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Captain Diabetes Hulks Out in South Park The Fractured But Whole – Episode 11 w/ Commentary

Explosive fart. Oh. I think I did a pretty good job. Just tell us who’s the stripper
with the penis tattoo! Classi. What? [laughs] Literally no one cares. Diabetes. Crap am I getting ambushed? Are you for real? No I’m pretty
sure it’s ‘cause you’re drunk. Man it’s just beating up drunk people tonight. High price? [chuckles] Is this stripper music? Expedite. Aw I can’t fricking or can I? I don’t think I can. I feel like I should be able to. Oh, I broke the table. Uh hello? We’re in the middle of something. Actually I can stand over here. Sure, sure. Uh geez, what the hell are you doing? F*ck. How, what, huh? How’d you break his protection? That seems kind of bogus. The bar is filling up really fast though. No refunds. God I wish
I could attack you like this. Um. That’s cool. Explosion. I mean, you’re ok. That guy’s still at full health. What the hell? How have I not been bashing
the crap out of you? Oh no, he got pincered. We got stop standing in the middle. Or just kill that guy I guess. He’s about down. That’s right, you don’t get your turn.
Now let me beat your ass. Somehow. Um, hmm. I’ll just stand over here. That’s what happens when you don’t pay the sex workers. Dash and knock back. That’s not um… Actually that would work, right? ‘cause you’re pincered, ha ha. The BBB? BBBB? No. Hey how come you’re allowed to do that? The heck? Oh god, our health is kinda in danger but we’re still —
oh special move. You are screwed. Adieu. [laughs] Loyalty card. It’s all scrap. I think scrap is useless. Right? ‘cause the stuff you make stuff is components. We didn’t find the girl with the dick tattoo. Esmeralldaa. [laughs] To many L’s in that name. Oh right, we got the name. Classi or whatever. What? Oh I got that. I already have it, I don’t need to make it. Right? I don’t need to make it, do I? Or do I? So I got the gin and… ok I don’t know. Maybe… I can take a picture with you. Do you wanna take a picture or not? I guess you don’t. Wait, what am I doing? Find special ingredient.
Find another special ingredient. What the sh*t? Maybe I go in here? Ah I see. What? Where? Huh? Hmm? Inspection mode. Explosive object. I mean it’s this thing. Get outta the way dude. Yea get outta the way. What should I do? Oh. Maybe from like a little bit further away. [chuckles] Did you get hit? Eww. That is disgusting dude. Why did it had to be those ingredients? What else we got here? I’mma need to go in the other room. Oh there’s… mmm? Hmm. Yea this place is dirty as hell. I guess typical of a bar or stripper’s club.
Yea this place is dirty as hell. I guess typical of a bar or stripper’s club. Wherever the hell this is. Why is it shiny? What’d I do with that? Didn’t do crap. Um. Ok. I feel like I can’t get those shiny things yet. Or maybe I can. Look at those nasty stuff.
It’s like meat grease and lard. Just more lard. Disgusting. Rat sh*t. Wow these are
some special ingredients. Find another. Oh wait, I already found it. Oh I gotta craft it? Man this some disgusting crap. Uhh. What? What the heck is even going on? Were you the baby in my dreams?! Can I get the tip? Ha, nice! Mine now. Oh let me… keep pressing the wrong button. Let me craft the drink. What do you mean dude? I already made it with everything. What else can it need? Eww. Uh yea, I know it’s gross just based on… The hell? [scoffs] Oh he hates farts. Hmm, good knowledge to keep in mind. Dude, just based on the ingredients I know it’s hella nasty ok. Alright dude, drink up. Ugh. Ugh. [chuckles] Gross. How would you know that? At least he reminds everyone
to tip their waitresses. [laughs] His talking is like [speaking gibberish rapidly]
talking super fast. Uhh. Yea. Yep, get your booty out here. Classi. [laughs] Hell’s going on? You don’t know that. Yea totally, a super undercover cop that looks like a fricking underage kid. Boom boom boom boom. That’s what the
music sounds like in the background. Ok let me check. Ok it’s locked. Oh, unless… Yea? What the hell? I thought I broke it. Really? Hmm. Then why did you… I guess I need something else for that. Oh no. I gotta fight all of them? It’s a lot. Can I not? [laughing] Back from the bathroom. How you know this? Are you in this fight? Are you
just gonna keep running? Man there’s so many fricking chairs in the way. Aw man I can’t get there. I guess I can hit you. It’s so weird that there are objects in battle that you have to whack to get outta the way or whatever. Um, can I punch you or are you too far? Nice. Ha. [imitating DJ] Paris. I’m going, I’m getting there dude. I know, the chair’s in your way too right? [laughs] The chair is so in the way. Um. So… I can’t really do anything. Chair’s in the way. I kicked the air. What do you mean? Where you going? How do I not let her escape? How do I do that? Well good thing I’m a speedster. Oh geez. Hey, don’t kick me back. I was so far. This is just terrible. What does this do? Knockback. I mean sure. Not really anything else I can do unless can I hit you? Ohh. Yea we gotta… God that lady looks like a zombie. We gotta get as far back as we can, I guess. I’m trying dude but goddamn. Goddammit they keep kicking us back. Super duper rude. Can I run through you? Hopefully. Aw crap, you moved my dude back. Did you? No! Don’t you dare. Oh no. Pincer attack. This is way too easy for pincer attacks here. Oh there’s every reason for this to get ugly. Um. Is this actually gonna go through? Oh f*ck, pressed the wrong button. Sh*t dude, I didn’t know that was timed. Eh whatever, it still worked. I’m trying. Ugh. I guess I have to use this move.
