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Behind the Scenes | Giving True Damage Ekko a Voice

Hey Akali, you ready for this? Hi I’m Michael Luo, the writer for True Damage
Ekko here with rapper Thutmose. ‘Sup? We’re here chatting about his work as the
voice for True Damage Ekko. I combine time and rhyme like a mastermind. What was it like working on this project? What first appealed to you about it? It just was doing something different than I’m accustomed
to. Something I’ve never done before. I always wanted to get into acting and this
is kinda in that realm. Voicing over a character is so cool, to actually
try it out for the first time. So I think that really excited me about the
process, and also Ekko’s story is really dope. How was your experience doing voice acting? How
is it compared to being in the studio and making music? Very similar, surprisingly, ‘cuz a lot of
times when it comes to music, it’s not what you’re saying, it’s how you’re saying it. It’s like a delivery – if you’re trying to
be a little more emotional, you usually use a certain kind of tone. Or if I’m trying to be a little aggressive,
I gotta go in there and like growl or do crazy stuff. So voiceover is just trying to tap into the
emotions, some of the actions or just kinda like the bragadocious kind of stuff – it’s
very similar approach and execution. You ain’t nothin’ but dirt on my shoulder. We loved how you brought your own personal
flavor and brought his character to life, so is there anything specific that you latched
onto in Ekko’s story that allowed you to do that? Besides him being a genius? I know his story is he grew up in like a very
tough place and was able to make the most out of everything he had, you know, and I
think it’s a very relatable story. For someone like me who comes from Nigeria and grew up in
Brooklyn, and I’ve always been like into computers and like – I used to study computers back
in school. So there’s a lot about him, about his story,
that seems very relatable to me and it also, I think, can relate to a lot of other kids
like around the city. They’re just not as privileged but still come
up with amazing stuff. Hahaha, got ’em! We’ve always wanted Ekko, especially in this
version of him… You know, he’s a prodigy, he’s talented, but he
kinda realizes he has a lot of hard work to do to get to the top, but he knows he can
get there. Yeah, exactly. The number one thing you always need to have
as an artist is self belief, in yourself before anything else. Because like if you don’t believe in yourself,
who’s gonna believe in you? For sure. It makes it really hard to wake up every day
and keep doing what you have to do. For me, I look at life with the glass half
full, kinda like try to keep it positive and just believe in myself, you know? For me, this is one of the coolest things
I’ve had the chance to work on at Riot. Like being a hip hop fan most of my life,
like a lot of kids growing up I had notebooks filled with like rhymes and stuff and maybe
you’d freestyle during passing periods and things like that, but it has been an incredible
experience to actually be able to write for a professional rapper like yourself. At the end of the day, you know, when we create,
we create for ourselves, but ultimately for like everybody else to consume it. So the end goal is to try to make sure everybody
could enjoy it. I think players will love your voice in the
game. Ey, I’m looking forward to hearing my voice. This will be something special. It hasn’t fully set in yet but I think, once
I see it, in the grand scheme of it, by the end goal, end of the day, it’s gonna be really
sick. With this being your first time doing VO – and
we’re so lucky to have you – would you want to do something like this more in the future? Yeah absolutely. Like I’m for sure doing more stuff like this. This is an amazing opportunity, being able
to be a part of something so cool and to be able to like curate the experience for gamers. I loved the entire experience and for sure
I want to do it again.

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80 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes | Giving True Damage Ekko a Voice

  1. I wonder if it will be translated to other languages or if it will be only in english, because I have the game in my native language and I am very scared of it xd.

  2. Gotta say, I like this way riot took with true dmg ekko, not to mention they introduced me to a new artist to look up.

  3. Would be awesome if he could voice Ekko in the upcoming animated series as well. He seems very passionate about voiceacting 🙂

  4. I love thutmose but i just dont get why you choose american singer like thutmose or duckwrith while u could have taken singer from some europeen country to make a band with a french, a spanish, a english ec. We are in eu not in na right now

  5. This is the first time I instantly planned to buy a legenday skin… (True Damage Ekko)

    I saw the news and I said, "I'm gonna buy this!"

  6. They really should have replaced all his lines, I absolutely hate the fact it goes from the guy's voice to original ekko. plz fix.

  7. fuck, is that why it sounds weird? I wish my boy had his original voice actor for the legendary skin. It's disappointing to not hear the guy I've grown attached to for years.

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