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Domestic Violence and Abuse


the following program is a production of male on TV Aloha I'm Karen Elson on this episode of hawaii no a kakoi we highlight the big island substance abuse council often called by sac founded in nineteen sixty four as the Big Island Committee on alcoholism the Big Island substance abuse council is today an important resource for people fighting to get clean and sober or fighting to stay clean and sober by sac has to outpatient treatment centers one in Hilo and one in cala Kokua and an administrative office in keaau in addition in hilo by sac has therapeutic living homes to four men and one for pregnant women or mothers with children and children and to clean and sober homes for men and women by sex mission is inspiring others to reclaim and enrich their lives by utilizing innovative resources and harnessing the strengths within each person here we present the Big Island substance abuse Council nonprofit you know I come I we go fake no way come my name is dr. Hannah Preston pizza I have been with the Big Island substance abuse Council for about five years and prior to working with by sac aya was actually one of the board of directors so the Big Island substance abuse Council is a non-profit agency we've been in existence for about fifty three years since nineteen sixty four and the individuals that run by sac is actually so my bosses are actually the board of directors so we have several prominent board of director members that will provide oversight of operations make the bigger decisions that I'm not able to do and really help provide me with support in and meeting the mission and the vision as well I think for us with addiction it's not really something where people are open to you know when you hear the word addiction or you hear hear attics you know the stereotype that goes along with it is very negative and so for us the biggest thing was saying that you know it could be your family member people with addiction could could be your neighbor could be your your sister could be your significant other the face of addiction is is someone that's you know just like us you don't know so for for us it was a matter of giving it a more positive twist and saying that you know this is addiction every everybody's somehow either indirectly or directly impacted by it and it's treatable I always have somebody telling me how amazing it is to see where I've come from to where I am now I'm not the same person like they don't even know me you know like if they knew me three years ago I'd have to reintroduce myself because it's a 360 turn around like totally a different person and they're so proud of me you know they would have never thought that I would have did the GD thing and the college king and the job thing you know but and it's coming from treatment you know you're going to treatment fresh and raw you know off the street and when you come out it's like even even like you're thinking you're thinking changes you're speaking changes you know and they can they can see that they can see that so i always get commented on how proud of me my friends are especially my family my family cannot believe they just are wowed where i'm at now because it was never expected of me is expected of me to just continue doing what I was doing yeah and either end up in prison or dead so for them to see me like this now is um they cry you know they cry when I have like um when I reach the goals or accomplishments even the smallest ones you know it's like a big thing for them because it's it's important for me know yeah and they see that like I found something that I'm passionate about is staying sober and being there for the next generation yeah and letting them know that that it's not normal you know the way that we were raised to drink and drug and all that so I grew up thinking it was normal so what I want to do is teach the younger ones that it's not normal you know it's not something that they have to inherit not from me i would say every sunday is when i found out that i'm grateful me and my oldest daughter we go to church together and for her mom sorry let's go I put her through a lot and now to have the relationship that we have is um man it's great oh I talked with her I have a good relationship um I'm more consistent that I've ever been so she she said she's about me it makes me happy um no I couldn't I don't think it could have done it without the help of these guys at one point she told me she didn't want to talk to me you know I'm a father of four but the oldest ones been through it all the bad stuff that I used to do and man like I'm not from Hawaii I'm from California originally and I've done bad things since I was a kid that was doing drugs my whole life since I was probably 9 years old so about 24 years of usage and never once tried to recover and that that's just reaching your bottom that's how everybody and addictions going to know that when you reach your bottom you lost the people that you love they don't want to talk to you or when you call them they ignore your calls there every time that you're calling your family just because you want money you know so that you can feed your addiction it's just you know you've reached a point when you can't stay clean on the street you're looking for a place to to take a shower in the middle of the night in a cold shower and just thankful that you have that then you know you've reached a point in your life where something's got to change told me would it enough ever have had what I have today life is good life is good now I'm a lot happier and I feel positive every day I'm motivated I can set goals and I can achieve them replace them with new ones and make good things happen I stay in service within my meetings in the community trying to do positive things with by sac I've had an opportunity to speak to troubled youth that are dealing with addiction and get them familiarized with it a little bit man and try and teach them the skills that I've learned since I've been here and I got two jobs today I can pay my bills consistently which is it's really a good feeling I always get food to eat and the clean shower I'm just I'm just really happy with it the root of our mission statement is basically reclaiming lies by inspiring some positive changes so within the community what we would like to attempt to do is is change individuals lives by teaching them healthier lifestyles building skills and learning alternatives to their normal addictive behaviors my name is Jeremy I been in by sac since sep tember 2015 I came because I was a struggling