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Black Ops 4 In Depth: Blackout Weapon Stats (Damage & Ranges)

hey guys drifter here welcome to black ops 4 in depth in today's episode we're gonna be talking about blackout weapons damages and ranges because they differ significantly from that of multiplayer there's gonna be a lot of really interesting stuff in today's episode so please pay attention closely and before we get started I do want to give a quick shout out to the ultimate gamer giveaway we're giving away a gaming PC monitor keyboard mouse headset basically everything you need to go from empty room to streaming setup down there below in the description if you want to do that it ends at the beginning of the new year so let's jump into blackout weapons damages and ranges and all that in blackout weapons obviously you can put on different attachments then you can a multiplayer because multiplayer has some restrictions they have different damage profiles different ranges and some weapons now have different recoil as well for today we're gonna focus on the damage and the ranges and thankfully as far as I can tell of everything I've tested they all have the same headshot multipliers that they do in multiplayer – the high-caliber stuff and the same rate of fire and for today let's new rifles only for the sake of my sanity and building bad graphs and for testing and because rifles are by far the most popular class of weapon and blackout and it's the thing that most people choose what kind of rifle am I going to carry or which two rifles so let's really focus in on that and overall damages and blackout are much lower than they are in multiplayer but the ranges of which these damages are applied are roughly tripled and they're also mostly linear drops instead of Stairsteps so to start with the ICR will deal 32 damage up close and blackout declining down to 25 at a distance and what I mean at a distance I mean at a serious distance will show those in a bit the Maddox is really weak at 27 to 22 these are more like SMG damages in regular multiplayer and the vapor is pretty similar to the ICR at 32 to 24 damage if you're looking for some higher damage weapons you can take a look at the rampart which is going to be the highest damage rifle in blackout at 37 to 29 the KN 57 at 37 to 24 and the SWAT is going to be 36 to 25 so these are gonna be the high damage ones and you'll notice that really only the rampart maintains that high damage over the range the other two drop off to be very similar to the other rifles and no I didn't cover the ABR the swordfish or the augur I'm probably going to do that an entirely different episode because they are they're much higher damage and they are much beastly er than this but not many people pick them over full autos except maybe the ABR even those that do pick them over full autos you always have a full auto in reserve so full auto is still really the thing around which most of the game revolves most of these damages that I just read out are about five damage points lower than they are in multiplayer both in maximum and minimum in general some are for lower six lower or whatever however the rampart is way weaker the rampart got a much bigger nerf in blackout than it did in multiplayer and on top of that you obviously can't put high-caliber two on there and get like 60 damage test shots which is just markers you can't do that here so now that we know the damage numbers let's take a look at the ranges and this is where things get kind of crazy I did a lot of testing and discord we pulled in some subscribers we went into blackout custom games and we tested out the ranges at which these weapons start dealing less damage and the results were that they have really insane range for the ICR the red lines are thirty two damage and the orange lines are twenty six damage and then you're finally dealing twenty five over there at the yellow lines I wanted to make this one first to illustrate the effect of long barrel the bottom line that is slightly longer on each point is with long barrel on and also this one is unique in that it only has three distinct damage ranges this one's thirty two twenty six twenty five and then twenty five just kind of forever and as you can see long barrel doesn't have the most significant effect on these damage ranges but I do talk about that later in this video I talk a lot about long barrel I do want to give you an approximation of how this looks though this is roughly the maximum damage range in which I'm shooting the shadow man and this is roughly the minimum damage range where it's kind of starting to not do a whole lot of damage it's gone down to 25 at about that point the maddox has way lower ranges you can see that the maddox has a 27 damage range that doesn't even cover the bridge the 26 damage range is shorter than that and for the rest of these graphs I kind of ran out of colors I can't see colors very well I'm colorblind so I decided to go ahead and go with white dashes each one of these white dashes is one drop in damage it has sort of a linear drop not a lot of stair-stepping here so that's 25 26 24 whatever all the way on down to its minimum and those are the approximate ranges at which they occur the vapor however is looking really nice the vapor has a maximum damage range much like that of the ICR and then it starts decreasing one point at a time but pretty rapidly as you can see by the graph I'm not just drawing in random numbers there I know it looks really crappy because I can't I can't see colors and I and I can't do graphic design but the point of this is it's gonna go 31 30 29 28 27 26 and it's gonna every couple of meters stair step on down pretty rapidly however you'll see that it'll maintain a twenty-seven damage range for a much longer range than the RCR will maintain its 26 damage range so you have a much better range overall with the vapor the swats kind of crazy because the squat has a 36 damage range up close and then it rapidly falls off one point at a time but really really rapidly decreasing down to very low damage and you'll kind of see this overall is that most weapons in blackout that have a high initial damage they have a really fast stair stepping down function that ramps they're wet they're damaged down over range the KN 57 has the worst overall range in black out amongst the rifles at least as far as I can tell it's got a nice 37 damage but at a pretty miserable range that doesn't even cover Matt I'm not hit 3/4 of the bridge there and