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Billie Eilish – hostage

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Billie Eilish – hostage

  1. Billie if you read this I’m the biggest fan and wish I could see a concert but I can’ 9 years old and if you see this yay

  2. Proof you don't need to over-sexualize a beautiful young girl to make her sellable. I have no problem with women who empower themselves with their own sexuality, but it's nice to have a balance of talented girls and women who most girls can relate to and feel inspired by.

  3. Me: rolls around on the floor and try's to be billie thinking it's amazing

    Other people: sees me thinks I'm a baby having a tantrum… slowly walks off

  4. Not trynna be mean, I love billie and all her songs except this one…it's not the normal vibes that billie has…and please don't hate I just wanted to share my opinion

  5. So she can dance she can sing she can draw and she can be fashionable yet still humble and she can play instruments and do improv. THE ART LIVES THROUGH HER.

  6. Respect for Billie. She's doing these song at age 17! I think she has a hard self life because of the fame. One of the best singers now.

  7. This is the only song that describes that feeling of knowing its over, but still not wanting anyone else to feel the love you felt with that person you felt so close to. Knowing you’d have to hold them hostage instead of letting them move on. Never heard a song that describes that feeling, until this one. Love you Billie.

  8. Русские, залайкайте😜 пусть американцы думают, что написала какую-то жесть))) 😇😂😂😂😂

  9. This is how I feel right now 😞 my crush is in a relationship but is acting like he might care about me and I’m confused 😖 advise anyone?

  10. me: *seaches for soothing mellow songs*
    this shows up
    me: *reads lyrics*
    steal ur soul and hide u in treasure chest? youtube is drunk…

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