with addiction alcoholism stuff like that 24 years of addiction that i was doing with i never attempted recovery before I wasn't comfortable with it maybe just not ready when I came to buy sac I wanted better things for my life you know I wanted to have a relationship with my kids that was positive again I wanted to be respected and trusted by my family and by sac really helped me with that when I say that I mean it like they gave me the tools that I needed to realize that I was an addict how to deal with my addiction and what to stay away from so yeah I was I used to take a lot of pride in being that because that's what I felt I was good that's the only thing that I was good at that was being naughty or but I'm my sock helped me by helping me change my thinking they are helping me change that belief that I couldn't do anything right yeah by side gave me the cognitive behavioral change all that stuff like the tools that I needed to change my negative core beliefs yeah they helped me find support in the community not just with them but they helped us they helped me reach out to other people like pillars in our community who's been through everything that we've gone through yeah by sac my sock is a full of a lot of good people I still have friends from when I started treatment there the counselors I really like i really like attached myself to a few of the counselors that they had there because they're amazing people they are and they have they have so much fun for us yeah and they don't ever let you like forget that yeah def they they followed me after treatment like they still check up on me and they still like they came to like um I graduated drug court recently and they came there I would like gave me a bunch of ladies and like super so proud of me you know and by stuck I love by Sokka I love about Zach they gave me to help me find who I was because I had no idea who I was when I first started there but they helped me find me and the person that I antedated help they helped give me a strong foundation for that like to build on yeah so the way that we help individuals who have either come through our program or currently in recovery is we do provide support so the great thing about people in recovery is that they continue to be in recovery because they are connected with individuals that are struggling that are able that they're able to share and mentor individuals that are going through some of the similar problems they have gone through so it's just a matter of being involved they come out and volunteer at our events that we normally have sometimes they come back and they work for us so we have several people that are on staff that have come through our program that are in recovery and really see it as a way of giving back to individuals that they were once like some of the things that we learn them by sac are to stay away from even those people that we love that our family that could be a bad influence on us at the time even though we want to be near them they teach us to try and stay away from those groups of people and all that comes with is being consistent and being plugged in having a good program I go to a a meetings and NA meetings which bisects started me off on doing the more you go to those meetings you know you're going to be sober for that hour that you're there so the more meetings you make make it two in a day a week a month you know you're going to be sober for that time so that's that's really good and also I can call up any of the counselors at any time that I want and and tell them from having any urges or problems or how to deal with certain things and even though I've graduated they'll still you know they'll still respond to my calls they'll call me back and and let me know you know will come in and we'll have a sit down and we'll talk about things they're really good people I've been asked if I wanted to come back and work there yeah not too sure if I want to do that just yet but I'm not too sure about what I want to do at all you know I'm in college and doing that thing but I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up you know so um kind of in the fence with that by sac impacts my life in a positive way just by seeing the people that go to treatment and watching them change yeah because it's the same process that I went through so it's really cool and like some of the people i know you know and they're people that I wouldn't have never thought would have given it a try but they are and they like it and that's that's how I know that it works yeah that's how I know that it's possible for people to change no matter how bad you think your life is you can change with the right people in your life and the right programs and the right you know the right lessons and just the lectures and and they also like I think it helps because by sac also wants to doesn't want to just cram a bunch of things on your throat you know what they want to hear from you because everybody's um journey is different yeah so it's like they'll ask you yeah how do you feel about this or you know um what happened when this happened to you you and so everybody gets to share their own experience and be heard yeah and that's how that's how by sac impacts my life now is watching other clients succeed like really succeeds you know from coming from nowhere to like actually being like contributing members of this community yeah I'm still going to buy a sack I speak to the counselors and I do some therapy sessions with them they're just a great silver support network they set you up with people that care you know they're compassionate and their workers really have a lot of experience in their field they're really knowledgeable about it they help you learn about yourself and why you're doing the things you're doing during your addiction they help bring families closer together sometimes they'll have classes with your family they'll bring them in and you just it's just a chance to redeem yourself and it's always positive you know we do all kinds of fun things out in the community to get back out there and just be motivated in life and and and be willing to get our lives back so for bisect for individuals that are requiring help it's as simple as calling our our line 80 89 6 99 99 for or visiting our website w WB is a sea org I'm very simple with getting that help and all you need is basically I need some help you know can you help me out and we would be willing to help I got discharged from by sac once before but it was very short period of time yeah it was like within a year I started treatment and I wasn't ready yeah I wasn't ready