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Brutal Canoe Accident FAIL!

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Brutal Canoe Accident FAIL!

  1. Mulla on käyny sille että kavereitten kaa yritettiin hypätä kahenmetrin korkeudesta lumikinoksee pää edellä ja laitettii pipo silmille ja mä hyppäsin ohi ja pää edellä jäälle ja ilmat läks pihalle noin kolmeks minuutiks. Ei ollu kyll mukava tunne

  2. Im not trying to sound like a idiot Dudesons but you seriously shouldnt laugh at  him, and say 'that was good' For all you could have known he could have gotten really hurt!
    Btw, i love ur pranks! <3 PS: Hold ur arms above ur head if you cant breathe 😉

  3. This really does suck..when I was about 12 I wanted to pet the kitty at the top of the cat tree. The cat tree was pretty tall. I climbed up the different levels of the tree, took the risk of stepping a huge step from the tree to the couch when I was done. Instead, I missed and fell face down on the hard-wood floor like a starfish. I got the wind knocked out of me and was sore for days. My dad picked me up and carried me to my bed because I could barely breathe or walk

  4. Jarrod if you this vid subscribe to the dudesons….. as for this video that looked like it hurt like hell

  5. Why do you do these things? How are you so into comedy after that happens to you? Why didn't you put any foam pads at the bottom? So many mysteries.

    …and what were you intending to actually DO there?

  6. Can we leave the racist stereotypes and portrayals of native folks out it though. It's hilarious to see you guys smash into things, just leave that cultural appropriation shit out of it.

  7. what happened is he got hit in the stomach with a barrel and a canoe so therefore, he got the air knocked out of him. I fell down my stairwell and got the air knocked out of me too, i have the same feeling.

  8. This was a lost episode of Dudesons in America. It got pulled for being offensive to native Americans. I got the whole episode, it's a classic.

    In this clip after Jarno's long winded gasps the first thing he says is "EEEEEaaaaaarrrggghhhuunggghhh… I'm becoming a native american" It's fuckin hilarious and that whole episode was awesome. That season was nuts!

  9. When I see these guys doing stupid yet funny as all hell shit I can't help but think Swedish Jackass, yunno with Johnny Knoxville?

  10. I fell from a tree one time when i was 10 or something. It was so hard to breath, and one of the boys laughed at me when i could't not breath and cried and the other one helped me.. bad english i know

  11. it feels so scary when you have a hard time breathing like your about to die, one time i ate some waffles and i added so much syrup on it + i was eating big bites so a couple seconds after i had a hard time breathing with that syrup in my throat i was so fucking scared

  12. Yea I understand that pain. Getting the wind knocked out of you is terrifying and so painful, but then you can breath again and the panic goes away😂

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