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ASMR La tua regina ti cura le ferite 👑 ITA role-play

Oh my Lord! What happened to you? right away, you fell down here, on the floor, very much gently. Don’t move from there. us
I think of you. I’m going to get a pillow you may have something broken, you are
completely covered in blood, there I think slightly raise your head so low
flat, place it on this soft cushion very very gently,
very well here, let me check if you are okay.
look towards me what is your name
did you hit your head? Luckily, I hope it is
really so that they are simply only scratches. You are completely
covered with wounds we should treat them, but first I will clean them.
first we clean all these wounds, then we disinfect them and see if there is
something more to do, but I hope so no ok, tell me I didn’t know there was a battle today.
in fact a bear in the woods chased you. Oh, you were really very lucky.
always very risky on your part adventure in the woods alone
you could have brought your squire. no? I will clean your wounds. it is fresh, it will soothe you
burning, you risk an infection, if not the we clean. I understand your hurry well,
but this is the time to stop and just think about feeling good close your eyes
let you cool my hands yes, my touch is always delicate, I knew it fortunately you haven’t done anything
seriously, I was seriously scared in seeing you in these conditions never do it again, don’t do me anymore
take a fright like that Come on! My lord, we have so much here in the palace
servitude willing to accompany you in your walks in the woods. Some flowers? What flowers? For me? but you didn’t have to. There is no need. I just need to see you safe and sound to be
happy and not reduced in this state for de flowers, come on! you are ridiculous, a romantic ridicule you always know what to say to make me laugh, even in
a moment like this ok we are almost done we should disinfect. It will burn a little, but it’s for your own good yes, it can happen that infections though slight can cause states
feverish and I do not think the case of to risk you have a battle to carry on is
that battle must be won. For face it you must be excellent
fitness how are you now? I wish much better, I’m certainly not
the court doctor, I would have run to him if I had seen any wounds rather
serious, but it did not seem the case, to end I did very little. Really flattered. Next time do not run in the woods alone for
collect flowers. Love the adventure. this is definitely noble on the part
yours, but it wasn’t really the case, especially on the threshold of a battle
really important for our kingdom er, definitely yes. Come on,
now get up, get up from the ground, I give you a hand let’s go inside, let’s go home

Cesar Sullivan

17 thoughts on “ASMR La tua regina ti cura le ferite 👑 ITA role-play

  1. Woww sei magnifica ❤️❤️😍😍😍sembri Jasmine di Aladdin😍❤️sei bravissima cmq ti adoro❤️😍❤️😍

  2. I hope this clip gets in the eyes of Hollywood agents and you get to the blockbuster. Better performance of good Princess's image I haven't seen

  3. Ho scoperto il tuo canale da pochissimo e , mentre seguivo i tuoi consigli si capelli, ho pensato "Come vorrei che questa ragazza facesse i video ASMR, sarebbe perfetta, ha proprio il tono di voce che piace a me!" e Puff! Come una magia! Ho scoperto che fai anche gli ASMR! Fantastica! Sai fare tutto! <3

  4. Oltre alle ferite fisiche del re, con la tua sensibilità hai curato indirettamente anche qualche mia ferita interiore causata dallo dall'ansia e dal nervosismo di ogni giorno. Sapessi quanti orsi che inseguono e quante corse per scappare, quante battaglie. Poi basta la dolcezza di una principessa e tutto si calma…
    Grazie anche questa volta !!

  5. I tuoi roleplay sono sempre super creativi e poi hai davvero un aspetto regale quindi realistico al 100% 😘

  6. Dopo il primo video di role-play "la tua regina" ho voluto farne un altro… Magari ne uscirà fuori una serie. Nonostante oggi fosse il mio compleanno, mi sono impegnata a non lasciare un buco nel canale. Mi dispiace che mi stessi letteralmente sciogliendo per il caldo ed è palesemente evidente. La prossima volta farò la base trucco col fondotinta minerale 😅 Sogni dorati! ✨

  7. I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you health and happiness. I am sure that you will succeed. You're officially an adult according to the laws of Sicily?

  8. Voce delicatissima angela! fantastica davvero! sono nuovo nel mondo dell’ASMR, se ti va passa sul mio canale e poi mi saprai dire cosa ne pensi!

  9. Auguri di buon compleanno mia regina🌹! anche con il caldo la regina ne esce vittoriosa con un bel video rilassante😉!

  10. Wow, come sono contenta di aver trovato un roleplay di questa qualità. Iscritta e spero di vederne altri. Sei davvero brava nella recitazione, e mi rilassa molto la personal attention

  11. Splendido video!! Complimenti… Una roleplay request… Video versione dentista con tanto di mascherina ? 😍😍😍

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