yet so I got discharged um but what happened was all my friends started going to prison and then they felt they found my um friend dead on staying back highway yeah and we're really close and that kind of that kind of changed everything for me you know because I was supposed to be with him that night you know he was actually on his way to come and pick me up and he never showed and then two months later they reported a missing or you know had a big thing and then January of 2013 they found him dead on scene back highways so that was like a big thing for me you know 2013 I got sober January 31st 2013 and I've been sober since then yeah so that it was either prison or guy and I chose to live yeah yeah I had always been a hard worker in my life so I had things like I had houses and cars and everything in my addiction I had lost everything I found myself to the point to where i was living in a bush inside of a tent at a state park and the only thing i was doing to feed my addiction was doing that was stealing things or i was selling drugs at one point my life had just gotten so bad I couldn't stay clean my body my physical appearance you know was terrible I'd been to the hospital many times because he couldn't stay clean that was homeless and then having my kids it was a shameful you know to be out there just so many low points and some of the things that I had done and I'm ashamed of it just really brought me to a place I don't want to be but the positive side of it is that you know coming to buy sack you know they help you you know you learn to forgive yourself and the things that they teach you you actually learn more about yourself why you're feeling the way you're feeling and how to be responsible in life again you know it's just really awesome yeah you so there there is a couple of things that by sac has managed to do in the last four years since I've been here and one of the things that we're very proud of is that last year we started doing our training program but it's actually an expansion of our mental health services so not only are people dealing with addiction but they're also dealing with other issues that impact addiction or impact other parts of their lives so we do have a program that addresses other issues another program that we have that we're very proud of is our vocational training tracks where clients are provided with training on the job training and exposure to life's dreams and interests and goals that they're able to learn hands-on here and gardening things like culinary I'm clerical maintenance so all of these tracks are made available to our clients and so that they're able to gain marketable skills and when they leave our program they can actually find employment my name is Willard Lee all the everybody calls me Willie and I've been clean now since Christmas 1997 so we coming up on 20 years I struggled with addiction in my past and I think you know it's it's a tough road so I know how these these guys in the program are going through you know and when I got hired as the culinary vocational instructor here at by sac I thought it was a killing two birds with one stone you know I get to do my passion which is cooking and I get to help someone who pretty much came from the same place that I did you know and PE who's it in the truck now um he's our first that's come through the program and has actually volunteered um it's kind of been a blessing for me it kind of reminds me of where I came from you know and he's real positive um he catches on real quick you know so it's been a blessing isuzu it's awesome it's something that I like to do so and it's open a lot of doors for some of the other people in the bicep program that's willing to want to help and understand what this program is about and I recommend this to a lot of people in the bicep program to come and check it out and help she's a really good teacher he's positively open-minded you we need to teach if you willing to learn but this is that making honest living it's a big thing for me because I was I'm a carpenter by trade but I love to cook cooking is my background to I like to cook and I like to learn how to do better think so so when I feed the people they're more happy then I know they're happy when they were walking out then they're not mad because the food taster so I like to learn I'm a fast learner very experienced in learning um p is the first one I've been employed by by sac now for about three months so we've kind of you know just starting to get our feet wet you know and it's been it's been a blessing to be helping these guys so hopefully there's more that you know interested in learning other cook because I whatever I have I'm willing to give it you know I think as far as the cooking program what I like is that um I got to create my own menu you know um we get to meet a lot of different people you know growing out into the street the cause of the truck you know it's just not just it's not for profit you know it's to give back through to all people like PE and stuff like that so that they can come true and hopefully give another person a chance but um as far as cooking goes I love to cook you know I love to create dishes and I think the best part about it is watching people or getting response from people and saying how much they really liked the food and also i'm really happy here you know to be honest with you guys i'm hoping this is my last job so i think that that's where I stand with by sac you know I really like it here I got really good bosses um I got really good people to work with you know everything is beautiful anyone with addiction or alcoholism you know should give themselves a chance you know um like I only can speak from my own personal experience that um if I knew life was this good clean and sober I probably would have never used drugs but if I probably never use drugs I probably wouldn't be the man I am today and also it's kind of a catch-22 but as far as bicycles um you know it's it's a really good program I see what it's done for pei see what it's done for other individuals you know and most of all it's got to come from yourself i think so each individual everybody's different when it comes to sobriety so a person has to want to make the change in order to change to happen yeah my name is feel on my story I was addicted to drugs up and I was like a me to buy sack from being laptop but I hope it so many doors for me they helped me out to my addiction I've been pretty much one year clean and sober enough to the help of ice are they helping out a lot put in programs to teach people like us Alex hopeful we turn our lives into