It’s kinda my only move. Nice. Ha! Suck it, Blaze. Oh no, did you get to the end? Oh no. Lord christ. I really aren’t. Spontaneous Bootay. Oh no. Now we really gotta run, right? Wait what? You’re making it all the way here? Geez. Stop it ok. I think she might kill us with one… Oh my god. One hit kill probably, right? [reads text] That’s not fair. Yea I know. What’d you say? Ok I gotta do this, I think. Get outta here. Get outta my way. We gotta run. [chuckles] Why? Oh no. No, don’t. Lord. Dang, every turn, or what? Yea maybe. Um. I guess ‘cause I can’t do anything, right? Oh wait what? Wait what? How come you can just move while my turn is going? Seriously? Oh sh*t, we are… Wait what the f*ck, you just skipped my turn. Oh good f*cking… This is some stressful sh*t yo. We gotta f*cking run. I don’t… Ok can you crush them? Much appreciated if that’s a thing. Oh nice but we gotta run. We gotta f*cking run. I can’t even
have time to think about my decisions. I’m trying Towelie. There are so many chairs in the way. Ah f*ck I’m gonna have to use this. Yea I know, I’m outta here dude. F*ck. Everyone get the f*ck outta my way. It’s just running at this point. I don’t
even need to take them down ok. Bootay will do it. Oh my god. They’re everywhere. Oh no, they keep pushing me back. Stop it. A death machine just coming after us. Why do they keep walking into… We just gotta run ok. No… No time to consider anything else. Nothing else matters. Why would he care? Yea she’s getting her for sure. Self destruction. Just kill all your own allies. Lady, get outta my way. Ugh good god. At least they don’t do too much damage. You’re what? Mmm oh w… It skipped my turn again. God at least I walked further. Stop doing that sh*t. Stop skipping my turn. Yea I know. Finally, my special move. I rarely get to use it. Doesn’t help me run further
though so that’s kinda lame. I gotta go. Sorry. Outta my way. Excuse me. Excuse me. Are we done? [chuckles] Yea sure, I’m gonna go rest my heart. Stop running. What the heck? Um hey, no guns in this battle. Ok. [scoffs] Sure. You know shooting a bullet into the air makes it… It’s gonna come down eventually.
Wait how… hmm? How do I get in there? Are you still alive? Oh you’re just gonna… Ok sure, I was trying to look around
but hey, you do your thing. It’s impossible. [laughs] Yea it’s what I figured. I think you really used all your insulin. Captain Diabetes. You gotta have better resource management. Uhhh my buddy just died. Awkward cricket sound. You’re ok right? Dude? Jesus. Um, he dead yo. No. It really isn’t. Hey dude. Wake the hell up. Welp. Oh. What do you mean Morgan Freeman? Should I fart on this? Oh wait, doesn’t he get super pissy when someone farts? I don’t understand. Are you
telling me to make something? I really don’t, Morgan Freeman. I feel like I should make some crap. I’mma fart. Enchirito? Huh? So I can fart, right? I mean I was trying to fart anyway. It’s fart time. [reads text] What? Hot diggity damn. Oh, it’s time bending farts. [chuckles] How would you know that? Ok. I think you did. I was trying to punch you back to life. [chuckles] Timefart. Glitch. Wow. What? Well that was super crazy.

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