like the SWAT and the other weapons and very very rapidly begins to tick down this one even more rapidly than the SWAT the rampart is a little bit of an anomaly the rampart will deal 37 damage at its maximum damage range and it's not as good as the ICR of the vapor but it's pretty good at more or less covers the entire bridge and it will then begin to stair-step down one point of damage per little tick that you see there but the ticks are a little bit bigger than some of the other guns and on top of that there's a long way to go before the damage starts getting significantly lower now that gives you a good visual approximation of how long these ranges are obviously they're much longer than that of multi-player but as you saw with the laurel white – is kind of going off the screen we haven't really worked about minimum damage ranges very much I had to zoom out way more and actually accidentally bonked my camera into the skybox a few times if you want to talk about where your weapons are gonna be dealing their minimum damage range most weapons minimum damage range is gonna be about here or shooting all the way across turbine from the bridge to the shacks out there that's about the range that every weapon is going to be dealing its minimum damage for the rampart however I had to zoom out even further the ramparts minimum damage is just bananas bonkers broken whatever you want to call it the ramparts minimum damage is way out beyond the sheds just like in the mountains somewhere so the rampart has really really incredible range in black out so with that information let's talk about the effects of long barrel and suppressor I did some side-by-side testing some frame counting some slow-motion and some measuring and what I measured for long barrel was about a 15 percent increase in range it's not very significant when you your bullet is gonna have about a 10 percent increase in velocity I measured this by shooting long-range targets and timing the frames it takes for the bullets to hit the ground and across the board most weapons got about 10 percent more bullet velocity which means less leading and you got slightly less bullet drop it is noticeable but it's not as crazy as it used to be in the beta and that slightly less drop is interesting along with the velocity because when you put on a suppressor you only get negative 15 percent range which isn't very much and the bullet drop that you get is only slightly more the bullet drop is not as significant as I once thought it was at least when I was measuring here don't get me wrong your bullets do drop more over range not a ton but there is also no measurable change in velocity the suppressor made no effect whatsoever on bullet velocity at least not that I could measure which means the suppressor really isn't that bad of an attachment and I think that my complaints about it and the reason that I don't like it is because I'm a big long barrel fanboy so I'm always used to having that boosted velocity and range and drop and not just going to normal but completely swinging back to the other side is sometimes difficult but the suppressor overall isn't so bad so given this data let's try to draw some conclusions that will help you make better decisions in black out and black out given the amount of armor that people have and the of healing and status effects and stuff like that it's probably better to look at these weapons in terms of DPS instead of raw time to kill so if you take a look at the close range DPS table which is we're gonna roughly consider that about the range of that bridge the maddox and the ICR are pretty similar to each other at about 320 each the rampart has the lowest DPS which kind of surprised me I thought the high damage would make up for it vapor is looking really nice at 343 K and 57 just behind it at very close ranges but the SWAT is the unquestioned King here at 372 DPS it's also got a better base shots to kill rate of fire it's that's gonna be your close range of workhorse if you're looking at long ranges you'll have to think more about those graphs and drop and bullet trajectories and all that for the best performance at range you're gonna want the ICR or the rampart the ICR if you're going full auto will have better DPS and obviously it has lower recoil but it maintains a pretty high damage over range for long range the rampart really just can't be beaten the rampart has insane damage over long ranges but up close and medium range if you want to go full auto and spray it's a little bit more struggle bussy and not as amazing on the dps however I do want to give a shout out to the vapor if you're looking at the overall best performance I think the vapor is gonna be the best thing in the game for DPS and range wise it comes in second to the SWAT for close range but then it has an excellent medium range combat performance better than that of the ICR but shoots faster than them and it I would say overall outperforms most of the weapons in the game and would be easily the best in blackout but it suffers from recoil and idle sway issues over the last couple weeks I've been playing I've mostly avoided the SWAT because it has a lot of idle sway and it has a shaky recoil and it's just not as dependable as the ICR obviously because it's low recoil or when it comes to the rampart the rampart is more predictable than the vapor even though it kicks more but if you're gonna go for a close-quarters combat nothing beats the SWAT the swats just crazy good for final circle if you plan to fight people up close just ignore everything else from this episode and use the SWAT to shred them and the SWAT also is really good for getting headshots it puts you over that sort of minimum shots to kill which is very very nice and guys that is all for this episode of in-depth I hope that you learned something useful if you did don't forget to Like favorite and subscribe crafter out

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23 thoughts on “Black Ops 4 In Depth: Blackout Weapon Stats (Damage & Ranges)

  1. Amazing work, 10/10 video, but alot of nerfs and buffs has come since the update, you should do a updated video

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  3. I’m surprised with the KN having such bad numbers. I always felt that it was my best medium to long range assault rifle

  4. This might require a lot of testing but can you test and measure bullet lead and drop of all the Assualt, Tacticle, and Sniper Rifles?

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