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Boss vs. Employee Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– What’s the worse thing a
coworker has said about me? – People just call you a drunk bitch. (classical music) – I’m Dalton. – I’m Katie. – My name is Ashleen. – Ingrid. – I’m Dae. I work at “Cut.” (laughing) – I’m Chan, I also work at “Cut.” I supervise Dae. – Thank you, Master Chan. – Boss, employee. – I’m the boss. – I am her boss. (laughing) – [Producer] What do you guys do? – We work in a coffee shop. – We work for a large
(laughs) online retailer. – [Producer] Who? – We can’t tell you that. – [Producer] Why not? – HR said no. – Because, HR said no. – I still need a job after this. – [Producer] You guys
need a shot to start? – Yeah.
– Yeah, we do. I need to pace myself though, cause Lord knows I’m gonna have a drink on all of this shit. – Cheers.
– Cheers. (gulping) – [Producer] Okay, boss. – Let’s do it. (sighing) Given that we’re boss and employee, what circumstances would it take for us to sleep together? – No. (laughing) No! No, like I can’t. – All right if you can’t then
you know what you gotta do. – That’s just weird. Yeah.
– All right. – Just like.
– Yep. That’s all you.
(bottle hitting the table) – If we didn’t work together, would you sleep with me? (laughing) – Let’s just go with, no. – You’ve tried it. – With a girl? – Yeah. – No. I would. Not with– not with you, but like, that’s cause like your– I have respect for you. But like I wouldn’t (laughs). – What circumstance would it
take for us to sleep together? What– how? – Well, you can’t be my boss. – But we are boss and employee. – Yeah, but like if you were– damn, this is such a weird question. – Yeah. – Yeah. – What would it take? Some drugs, not too much though. – It’s okay if you would. (laughs) I’m just kidding! I’m just kidding! – Okay. Would you tell me in
advance if the company was going to lay me off. – Absolutely. – Yeah. – Yes. – Um… Okay, I don’t think
that would be advisable, from a human resources perspective. – I’m not– Chan. Would you have my back? – I think– – And let me know? – I think you wouldn’t– it would be communicated to you. – You just let me find out the day of. (laughs) Wow. Chan wouldn’t tell me. – What’s the worst thing a
coworker has said about me? – I don’t even think you’re gonna get mad at any of the answers. – Probably not. – People just call you a drunk bitch. – After work, I like
to have some cocktails. (laughing) They know me very well. – Do you think I could do
your job as well as you? – That’s a yes and a no. (gasping) That’s why we’re here. Because I’m like kind
of grooming you to like, takeover and like run shit. – He’s fucking grooming me. (laughing) – Do you think I could do
your job as well as you? – Yes, I think you can do my job. – You think I could be a manager? – Yeah, totally bossy. (laughing) – On the count of three,
name how much money you make! – I’m going to take a shot I’m
not answering this question. – Let’s name our salary! – I was taught that it’s
not polite to share. (laughing) – I’m gonna take a shot. – Are you serious? – Girl, what you mean?
– Oh my God. Okay so you make that much. (gasping) – I don’t know if my answer
is going to sound sad, or if people are going to go that seems like too much for what I do. – Well cheers to that. Cheers bitch!
– We swapped ’em. – Okay my turn. On a scale from one to ten, rate yourself as an employee. Take a shot if I don’t agree. – All right, I’m gonna give myself a nine. – Oh, you should take a shot I said ten. – I was gonna say ten
but I was being humble. (laughing) – Don’t–
– I believe ten. – I know I believe you’re a ten
too that’s what I would say. – So I have to take a shot? – [Producer] Yeah. – Yeah.
– What? – Yeah, that’s for undervaluing
your own potential. Cheers. – On the count of three, name the coworker you’d
most like to sleep with. – [Producer] One, two, three! – (beep) (laughing) (slamming table) Bro, stop playing. – [Producer] He didn’t say anything. – Yeah you didn’t say anything. – Bro I said your name. – You said my name? – I said your name. – Wait really? – Bro, just out of all the
girls there what do you mean? – (screaming) Oh my God! – All right.
– Wait. (laughing) – Hey.
– Oh my gosh. That’s so fucked up! – All right, boss. Do I deserve a raise? If so, why have you not given me one yet. (laughing) – So salary increases are contingent upon your performance review. – You just gave me a ten. – I– that was not an official review. (laughing) – I absolutely think you deserve a raise. You do such a beautiful job. I love you! – She’s strong. – You probably do deserve a raise, but come on time. (laughing) You’re never on time. – You know, I try to be on time, it’s just that sometimes you know, my C-P-T kicks in. – What is C-P-T? – Colored people time. (laughing) – What is that? Explain for the Swede. – Usually, you know colored
people we ain’t on time. Like people of color like–
– Hey! – I’ll work on that though. I’m working– more room for improvement! Room for improvement.
(laughing) – On the count of three name
your least favorite coworker. – [Producer] One, two, three!
– Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, don’t say anything! Don’t say anything! – We both know who this is right? – Oh yeah.
– Okay. – [Producer] Um… First and last name, or first name? – [Producer] No, just first name. – Okay. – Just don’t let this person just see this and then know and then– – Oh my God I hope they make us. – I don’t know, like
hold it over our heads. – They bring nothing to the table. – Nothing. – And I’ve told you I wanted to fire them. – Well fucking do it. – Can we just drink to it? (laughs) I don’t hate her. She’s my least favorite employee. – She screwed over the shop, she screwed over the front desk, she screwed over me, and she doesn’t apologize for it. And it’s all of the time. – And then I’m the drunk bitch. (laughs) – Do I have to say it too? – [Producer] Yeah. – Don’t say anything, just say me. – No, Chan– – Just say me. – I’m not being fucking diplomatic. I’m saying it, it’s my time. – What if we say different people? – Great! – And we throw two people under the bus? Then there are two people that sucks! (laughing) – (beep) – That’s not part of the video. – With (beep). – An episode, that’s not– I’m not going to answer that. I mean, I agree. – That was easy for me. – [Producer] That was the game guys. – That was the game! – That was awkward! (laughing) – We did it! – Cut that shit (yelling
drowns out speaker) – Is it done, are we done? (laughing) Can I take my jacket off? – God, truth or drink? America’s past time. (scoffs) – L-O-L. (tapping on table)

