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Basic Stretching Exercises : How to Stretch Your Hamstrings While Standing

Hi, I’m Les Whitley, here today to talk to
you about stretching your hamstrings while standing. I know it’s not always easy to find
a nice clean floor space to do some hamstring stretches. So here are couple ways to do it
while you’re standing. Start out with the leg extended out in front, the leg you’d be
stretching. Keep your body in a nice upright position. Use your hands for support as you
lean forward, pushing your hips away, keeping your body and again upright position, think
about moving your chest down towards the floor. To intensify the stretch, bring the toe up
a little closer to you while keeping that leg straight. Ease into the stretch, holding
for about fifteen up to thirty seconds, making sure that you stretch both sides for good
balance. Keep always to emphasize in this is maintain a good upright position and not
bending at the lower back. The stretch of the hamstring should involve movement at the
hips, keeping the back in a good neutral spine position. Again, keeping the head forward
to promote good posture as well as spinal alignment. Using your hands to support the
weight of your upper body and to intensify that stretch just think about pulling that
toe up a little bit towards you. Stretching out the hamstring is very important not only
as part of the flexibility program but a low back injury prevention program, especially
for those of you who do a lot of walking or a lot of movement in the lower body or even
a lot of sitting. It’s great to stretch the hamstrings to improve the flexibility and
minimize the chance of low back pain.

Cesar Sullivan

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