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Call for Applications – Alumni Grant Scheme 2020 Round 1

Corn is one of the most essential commodities. One particular set of data tells us that the size of an average corn field is not proportional the results reaped. One of the reasons behind this is the invasion of pests which can reduce production down to 40% in a very short period. My project is called MyCorn. MyCorn is an Android-based application which we designed to help farmers detect plant pests using the camera feature on hand phones, as well as to assist field officers to identify plant pests invasion. This app is free and can be used by anyone. We were able to collaborate with the Food Farming Protection Unit in East Java, and they are interested in adopting this app as one of the platforms to provide field service to farmers. We received a notification from Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology that our app was named as one of the best apps in the private sector and is eligible to participate at the ASEAN ICT Awards. My project is called Banda Aware. Banda Aware is an initiative to reduce the amount of mining of beach sand and coral in the Banda islands in the Maluku Province. We provide information to the public on the dangers and effects of mining beach sand and coral. We try to introduce bamboo as alternative building material. We also provide training to women’s groups in making processed fish products. In order for these ladies to be able to add their families’ income and motivate their husbands to reduce mining activities on beach sands and coral. The results of our monitoring indicate that more than 70% program beneficiaries in Banda are now aware of the impact that the mining of beach sands and coral has on the island. My motivation behind applying to the Alumni Grant Scheme or AGS is because Alumni Grant Scheme is a program that could have far-reaching and positive impact for society. There are many opportunities for alumni and one of them is the Alumni Grant Scheme. So when I got the information about the Alumni Grant Scheme I applied to use it to help overcome this mining problem and if the development of this Banda Aware model is successful in Banda, it could be easily applied in other locations in Indonesia dealing with similar issues.

Cesar Sullivan

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