something positive instead of being back negative and getting out of the places that we was when I was on full blown drug addict I could browse on the streets living on the street until I came here the open doors to where I could see positive things happening in my future and just buy sack truck the food truck helps me a lot but I love to cook so when they opened this up the cook over here Willie is a really good chef and he teaches a lot of things to a lot of people and he hope you so much in my addiction as well to work and stay positive and feel better of myself than how I used to do by sac opened up the doors for me to come in to give me that shot so I could change my life around if not I would have been went back to prison if I never change the way I was after I got Ian I just stuck with it and let them teach me for help me so I could learn better but um nor things up then staining that old self that I was in because it was it for them i'll be in prison right now because i wouldn't get out of the crossfire that i was stuck in for us reaching individuals within the community that are addicted to substances it can happen in so many ways so we can do it by outreach projects where we actually go into the community and provide case management or seek individuals who need help or it could be with other partnering agencies that they've identified that this individual needs help and so they'll make a referral directly to us or it could possibly be someone who's self-referred and they're willing and ready to get the help did half my time I was eight months of in the feds came back down here released from jail into the bicep program into the in-house program which really helped me out i did in there for months I just got out july out of the in-house program and i graduated on the 18 of july from the program my mother passed away March 24 after I got out of jail and that push me strikes me more to do better for myself because my I was locked up when my mother was in the hospital I so it pushes me better to better myself because she wouldn't want to be see me back out on the streets doing what I was doing so I I give me the self told to myself that I wouldn't stick it on it look for than going backwards so for us at by sac the ways that we like to do things with motivating our staff towards continuing success maintaining sobriety is really exposing them to stories so a lot of what happens with our staff is that we constantly remind them of the reason why we're here the things that we do and really sharing in on some of our success stories that really keeps us going for us trying to prevent drug use what you know how it is in Hawaii it's very prevalent you know statewide several years back we were deemed the capital of meth use or capital of ice and I think as a state we've done a lot of things to to try and prevent first time users for us at bisect the way that we addressed that problem is that we are looking at a continuum of care where we start off with the prevention level and we we address it with kids in an elementary schools high schools and another way is through our mothers moms and babies program were pregnant moms with children come into our in-house program and we're able to coach them on parenting help them with their addiction while providing these children with services as well so for us are we we have a youth services program that really looks at the continuum of care so we actually have kids with in prevention so elementary school kids that we're trying to reach out through to all the way to our adolescent program which are kids who are at the cusp of either going to jail have gotten into some trouble so the continuum of care that we provide is that wherever you at whatever your problem is you're dealing with we can address it at the correct levels of care when we were looking at rebranding and changing some of our mission values and envisioned to match up with what was currently happening with the agency inspire was given to us by an accreditation a car for creditor from the mainland and when they came here to look at our program she said I'm just gonna let you know right now the word that comes to mind for me when I see your programs is inspire so we really took off with that and we said you know what that is that's what we do we inspire positive change in helping individuals reclaim lives and so breaking that down we came up with some core values integrity nurture that really aligned with where we were where we were and where we wanted to head so one of our programs is actually providing opportunities for individuals who currently have master's degrees who are on their way to actually getting license or becoming a doctor training hours what happens within the state is it's very difficult for individuals to find sites that would be willing to train them to get the hours that they need in order to obtain licensure so we are a current site that we provide supervision they were able to treat clients and they're able to gain their hours along the way if you are a loved one needs help to get or stay sober call 969 999 for or visit by sac calm so the bisex Summer Jam has been in existence for four years and the reason why it was created initially was to celebrate the Trenton our communities and really provide a platform for people to learn about addiction give it a more normal face because people get freaked out about addiction you know but letting them see that there is help out there showing other partnering agencies that work with us and really bringing a family together for a free event so it's been very successful in them in the past four years this is Karen Elson this it's about eight o'clock a.m. and we're waiting for the strongman competition to start at the fourth annual bisex Summer Jam hey yo girl I Oh 28.2 two seconds Oh anything Oh whoa whoa I so many guys make some noise for Kanye you're watching hawaii no a coy on which we're highlighting by sac the Big Island substance abuse Council another aspect of the by sac Summer Jam is a car show entertainment prizes food and much more me why you 15 you Sean O'Connor nobody cool hundreds my phones in eight seconds china baby 8 9 174 janessa represent you don't eat the time 8.75 you know Connie corn Oh eight point seven two seconds you're busy beautifully 11.6 five seconds Trish that's all you running back nine point six eight seconds cheering on guys come on let's go again come on come on I'm walking none of those plays here we go to 51 kids tonight on inside i'm here at Donovan who's volunteering at the bisex Summer Jam key please introduce yourself and what you're volunteering