team who is you later no no I don't want to see you there please you are not invited rainbow we should fight yellow tea oh there's so much no there's one that's better than nothing there's so much emerald on this island is to to whole and bad should I break who is attached this jump into jumping it over this and let's see I see pink is that team cotton candy that must be lunar and rainbows don't come after me hahaha you wish okay we can save up for the best armor right now hopefully no one jumps over here and murders made six nice nice nice six and let's grab the last one and go upgrade to Diamond armor we are upgrading to diamonds are my gold I leave me some animals in here for you just in case we collect some more yes Golden Apple for safety it's time to go destroy everybody prepare actually I should get pickaxe let's see let's get a twenty a stone pickaxe for twenty ayran do we got three iron has been eliminated yes I think I need twenty Drago are you team yellow no let's go for team yellow team yellow you shall destroy from bombs you guys gonna go team yellow I'm going to yell – yeah I see I see let's all go there yes and we shall I kill each other at one time yes yes why do we sound so suspicious I don't kill each other anything yes bring pie yeah why would we kill each other is that Rocco's team is that javis team I'm actually playing extremely rainbow they're coming for our tent Oh No a bed cannot get destroyed are they are they dead thank you I just was all the stop ah no rip rip rip okay we gotta get it back aqua Bette has just got destroyed Yahoo does kill young girl I rainbow yeah gold I'm going for yellow they're destroying everyone lunar alrighty I think they see me they do see me okay that's kind of scary we're gonna build up a little bit hopefully they do not have a fireball cuz that would ruin me we're going straight for their best secretly avenge me I will avenge you take Drago are you gonna head for them no Carrie they kind of scary okay we're gonna I'm actually just like not doing anything damn diamond swords they're actually quite scary which is going to cover this up go get him get him I'm gonna get these guys Evie okay they're gonna get our bad no okay it's too late to turn back it's too late we're going for they fed we have stuff ready all they're doing is looking at me so hopefully they will get distracted by somebody else and I will jump on them but right now it is not a good time to jumpity on them because we're gonna die we have a lot of stuff at stake no no I feel like you should defend our venom I'm quite scared they blew me up it's too hard Krakow can you drag oh please do something what does I just wanna lay on my bed it's such a potato today all he's doing is nothing the only way to break through these guys beds they seem way too hardcore is to blow it up we're going to blow it up and ruin you got TT awesome thank you for tea and tea thank you so much appreciate appreciate it let's go no more fooling around their bed is dead it's serious it is serious time they both had diamond armor they have pwned me there's super hardcore defending their bed though only they're not you bet Yago not leaving oh they're leaving they're leaving let's get it let's get it let's get it I did something stupid hey funny maybe if you offer Drago some food maybe he'll help you like we'll have food for you yes we destroyed it gold it's time it's time to avenge me buddy I will avenge you they their armor super-powerful though so they're kind of scaring me they're actually very scary but oh those people they're super strong I am going to go kill shim shim slush it looks like they have an enchanted sword Oh cold that's what we forgot to do we forgot to enchant our Thoth stuff so a week so we all lit a little bit weak just a little bit do they see me go winter one of yellow members already died funny really yes nice okay where's this last dude are you sharing all that way too far from you know goals get four types for long bunny look who is it okay oh no I see them gold post enough for bed is that you drag temple no no no no because I'm over here jump jump jump they're going to destroy our bet it is is it blue couch no it's purple it's portrayed grace oh great enemies great great event you betrayed us they even they don't even have protection oh oh oh Green bad my funny destroy the red buddy I'll avenge you oh yeah no no this is when we run the chasing me oh god okay these are people in this bed purple it struck Drago hey don't do that don't do that Drago I'm going to go kill the people who murdered my bed okay leave me alone yeah that's right right there my sitting tactical hallways oh no this is not good this is not good I see them loud and clear I don't know why I'm though I'm I'm kind of mortified Drago kill them I know we're not letting out I thank you that that's crossed even when I crossed evening I just said kill them you just don't like them so you know I shoot them armor that's pretty scary oh no oh no let's grab some apples you can't go wrong without these guys always eat them remember to eat your golden apples are they coming I was literally for the past 10 minutes upgrading all my stuff and I found go I love and she funny you go just a veggie be you upgraded so much it's true I was saving it for the finale but I'm dead I'm so sorry guys we need to replay this I'm gonna go faster though killed hey wait he's