Cesar Sullivan

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  1. Follow these Cut employees on Instagram:
    Dae- @dae_shicc
    Chan- @hellomingo

  2. Boss: What circumstance would it take to make the two of us have sex
    Employee: You couldnt be my boss
    Boss: Your fired

  3. "Large online retailer"….Cut is based in Seattle. Amazon is based in Seattle.

    "Which online retailer?"

    "We can't say, HR said no"

  4. Girl: On the count of three, name the coworker youd most like to sleep with
    Guy: Says her name

  5. Omg holy shit!!! Anyone who ships the Asian girl with her boss. THEY ARE TOGETHER. he posted a photo on insta of them kissing. Boiiii I canntttttt with this shit!!! I ship it

    At least I think its her, I hope its her. You cant really see the girl clearly in the pic.

    Edit: fuck yeah its her, the girl in the pic had a mole on her cheek and so does she. Im a fucking detective: confirmed

  6. She was so fucking annoying the Asian girl 丹賤儭 if she screeches even louder widows would break. God 丹賤儭

  7. Man, maybe I 織m missing something but many of these people got good comedy material. I can easily picture some of them doing sitcoms, or comedy shows.

  8. The sexual tension between dude in white and girl in denim jacket was raising so high and so quick they now show them as anxiety pressure test to jet pilots

  9. People are taught not to share salaries because CEOs groomed the public into shaming union activity as if its a norm to not do those things. Sharing salaries helps unions form, and thus, the rich dont want that to occur.

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