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Can killing elephants help save them?

it will be something that will live with me for a long time you can't get over how upsetting it is for me Africa is home I was brought up there my parents met and married there I went to school there and I always wanted to go back there to work I ended up getting the posting of my dreams and I've been there for about four or five years I've been trying to do a story about trophy hunting for quite a long time but we've never managed to actually persuade anyone to let us go along because there was a lot of public outrage about the killing of big beasts of the jungle we wanted to get under the skin of someone who'd paid to do it my producer Nick basically you just didn't give up hunting is a vast industry in Africa a really really difficult story to do it's not so difficult to find organizations governments who are willing to show you their efforts to stop poachers from now it's a very different thing to find people who are willing to show you their efforts to shoot an animal I just can't have a delays and no experience after two years of pursuing this nick who managed to persuade a professional hunter and his American client to let us go along can you explain what the whole point of being here is for your client in particular this is a communal Conservancy so in a communal Conservancy the community benefits part of any tourism or hunting that takes place there's any one problem when we turned up the professional hunter was fine the client his American customer was fine the American customers wife was not the reason why we were loud on the shoot was that we weren't allowed to identify the hunter himself I knew this as a cameraman before so my whole forming was around being sensitive to these requirements to go straight to the Chobe River I'm dying to see disaster then we realized that the professional hunter was a character all of his own this soft drinks wine via everything else brilliant god when you started the beautiful senses we're just getting ready with everything we're taking a whole load of equipment Darwin's taking everything quite small and mobile that also we're gonna have a drone an idea of the landscape yeah and I've got a load of fiction of GoPros and of course every important what are these again but not this just in case we don't see them so we've been told to be there now so we better get a move on lotta elephant walking up and down here all looks like cars and cars they know big old bulls like what we're looking for a professional hunter was almost better than the client because the client wasn't really a hunter he was paying to dress up in cocky uniform and carry a gun that was his idea of a holiday probably wouldn't were having breakfast this morning they were having breakfast too but the professional hunter this is what he did day in day out and he was a really engaging character we are hunting the trophy Ellison bought my hunting morals only lead me and to call them an animal that's going to die of old age anyway he was passionate about what he saw as conservation and passionate about animals and yet he killed them I get the sense from you you really love animals and the nature how do you square that with shooting in the killer it's a it's a use it's a value if there didn't have value there wouldn't be here and if we don't maintain the value they wouldn't be here the these all travel areas in order for these people to tolerate these animals and the losses they have in props and trees and fruits and so on there has to be a value most hunters that you need – will certainly say that they are Pro conservation I think the professional hunter that we were with clearly wanted to maintain the environment and to help the environment he had persuaded himself and the Namibian government was also well behind this idea that the way to conserve these big animals was to set aside a certain number of licenses where you controlled how many of the animals were killed to see the destruction you got money from it because people pay big money hundreds of thousands of dollars to go and shoot these animals and you used that money to help protect the other animals first time I've been on a hunt never done anything like that before and it involved trekking for hours and hours and hours and I think the appeal of being out in the bush is understandable because it's this wild jungle you can walk for hours and hours and hours as we did and not see anyone else they did very specific things like following the spoor the footprints in the mud this ball wouldn't be old enough yet and wouldn't it have even started reading it so excited object smelling dung and seeing how warm it was or how fresh it was baby small small though big big big edible hearing listening the other elephant breaking a tree it was a camera man's dream location but ironically elephants as big as they are we couldn't find any you think it would be easy these huge big elephants they've got to be easy to spot know when we eventually did locate these elephants which took us forever we were amazed at how silently they walked through the forest we were right close to them and you couldn't hear them these huge animals it was really really difficult to isolate an elephant that the professional hunter was willing to shoot these are all cars and cars young bulls nothing yet there's no to get up close with them is quite exciting and exhilarating but it's quite terrifying as well because they are incredibly dangerous animals and with once what they can kill you outright but at the same time you feel quite queasy about why you're there because you know that ultimately one of these amazing animals is going to get killed this is the sign of a big mature bull as you think it's on its own no there's older dia it's probably at least the deer lists do your instincts kick in at this stage where you think right we are making progress a lot elephant find a big old one and there's a really good track yes but signs are very positive this is one everything became quite serious there was a lot of tension in the air wait when that shot went off it was the most horrific moment he had this noise of the gunfire and then the elephants screamed we're going we're all hoping that it had been killed but unfortunately it had only been wounded it was just incredible how it just disappeared into the forest um it's we always prefer a quick ending and that with all the Bulls around us like that it was very very difficult to get him closer and also then get her a brain shot which is what we prefer was that instantaneous that one moment we're thinking oh my word what if we don't find this this wounded elephant and as it turned out it took us four hours to track the elephants again it was really shocking actually I was quite surprised because obviously we've had a big buildup we knew what was coming and we sort of knew what the end result was going to be and it was still really shopping she's been right before me yes we all don't get closer you can't get over how upsetting it is when you see this huge big wild animal just collapsing nothing ever prepares you for that moment of death doesn't matter how hard and you art these kind of things witnessing it at first hand right there it will be something that will live with me for a long time the professional hunter and the customer were also both shocked that's always emotional he's taking elephant Julius we killed him because we love them I want them to survive my young daughter Messina she massive in the world not knows you and we have to his sadness was also genuine it was a story that was full of contradictions because he had a hunter who said he loved animals but then was also killing them we've hunted our whole lives and we have hunted all kinds of animals and yes we killed them yes but we eat them too this is an enormous amount of protein it's got to feed 2,000 people today and tomorrow and spoked in that they wouldn't normally have also revenue that wouldn't normally have we taking one old bull out of population so that those elephants we saw yesterday can occupy this area part of the conservation things they stripped the animal and distributed the meat to everyone in the community that was also very shocking seeing them market the animal with machetes we watched it all it went from this big animal to like a butcher's carcass it's hard and what to be moved by that it seems pretty horrendous and I still can't understand even having spent a lot of time with professional hunters who were passionate about conservation I still don't myself see why someone would want to shoot an animal let alone pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege but I also understand their perspective when it comes to conservation and so I find that a difficult argument to get my head round still both the customer and the professional hunter was sort of easy people to criticize I think lots of people who'd be absolutely appalled watching someone basically fire at point-blank range between an animal's eyes it was not really a fair contest the professional hunter he knew that he was going to get a lot of criticism and to be fair with him he had a message when his was that Namibia's elephant population was going up because of the way they handled killing a certain number was conserving the rest for the good of the the rest that is a controversial tactic but as far as the Namibian authorities concerned it's working

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  1. The biggest threat to wildlife, is loss of habitat. Hunters have contributed more money, than any other organization, to protect habitat. Fact.✌


  3. This animals have lived side by side with humans in Africa for thousands of years. Out of a sudden the white man came and realise that this animals are danger to environment and human society at large. No matter how much Alex Crawford and co. wants to justify or humanise these actions… what is very clear is that among us human race their are some who are blood testy and control freaks.

  4. I don’t hunt myself but I think the way they are hunting here and using the money to protect them is great! Also like they said the old male will eventually die anyway and they leave the babies and females to ensure their future population

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