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Basic Stretching Exercises : How to Stretch Tight Hamstrings

Hi, I’m Les Whitley, here today to talk to
you about how to stretch out those tight hamstrings. For those of you who have any kind of hamstring
issues and tightness especially in the back, you’ll notice that it may even work its way
up to the lower part of the back. In stretching any tight muscle, it’s always good to warm
that muscle up thoroughly first by increasing the blood flow such as doing things like walking
or jogging to again improve your blood flow circulation as well as warming that muscle
up so that it stretches more completely, more fully. With tight hamstrings especially, ease
into the stretches and take your time. Don’t overdo it at any time because you want to
minimize the impact of that injury or that tightness. Begin by extending the leg which
you’re going to be stretching out in front of you, using your hands to support the weight
of your upper body, pull your toe up for a little more intense stretch. Ideally moving
your chest down as oppose to leaning your head down, keeping your body in a good neutral
postural position. Push the hips back as the toe comes up, leaning your body forward. Ease
into the stretch especially if you have tightness that you feel without beginning to stretch.
Working your way up to fifteen to thirty seconds per stretch. In several bouts throughout the
day, not only in the morning, mid-day, afternoon, but before you go to bed are great time to
stretch too, ’cause what you’re doing is telling those muscles to relax. And there’s nothing
like having relax muscles before you begin your sleep cycle. Keeping idea of both sides
to improve flexibility not only in the right but on the left. You may find that you have
one side that’s tighter than the other, so you may spend a little extra time helping
to improve the flexibility of that side.

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8 thoughts on “Basic Stretching Exercises : How to Stretch Tight Hamstrings

  1. I've been stretching my hamstrings twice a week for two weeks. I couldn't even sit straight on the floor without having to lean backwards. And i wasn't able to reach father than my knees. SERIOUSLY. And after having stretched jus those few times for two weeks. I am finally able to reach my toes, and i feel a lot more flexible! yay xD

  2. Im a cheerleader, and surprising, I'm extremely unflexible. I have desperately been trying to fly again ever since my accident last year, and finally, tomorrow, I will be! One problem: I need to become more flexible. Any quick help? @expertvillage

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