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Bruise Violet | Interview: Music Influences | The Lowertown Line

– I don’t think I was
really into Riot grrrl until I joined Bruise Violet. I was into more
like heavier things, but it was all
male fronted bands, so, taking my two
favorite things, heavy music and beautiful
women is just like, (laughing) boom, there you go. (rock music) – My dad has been in punk bands
since he was in high school. So, growing up I listened
to a lot of punk, like, especially The Ramones. About the time I was, like,
12, 11, something like that, I was like, um, excuse
me, I’m an adult, I can make my own decisions,
so I started, like, googling emo bands,
like I googled, “what’s the most emo band?” And Google told me, actually
it was Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Answers told me it
was My Chemical Romance, so then for my entire
middle school career, I listened to nothing
but My Chemical Romance. My Dad and I would still
go to shows together and listen to the songs
he’d listen to in the car, but I would, like, always
plug in my headphones when I got home
and be like, uhh, (laughing) I’m so emo. – Both of my parents were
very much polar opposites, like, my mom was more
India Arie, Erykah Badu, Sade, like, all these
strong, like, black artists. And my Dad was more like, metal. (laughing) Like, I was like, just
five year old Bella with little afro puffs
on her head, like. (laughing) – So, when I was young, my
music taste was very influenced by my parents, they were
both like, OG punks, I guess you could say,
and they went to CBGB’s like all the time when
they were in college and I constantly grew up
listening to punk songs. And then I watched
The Punk Singer, which is a documentary
on Kathleen Hanna, and I just felt like
a shift in my brain go and I was like this is so
cool, there’s these, like, this powerful woman
who just, like, didn’t take ‘no’ for an
answer and just, like, called out people on there
bad attitudes and bad beliefs, and wrote this really,
like, aggressive music, ’cause you know, I’d
never heard, like, women being aggressive,
so that really, like, made my eyes open. I feel like punk stands
up for something, I think, as I said, it
really was Riot grrrl that started it for
me, where it’s like, you can’t treat me
like this, like, I notice what you’re doing,
that is not okay, like, I am my own person and
you don’t own who I am, I was like, yeah,
like, that’s great.

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