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Boyfriend Cuts Girlfriends Hair!

–grows back, doesn’t
grow back, either way. The beauty’s on the inside. Hey guys, it’s Rachel and– Tyler. And I was finally able
to convince this guy to make a YouTube channel! So, since Tyler has
a YouTube channel, I’m doing a ridiculous, but
funny– and possibly ugly– video where I let
Tyler cut my hair. Go subscribe to Tyler’s
channel because this is a collab with
one of his videos where I had to
guess superheroes’ powers and superhero names. And she doesn’t know
superheroes very well. I really don’t. So it was kind of funny to
see what she comes up with. Yeah. So I’ll have that
link done below. So click that. Can I cut your hair when you
get to 100,000 subscribers? Uh– yeah. That’s fair. OK. So when gets to– If I get to 500,000,
you can give me a tattoo for all I care. OK, so when Tyler gets
to 500,000 subscribers, I’m going to pick
out his tattoo. And when he gets to
100,000 subscribers, I’m going to cut his hair bald. Yeah, you just made a mistake. Because now I’m going
to make you bald. Bawled? Bawled. Damn Tyler. I’m going to make
her head bawled. Bawled. I have a picture of how
my hair used to look. And I need a haircut anyways. This is the hair that
you’re trying to replicate. You know I’ve never
done this before, right? Let’s see if you can do it. I’m not going to be able to
actually see what it’s going to look like till the end. So as he’s going along,
kind of like, live comment how you think it’s going. And also right now comment
what your hair length is, and if you would ever
let another person that doesn’t know how to cut
your hair cut your hair. Full disclosure– It’s
going to go poorly. Oh, I don’t have that– I have very little faith. I can’t cut a straight
line on a piece of paper. Got the shaky hands. Let’s do it. Oh my God. OK. Before we start, I’m going to
hide a scissors emoji somewhere in this video. When you see that scissor
emoji, comment it down below. And don’t cheat. Don’t look at the comments
for the exact time, because you have to
find it yourself. I will now give you the
scissors to cut my hair. And now I do this. Oh! Oh! Oh my God! I’m kidding. Oh my God, I thought you
were really going to do it. Ohh. [LAMAZE BREATHING]
OK, I’m ready. Let’s go. Stop! I need emotional
support right now. [GASP] You’ve got to stop. Did you do it? No! Because you keep doing this– [GASP] No! I’ll just cut all of it at once. Because then it’s even. No, it’s not. We’re just going to
murder your haircut. I’m like Jack the Clipper. It’s a big mystery
like Sherlock Combs. Don’t worry. I’ll make it look cutting edge. We could listen to
some Led Zepplin. Maybe– He’s about to make a pun. Hairway to Heaven? Oh my God! I’m having a little brush with– OK, I’m done. Let’s watch some
old Disney Channel shows like Scissor Scissor. Scissor Scissor? Instead of Sister Sister? (SINGING) Sister Sister! (SINGING) Phil, Phil of the– He’s a 22nd century man. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Oh my God, I didn’t realize
how much you cut off! Oh my God! I don’t know what I’m doing! Every time I get a
haircut, I always look at all the hair on the
floor, and I’m just like– Now all the hair
won’t go on my shirt. How much? I don’t know. I hear the little
scissor slices. It’s really messing up my mind. Oh wait, I did that backwards. I made it go short to long. I don’t understand what
I’m supposed to do. I don’t– Just take it. I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know what to
do with it either! Can I donate this much? I don’t think so. I think it has to
be like, 12 inches. I don’t even think I have 12
inches on my head right now. Tyler, what are you doing? What are you doing? I thought you were
going to donate it? I messed up that
first one so bad. It’s shorter over here
than it is over here. I know. Rachel, it looks terrible. What? It already looks terrible? I chopped off half your hair! I didn’t mean to! OK, Tyler, does this
look even to you? No. OK. I want to leave this one longer. You can’t! Even these out. Tyler, I don’t like this. I don’t like what you’re doing. It’s even. We’re going to work through this
together so that I don’t end up looking stupid. You already look stupid, baby. I’m sorry. Whoever did this before,
he did a terrible job because I am just–
it’s all uneven. Different places–
like this side’s different from this side. I’m telling you, I’m
