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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Apa Yang Kita Nampak & Tahu, Tak Semestinya Betul

What were you saying? What did you say? Eh you’re purposely looking for trouble with me, right?! Hah?! It hurts, right?! Patience Arif. I am sorry. Patience your head! Mom, it hurts! It hurts, huh?! Call mom! Now sir. I want justice for my son. He is a boy who is the kindest of men! Never has he attacked other people! But look at this, his eyes are red like this! Do the teachers in this school not monitor their students? Now, what about my son? Patience Mrs. Hana, patience. We can talk this out. Easy for you to tell me to be patient. Considering how you do your work. Right now, I don’t care. If this kid does not get penalized.. I’m determined to summon the school, can I? Arif. Were you the one beat Adli up? That’s right sir. Why did you beat Adli up? Oh you do not want to say anything, huh. That’s okay. After this, follow me to the police station. Now who sent this WhatsApp video? Mrs. Hana. Looks like I already know who is at fault in this case. Who? Hurry, tell us. Arif is innocent in this case. Your son is guilty. Eh, sir. There is no way my son is in the wrong. You can see the bruises here. And he’s in the wrong? I have proof. Proof? Show me. Really? My son wouldn’t do anything like this. Hoi Arif! Do my homework now. Make sure it’s done by tomorrow and on my table! This.. Too! Adli. We study together. Go to the same class. Can you not learn how to do it by yourselves? Hey, you just do it! You talk too much.. You.. For as long as I’ve been here.. No one has ever opposed me! You just do what I tell you to! Oi stupid! Look at yourself. You’re an orphan! Answer me. Where are your parents? Huh?! Where are your parents?! Ayep. Yes, mother? Remember mother’s message. We are poor. It’s enough we’re the only poor people. Do not make life difficult for others. This burden.. Let us be the only ones responsible. Whatever the situation. Be patient. Okay mother. Answer, where are your parents?! Where are your parents?! Astaghfirullahalazim Adli, is this you in this video?! Yes mummy, that’s me. Ya Allah, why did you do this?! Why beat up your friend like this?! This is all your fault, mummy. Mummy never gave me close attention. Mummy is always busy working. Mummy is working for your sake. Not.. Ya Allah, why did you do this? Mummy, have you never thought of my future? Sir, let’s do it this way.. I.. Apologize for my son’s wrongdoing. I also.. Cannot believe that my son whom I thought to be good.. Could do something like this to his friend. Uhh, Arif, I’m very sorry. I did not think it was him who made you like this. It’s okay auntie. I also.. Do not want to argue for very long. I do not want to lengthen the story because.. I’ve already forgiven Adli and auntie. Because.. My mother gave me a message back then. Do not.. Make enemies of others, always be patient. That was back then, auntie. Now.. My mother has passed away. Because of cancer. Auntie, while you’re still healthy.. Look after Adli. Pity he could not get the attention he wanted.

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