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Broncos vs Colts 2013 Highlights

there the two ID Sports locked out
studios we ran outta time unfortunately this morning to talk about maybe I know the most important game up Sunday
Peyton Manning going back to Indianapolis in facing the Indianapolis Colts now
firstly I did you see the the the tribute that they had to Peyton
Manning in the beginning no okay let me tell you what you missed
you missed a video tribute Peyton Manning taking off his helmet
going like this that was it yeah that was it nobody I’m more totally
downplaying it I thought that it was a pretty cool moment no I mean he’s not a
biggie I would imagine that he I imagine that he would like he would
fight a little embarrassing and wanted to be over quickly and I’ve been that in a cup battery lay
one on for I’d say about a minute straight so I mean it was a cool models
in a circle they they go they they did the right thing sounds like you did the
right thing I think you’re under selling the game in
the sense that it was the biggest game Sunday it’s the biggest regular-season
game I analyze being sarcastic yeah I mean
its biggest pay the regular season game you know is that as the NBC Sunday Night
guises al michaels and gals with said you know you see it on the schedule anything I’ll
well this is this is big and even bigger than it
would have been last year because Manning has fully established
himself somewhere else now whereas last year in Lux rookie year AAA it almost felt like it was too soon
now net feels feels right those perfect actual
schedule worked out nicely yeah so Andrew Luck had a fantastic game
and did not commit a turnover did and look
however in the fourth quarter what we were talking about before we went on you know there was one tweet I remember
exactly from who who said all pain just pulled in a line through it up in North
Knoll a Colts defensive linemen when the
Broncos were down I’ll six at the time Broncos defensive
lineman it without Robert Mathis when a fantastic game by the way it was a cold defensive lineman goes
around the end gets a hand and Peyton Manning’s throwing arm is right
arm ball pops up in the air and the Iowa Hawkeye product Pat Angerer pics of
it was easy you coulda caught by the way there was
like toilet paper up in the air and so basically what happened was the
I’ll take a field goal say proving a call to kick a field goal
39 nothing and then the neither the Broncos XD 3930 brothers try
to go down the field is quick as possible
in the kick a quick field goal on sidekick does not on their failures
you’re still unsure what was amazing about that drive to the when the Colts
won a 39-30 after the turnover in the field all the bottom up two scores and the Colts course a lead that game 33
1736 1733 1436 17th the Broncos come back and running on
informal right but like it was just that mean the cold
the Broncos started to drive it like their a 15-yard line they took a sack on first
down an incomplete pass and and just when you think like it’s
third-and-13 from the 8 and and they’re down nine points in
this five minutes to play you just saw a Peyton Manning Drive that was I mean that pass to Welker I
needed even look like great catches on the drive from us well to but that first
one was unbelievable i think is here and I’ll be
returned and when he turned like the ball was where your head is yeah except it’s Wes Welker’s
we’d like your right and then he caught in the middle it was
a little day the many David tyrell I cut a ball every to recall the vid Terrell and
David Tyree combining area it was a little David Tyree he make
other bowlers had and it was such a great catch so quick
and that he did make I think they want him three times on
that right and they get the ball down delivered three yard line or wherever it
was with no summary does not in the game sham rate 15 carries for yards but he
had a 1-yard touchdown said nose for the end zone all year Moreno at so I’ll I don’t know whether
Moreno was certain are something but hellman came in
Helmand had at that point three carries an egg for 24 yards so he’d run the ball
well in that limit action but he fumbled and I it’s you know you
can’t you know the guys gonna formal I would add Marino in that game but John
Fox is not an idiot I imagine there was some reason for that
arm but I’d be interested in what it was a so but that drive was amazing because
that would’ve put a man with about three minutes to play in the game a with all three timeouts they didn’t
need an onside kick they were kept away and had a chance to stop and get the
ball back in only near the field goal and I honestly just the way they came
and gone because the Colts gonna picked up to
first downs on that drive the ensuing drive and made
it mood but you got the feeling that if they
scored there were three mister played a cat to 39-37 you could see it the rockers were gonna
win that game 42-39 on a 42-yard field goal on the last play the game that is what it felt like and that
fumble changed every and of course on the Colts last yr and that that nonsense family on the
last drive like the culture shut down again it was going to be fourth-down inside the 5-yard line and the late hit
which I guess the guy gave them a little just
bomb whose lives miniature I mean that your replay just doesn’t
sell it hard enough but luck I mean /url shot Italian I Paul Pierce like fly hate to see that
flop occurs but I get instinct takes over you get
hit your quarterback you know to sell it it worked it seemed like that one could
have gone either way it certainly isn’t were here’s what it wasn’t when we did
when the NFL designed the rules to protect quarterbacks wasn’t for that I’m so it was
frustrating and that cost the Broncos a significant amount of time and timeouts in getting the ball back
they would get the ball back a lot sooner and maybe they scored a touchdown
first which would have made everything a little easier after track

Cesar Sullivan

42 thoughts on “Broncos vs Colts 2013 Highlights

  1. It was an amazing game, too bad the broncos lost. I gained tons of respect for luck after the interview he did after the game. Very classy guy. Sorta hate to say but I think I'm starting to like the colts again and I'm hoping luck will win a few rings in his career

  2. Statistically LeBron is much better than Kobe at the end of the game.

    And at the beginning of the game.

    And the middle.

  3. Denver really failed Peyton in that game, defense was bad as usual, hillman had butter fingers and the o line couldn't hold up.

  4. The Broncos, Seahawks and 49ers are combined 17 wins 4 losses. The Colts are responsible for 3 of the 4 losses. Give them some credit asshole (Ben M).

  5. Bronco's D lost them the game…
    Fantasy football wise, I'm always playing a QB who plays against the Broncos. There D has been shit… 27th in points against and 30th in yards against (for a 6-1 team!) and they're forced to keep up with Peyton.

  6. They remind of the 2006 Colts that Manning won the SB with, last against the run and averaging 23 points per game meanwhile they averaged 26 points on offense.

  7. It's not Luck vs. Manning, it's Colts vs. Manning. However, it is interesting to note that Luck ended the game with a higher QB rating than Manning…:)

  8. Until I read your comment I had forgotten I was here to watch a highlight…these guys droning on sucked me and made me forget what I was doing…thank you..I'm outta' here!

  9. I wish you guys would say "Broncos vs Colts- Thoughts and Dicussion" or something to that line. Saying highlights is misleading. And those who are wanting to see highlights just go to FFS it's not that hard to see highlights.

  10. TYT Sports gtfo. I keep clicking on "highlights" expecting highlights and its always just wanna be tv hosts talking.

  11. Why does it say highlights if there is no fucking highlights? Seriously you bumbs are so thirsty for someone to click on your videos.


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