almost dead dude he's signing at the Tobias for Holden Apple well he sees fast he's fast he's going he's going for your bed look at the pink guy he's like okay Drock will be shooting people off careful bow is that knock-back ball I think it's the most powerful knock-back bow it doesn't look very good dude dude you got a doodoo Kodaka oh he knows he knows your game those who talk dry well Jocko Chuck he's gonna flip you flip you go Charles scream whoa he just jumped really high no I literally can't hit him Oh your teammates helping you by shooting a mousetrap oh all this dude is so crazy Drock who is running head to head go go go look at the auto shop oh nice no you have his wax turned oh he's running at your door oh no oh my god wow GG that that was good technically he was the new because he fell off so yeah now we are playing bad boys solo today we're just being crazy you know why you gotta touch my bed cuz I'm scared I honestly I'm just gonna charge out you guys me too I'm just gonna smack my hands yep Vic gets ready Oh gets to match sure Makani Deputy death okay let's slow this bad thing about playing solo the spawner is insanely slow but when you play anything like 4v4 it's so fast okay let's get wool and protect our bed wait what's the point uh wole to protect the bed anyway you know what we're still gonna protect it here we go here we go protect protection protect an attack protec attack I agree with you rainbow I'm not gonna tell them what I'm doing though just because I don't want you guys to listen well why would you say that now we're gonna do what you do me no no no so what color are you just wondering blue for rainbow golden rag you cheated you know I can see it well okay what try attacking up my bed buddy I will attack you feet rapid let's grab some a lot of wool and start looting everyone stuff this is going to so much subscriber in your hai subscriber hopefully you're a wolf gamer I laughs hello don't kill us we are innocent okay let's go let's go garbage time to kill you please and attack okay we have a stuff all right we have enough stuff to travel onto another bed hopefully no one goes for my bed because you know it is the gray one these both of these islands look safe Luna's pinkeye lunar funny good gold move over I'm going this time kill you just come down to your gold no wait what is she oh she's missing I'm not playing this game with you she's gonna bust my bed you know what we're going why do I keep falling today something is wrong with my keyboard guys I swear it's not because I suck something is wrong with my keyboard Gold is terrifyingly building to my bed hi whoo she's still gonna get you buddy doesn't you get for killing her first I was so scared I'm so scared do you surrender okay I am actually so scared right now she is totally going to kill ya I'm sorry it's a Canadian sorry I'm actually sorry sorry sorry she doesn't mean it go really oh you know I need to do this faster I'm not playing as safe I'm going I'm out for blood I promised you guys I'm out for blood so let's go hmm I smell some tasty that was so funny okay solo upgrades solo upgrades please please please all we need time is for everything that was so funny I'm so sorry we have t1 t1 t + t4 hub yeah bad it's a cake alright Luna is being very creative of how she's building her bed but Luna that is not the point we're going to destroy you there's so much diamonds on this bed okay moving on to our next play well um that was too easy you guys gotta go harder vengeance on them more people more people oh wait that's one of us subscribers by subscriber time endeavour would you do that because I told you I am out for blind Oh funny keep losing kept losing that bad word so now now I'm out for blood okay let's go let's go hopefully they don't see me I don't know why you guys didn't destroy my bed yet no oh they see me they see me hi hi girl she's like come here funny let me kill you no no no oh this is a race it is a race to explode her bed alright let's do this I'll add a lot of wool actually I could do this all day all day all night hopefully you do not have something scary like a bow or a fire charge nope nope nope nope nope nope hi girl look what I got look no I don't wanna use it on her yes oh she's trying oh she's trying to jump me no no we are not doing this game this oh she's trying to jump me she's trying to jump me oh that was good that was good I gotta say I gotta give you points but she's like XD nonono get rekt okay I gotta say I'm gonna give it to her for that one I did can't read it but no more I'm gonna go talk to someone no more nice funny nope no more nice funny let's some more teensy and it's practically it that's all you get I'm going to destroy your bed whoa trap destroyed drag a wire why did you bake it destroyed wait my bag are destroyed No oh nice nice okay we're going for their bed that girl I think she's stuck up there so we're gonna go for it right now hopefully please don't push me off again you pro to prote for me let this little tiny pleb make the way just destroyed about Oh Jackie you Savage that was my cue track oh I died why dracco why okay let's watch some stuff around solo upgrades what else can we get we need Drago why bad what you try to murder me I'm trying to murder you what does it look like I'm doing well you can't murder me if I'm all the way up here okay which color are you I think you were blue I