for my name is Donovan sores and volunteer for the kids fishing stuff today for everybody over here have fun today and be sober it's all it's it's a good event great um what led you to volunteer here today for sure that I'm a different person in life and everybody do change I think for bisex some of our biggest challenges and I think alongside with other nonprofits is funding it's always very difficult to find funding to provide the types of services that we would like to do so for us how we've addressed the problem is we've really diversified revenue and looking at other ways that we can support treatment you know through vocational training aspects that whatever proceeds are made there goes directly back into treatment I'm very fortunate to have a job that I have and to see individuals really change their lives is something that it's very touching you know it's it's to see that transformation from someone who strung out a nice to someone who gets their kids back to someone who's willing to get you know willing to to make a change and get a job to someone who's we have several people that have come through our program that have master's degrees that work in very prominent jobs that are doing very well that are that are functioning for me that's like the best thing I'd like to thank dr. Hannah okay how any of my counselors did as a whole by sac is just awesome you know they just really have a positive impact on me I'd like to thank my sock I'd like to thank um some in Belinda lung gauger they were like the ones that were there for me from the beginning when I first got discharged the first time Sammy actually is a reason I wanted to come back you know um Kim Krell is amazing dr. Hannah is amazing you know they're they're such good support you know anything you need if you want to just vent you know they're there the counselors and peer specialists there they are like hands-on yeah they are there day in and day out and they see all our character defects and big deal with all the brattiness you know so yeah much appreciation to them um and what they do for this community they help us change our lives and therefore maybe one day we can change the world yeah hopefully yeah let's take dr. Hannah Raquel we leave of course because she's the chef over here all the counselors at by sac my peer specialist does that with me inside my in-house program and just by suck itself they helped me out a lot to get you what I was in my pass to what I am now made me stronger I think I think there's a lot of positive only positive in fact that comes out of this program you know so I'm just glad and it's a blessing that I get to be a part of it if you want it you have to have to the willingness you gotta surrender yourself up to to a power greater yourself and let the people who's willing to help you help you and change your thought in your thinking your people places and team that's the mostest most important thing is changing over your playground your friends and sticking around with the right crowd that's the best puzzle have a positive attitude that's what you gotta have keep strong minded no matter you have failures in life but you gotta stay positive and look just keep going forward and steak taking one step back there's only one Road not four lanes are so how I see it if you really for make that change let the people who's winning we make the change and just stay strong and positive Ian the outcome will come it takes time and patience you cannot rush you you gotta take the time for understand what these people what the people are doing for you and the community as well by Santa is a lot for a community to which does help a lot that's why I'm helping me out for open myself up I think I know like for me ladies talker but it's actually what this program does it helps you to where you can find it in yourself that's what it comes down to you gotta have the heart and the willingness to strive for what you want in the future it's okay to ask for help it's okay to ask for help you know if you feel like you have a problem or if you feel like it could be a problem even if you're in denial just think about it you know there it's it's life-changing not just for not just for addiction but for behavioral you know um yeah I would just say don't be discouraged you know life's not over you know there's life after addiction life after alcoholism you can gain back the trust to your family you can have that love you can rebuild your bridges you just have to be willing to do it just go in there I would say get an assessment with the bicep guys and if you know anybody who needs that help you know try and courage them in a positive way to get him back in there and you know get their life back give yourself a chance at life you know I mean there's so much more out there besides just using drugs um hurting people you know I know for myself I've heard a lot of people especially the ones closest to me you know like my family and stuff like that and I'm you know to be honest there was a point in my life that my mom wouldn't even let me in her house you know and today I don't I don't it's not I shouldn't say I don't care but um it's that I don't mind sharing my passing where I've came from I'm not ashamed of you know because I've took so many steps to get this far and I feel good and I'm married been married for 15 years now and it's been a blessing you know so everybody should give them self a shot you know you don't know what it's like until you try it and it's well worth it I think for me as I always say that I have the best job ever I'm able to see people at their worst and I'm also able to see people at their best so the message that I think that I would like to give individuals is that you know drug addiction doesn't discriminate it doesn't care who you are what race you are what gender you are where you're from you know you're any of those things it doesn't discriminate it happens to all of us and that we're all impacted and that I feel that if you are ready to get help we're here for you come on and get check us out you know by sacbee is a sea org and we would be willing to help you if you are loved one needs help to get or stay sober call 969 999 for or visit by sac com thank you for tuning in to this episode of hawaii no echo oi highlighting nonprofits on the Big Island of Hawaii you just learned about by sac the Big Island substance abuse Council an important nonprofit organization on our island thank you for watching and we'll see you next time I you Oh the preceding program was a production of nilaya TV you

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