doing you a favor. The middle lets go
before this end does. Ugh! Actually, that’s a nice
little line you got there. I mean, it looks like
stairs, but it’s– it’s like– it’s cool, OK? It’s a step in the
right direction. Tyler this is not
the time for puns. Can I have that Coke? Thanks. Did you just finish it? I’m really– I’m
stressed right now, OK? I need that. You drank it all! How is it so far, guys? Rate it one out of 10. Oh, it’s a zero. What! Can I straighten my hair so
you see what you’re doing? Several bad puns later. OK, I straightened my hair. Oh, that’s beautiful. Even if it looks bad right
now, I feel good about myself. You’re going to have
the boys swooning. I don’t need any boys to swoon. Well they’ll swoon. Oh, that sounded
like a lot of hair. Wait, let go. I just want to– No. No, no, no. I just want to look. No, don’t look. Please don’t look. I just want to look at
how much it is, Tyler. Getting a little
confident over there. That’s because I
am Fabio, the most fabulous barber in the city. It’s just hair. Yep. Just hair. It’s just hair. Just hair. Grows back, doesn’t
grow back, either way. The beauty’s on the inside. [GASP] Oh sh– Did you want a U-shape? Oh my God, it’s
actually really short. You made it really short. You said you wanted to
see your ears, right? No. I didn’t say that. Oh, see? Classic miscommunication. I was just doing what I
thought I was supposed to do. This is like shoulder length. You know what we
should listen to? Ed Shear-an. Let me just fix this. Fix this. Please don’t use that word
when you’re doing my hair. This is happening. I’m sorry. OK, go. [SCREAMS] On the other side it goes like
this, this side goes like that. It’s honestly just hair. I don’t care. Like it’s fun to have cute
hair, but it’s not a necessity. That’s gone. Just know that the reason
all my dolls are bald is because when I would
give them haircuts, I would think I need to fix
the other side to make it the right length. Don’t shorten stuff to fix it. I’m shortening it to fix it. Don’t Tyler! You wanted this to be a U-shape
and this to be an inch longer, right? No. OK, seriously? Again, classic miscommunication. I need you to communicate. We’re a team here. We’re a team. I can’t see it! Last part of this process. When I was in
barber school, they used to say it’s not a
haircut until the back is cut. I don’t want it to be straight. OK. You want to be a U-shape, right? I want it to be
like a V, kind of. It’s pretty close there already. Yeah. I did a great job. I think I just need
another pair of scissors. I need to Edward Scissorhands
this and just be like– No. I’m putting my initials in it. What? What? What did he do? What’d you do? Oh, dear God. I think we did it. I think we’re done here. I just have to
give you the bangs. No! This is how much Tyler cut
off, minus all the random ones on the floor, et cetera. I’ll put a side-by-side
of the before and after of how my hair looked. Except for now, it’s straight,
so it’s a little hard to tell. Wait, I have to see
what it looks like. Is there a mirror anywhere? Here. I’m scared. OK. Ready. One, two, three. [CRICKETS CHIRPING] No? You don’t like it? Um– Really? Tyler, they’re
different lengths. Yeah. I thought that’s what you said. You said, half inch
longer and U-shape. The moral of the story
is I’ll buy you a hat. It looks kind of
cool in a ponytail. Right? It looks awesome in a ponytail. I thought you wanted
a ponytail type cut. Classic miscommunication again. So you know– Wow. Um– Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. If you want to see me guess
superheroes on his channel, um– It’s actually very funny. She comes up with crazy
names for superheroes that are fairly common. And then gives them
crazy backstories. And they needed it. They need the backstory. If you guys want to see at
all what we’re talking about, click the link in the
description box, and– I feel so bad. I’ll see you guys
in my next video. Bye! I love you!

Cesar Sullivan

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  1. Honestly I would let my boyfriend cut my hair probably because he doesn’t exist but if I did I’d schedule a hair appointment afterwards

  2. My hair is up till the bottom of my back and I let my mom cut my hair and she doesn’t know how to cut hair
    Anyone in 2019??

  3. That's the WORST HAIR CUT I'VE EVER SEEN😹😹😹🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤩😹😹Zaza

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