saw blue – blue team I know you don't funny I'm a faster runner I was made for this unless I see lunar that I'm gonna poop my pants but I was made for this jacket Luna Luna Luna where are you lunar I'm a lone wolf aha continue continue are you getting to me right now no I'm just wiggling to throw you off I'm scared what is funny I killed you that's right get your bed don't please please don't break my bed that's gonna that girls still have arrows she's like terrifying surprise how they died oh the only people left in this game are lunar and dracco hello goals and Rainbow have died by the hands of me yes but the wrath and now they will die bye funny again you will all die please spare me I'm just I don't know what I'm doing that's true lunar actually doesn't play bad words a lot so I'm not gonna attack her first Wow you're welcome I will save the most newbies for the nest just begun won't attack her but I know honestly this is our like first time playing solo bed words anyway so this is it's all of our first time so we're all I hope you like the cliff oh thanks for the emerald dude Rocco choco choco how do you have a diamond hat give me give me the hat I have a diamond hat no this is the Hat color oh man it makes me scared though asking for a friend Rocco what do you have protecting your bed cuz I'm asking for a friend no one can even get to the side wait what did you just oh that's cuz I built everything from the sky what is the sky tower oh hey funny I see you can find my sky tower you can find my home Oh Rocco you're making this way too hard to kill you accept your death just take it with my iron sword hey you have a diamond sword yeah oh you do how about we play an extra hard corn I give out the colours of your teeth because I'm saying where is he so I could murder him oh you mean you're gonna give the chords and where he is he's got his face are you yeah oh my god there's nothing protecting his bed Lerner let's go I'm kidding bad Rocco tintin tintin tintin tintin oh I just fell off of there what are you doing funny nothing I'm doing nothing don't mind me I'm just over here minding my own business don't mind me just a regular person minding their own business like literally are you coming over no how paranoid are you funny how that tastes oh the bowl of me shooting the slowest game ever played in boys everyone slower than this I see you okay what did you just say something Jack oh I see you know you don't even know who I am yes I do the slow unser Drac oh you know I'm going to the Emerald Island because you are being a pig so whatever you're yelling you're like hogging everything so I'm just gonna go to the Emerald Island what am i hogging I haven't even touched a dime in this whole round are you sure you didn't know I did in I mean you unless it was from killing you and yes I did you're such a hog draft Oh such a hog Luna Luna we've just managed a bed I didn't burn it you better watch out why don't you jump static – oh I'll scream alright so jock oh is that good I saw my bed up surprisingly I don't know why you guys are going for my bed no I said they weren't winners go into your bed right now he's like my dog Baxter chuckle why didn't you dive from her that was scary when you pulled out the knob box get it stick there got me battle and then she murdered him all right Luna just just to give you a heads up you should buy a golden apple and eat it before I mind you because I'm gonna murder you Hey doh why did you wreck my cake why balloon here we eat the bone eat the music bow Luna any last words to happy Ellis would you come you can't wait to die with your biscuit I'm scared okay you know how to fooling around I'm actually just gonna go kill her bed I've got I already destroyed my bed but it turns out no one has destroyed her bed attract what not you killed him no she's not back sick I'm not you straight out of the map yeah she like knocked me back to my Luna I thought you woman knew but your group you were clearly lying you played by yeah no don't drop the innocent act right now prepare to die girl we are building tonight we're building to Lunas I'll I gotta get off here get off my diamond I'm quite like you know you could she doesn't know how to find someone who has invisibility right do you mean I all like she can find visibility potion she can't detect you because she doesn't know what to look at yes good job guys GG we hope you guys enjoyed today's Abed Wars video it was a lot different than our other bad words and if you did make sure to grab a sub and smash the like button down below because I wanna go hahaha we have to go back to our day job as selling subs in this server and anyways we're trying to reach eight thousand likes for Minecraft bad wars click that like button if you did enjoy this bad worse and don't forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven't already and we are opening our first subway shop see you guys all in the next one bye guys

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  2. Did you notice Draco said Funneh was grey, but when Funneh broke Golds bed she said Funneh was grey and everyone was surprised?

  3. you funneh said to destroy yellow but im eating yellow candy so im eating yellow team to destroy them!

  4. Funneh can u do a challenge in bed wars like do not talk be solo and dont destroy others bed just camp

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