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[#AllTimePick] (ENG/SPA/IND) K-POP Band Makes BIG Accident on Debut | #ShutUpFlowerBoyBand | #Diggle

♪ I can’t see whether
it is a green or red light ♪ (Bongsin’s CreatorPick:
Debut Stage Accidents) ♪ I don’t need anything ♪ ♪ My heart is ♪
(The guitar line is out) ♪ just racing for you ♪
(panic) ♪ My love ♪
(Throws away one drumstick) ♪ I’ll just run to you ♪
(Complete chaos) ♪ I’ll run to you without hesitation ♪ (Quietly) (Ma Dong Seok LOL) (Hyeong, what are you doing here) (Distracts the audience by kneeling) At least they aren’t scared (They did pull out a guitar line
and throw away a stick though) ♪ My love ♪
(But a nice ending) Hello, our guest today is the rising star
(The newbie Eye Candy’s first talkshow) Eye Candy! Nice to meet you~ Hello~
(Their greetings are all separate LOL) Have you guys started to feel
the impact of your popularity? Not really… I think it is because we only stay inside
(Saved by Infinite L (Kim Myeong Soo)) that we don’t really feel it
(Saved by Infinite L (Kim Myeong Soo)) Ah, is that so?
(Barely over the first hill) Can you explain to the audience what kind of music Eye Candy produces? You’ll understand when you listen
(So chic) (This is a disaster) (Being a reporter and manager is a difficult job)
I know that your debut is this weekend but what kind of performance
do you have planned? (I-don’t-care face) We just do what we do (LOL) (The last struggle)
Kim Ye Rim revealed that she was a fan Ah Ye Rim?
(Can’t hide that smile) I’m so tgrateful (He doesn’t hide his feelings LOL)
Her heart is as pretty as her face (Will he get caught?)
Oh, is she your celebrity crush? (Gets caught straight away)
You can sort of say that (The questions that newbies always get)
Are there any idols that you want to date? (He was the leader LOL)
Can we begin with the leader, Ji Hyeok? (A consistent concept)
I don’t have any (A consistent concept) (Slowly getting angry)
How about Do Il? (The last hope) I don’t really have any either (A complete disaster)
For me Do you know the rapper Tiger? His sister-in-law
I really like her Put your hands up
(So happy) Do you want me to tell you? Yes, it’s Lee Hyun Soo, the famous
guitarist Maybe a different question… Will you put on
a fancy guitar performance this time too?

Cesar Sullivan

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