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Carmilla | S2 E20 “Damage Control”

[The song we all know and love plays] [Love Will Have It’s Sacrifices theme song] Omigod! Carm! What happened? We were stalking some of Vordenberg’s souped up henchbros across the North Quad. It was a trap. They lead us into a shooting gallery. Arrows everywhere. Congratulations, you finally got the Summers and Zetas to cooperate. She managed to drag me into the bushes, but they put an arrow into her chest. I think some of it’s still lodged in there. She needs blood. There’s some in the fridge. I… – didn’t have time to clean it up yet. Hey! Here sweetie. Here’s some liquid courage. Mattie… Where did you bring me? Oh, perfect. Yeah. Terrific to see you too. She needs a surgeon. Or… Someone who spends waay too much time thinking about human dissection. Terrific, rustle up one of your mad scientists and let’s get the show on the road. No. What? No. You guys are on a rampaige and I’m not going to risk my friend’s lives until you and I have an understanding. Understanding? Try this on for size? Your value to me ends the second you can’t or won’t help her. Yeah, yayayayaaa. And as soon as that happens you’re going to kill me in a way that would probably qualify as post-modern art. We’ve had this conversation. Only killing me is not going to help Carm. And as much as you flounce around like the spokesmodel for casual violence – – you care about her. So here’s how its going to be: I’ll call LaF and J.P., and they will help her. and then I will hide the two of you here
until she recovers, and in return neither of you is going to bite, maim, or
kill anyone at all for any reason. because if you do I will have the Baron’s army of stake-happy superminions down here so fast you’ll get whiplash. Understood? Understood. Get your friend. [Laura runs away like a nerd] Seriously, Laura it is 1 a.m. Hello to the chest trauma. We’re going to need gauze. And Peroxide. And possibly ether. Uh – Vampire? We can skip the ether. Miss Karnstein can bench press a Mazda. Will you be the one holding her down? [Zoom Zoom] Ether. Cool. Maybe tranquilizer darts? Have you all lost your minds? They can’t be here. They have been on a killing spree and there are people hunting them all over campus. And she’s getting blood everywhere! They are on their best behaviour, or i’ll call Vordenberg myself. That might be difficult if they’ve ripped out all our throats! Vordenberg will kill them. Like she killed the kids at the newspaper? Oh for the love of – I had nothing to do with your newspaper pals. I wasn’t even in the godforsaken country until days after they were dead – Liar! You killed them. You cut me up and tried to kill me. I never sleep anymore without seeing them. Without seeing their dead eyes looking at me and you did that you did that, and the least you can do is admit it! If I’d done it, I would. You’re still a killer. You’ve always been a killer. Uh guys? The patient being nigh-invunerable makes thoracic surgery easier – but maybe lay off anything that shakes the floor? K? Perry. I know your hearts in the right place Laura, but you’re really not thinking this through. Got it! First try! [High five] I’m always amazed at how much stuff is in there. And there’s always those extra bits that I’m not quite sure what to do with… How are you feeling, darling? Like an overly-enthusiastic veterinarian just played Operation with my innards. Well if that that’s the case, it’s good we’ll be staying put for awhile, while you recover. How did you get little Miss Tightly Wound to agree to that? She promised you were done with your little spree. You have got to be kidding me. It was either that, or take our chances with the Baron’s juiced-up army out there. Perry? I thought we were going to talk later – We dont have time for that. We need to hide them! Now! What? The stormtroopers are coming. Dun Dun Dun Dun, Dun Dun Dun Dun See that subscribe button, you should click it!

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Carmilla | S2 E20 “Damage Control”

  1. 2:06 ANYBODY ELSE CATCH THIS LOST REFERNCE. I ACTUALLY GASPED. If I were to make a show, that's the kind of thing I'd throw in there. So pleased right now. (:

  2. The allusions are just killing me–too perfect! There's "Holy Hufflepuff" from before and "the stormtroopers are coming" this episode. ❤ xo Ximena

  3. "Laura runs like a nerd" hahahaha

    "You've always been a killer" What do you mean by "always"? Please don't tell me Perri has creepy supernatural powers too

  4. Something I just noticed: I love how Perry says "The stormtroopers are coming" and they hide them under the floorboards, like Luke, Han, Chewie, and Obi Wan hid under the floor of the Millenium Falcon when the stormtroopers boarded 🙂 Nice touch, KindaTV.

  5. Someone please remind me, why is Mattie such a popular character? She brings nothing but aggressive threats to every scene and her "villain" routine is nothing more than some low-rank thug. Vampire villains are supposed to bring some sophistication and "cool".


    Carmela: more dead then….


    Carmela: Dead


  7. These captions tho!! [Laura runs away like a nerd]                                                                                                                                  Zoom Zoom was my favorite

  8. Well, Carmilla is on a rampage so it's actually a good thing she's being hunted. The vampire hunters are doing good. I disagree with the speciesism but I agree that Carmilla and Mattie must be neutralized.

  9. Watching this with subtitles is the best. ([The song we all know and love plays] at 0:01 ? the best) I love this show <3

  10. "You're going to kill me in a way that probably qualifies as post-modern art we've had this conversation."

  11. It ALWAYS has to be Lauras way. carmilla is bleeding to 'death' but laura has to start bullshit with Mattie….

  12. This is just plain great! I find this totally delightful to watch when I need some light-hearted entertainment, and that's what this is: light-hearted entertainment, kind of silly, but totally fun, proviso that you don't take it too seriously.

  13. 3:40 Laughing at the fact Carmilla said the word "innards" But laughing mostly because of the way she said "innards"

  14. Honestly bless Perry, she might not always agree with them but when it comes down to it she's loyal af and always there when you need her (not to mention the constant supply of sweet treats when people need cheering). Everyone needs a Perry.

  15. You know, I may be a lesbian but I can at least admit blokes with longer hair are attractive – the dude that plays JP/Will kinda at the moment reminds me of Jared Padalecki a la season 7-onwards of Supernatural. It's the longer flowing brown hair with the flick-y bits around the eyes, along with the scruff, but Jared really only had the facial hair at the comic cons.

    Anyway, I don't know what it is but the only time I'll even give a bloke a look (even if only as a cursory type thing) they have to have longer hair. I'm attracted to women with longer hair so maybe it has something to do with that? It could just also be that I like hair (because I do, it's one of the main things I'm attracted to in a woman and I always look at and notice it) and if I see a head of good hair I can appreciate it and how it compliments someone's looks… whether that person be female or male.

    So I really, really like Aaron's long hair and he looks good with it 😀.

  16. Is it just me or has Perry been possessed by the dean the whole time in this episode? Nah she was just possessed by her at the end though.

  17. I watch these 3 times.

    First time I read the comments while watching,
    Second, I look at all the facial expressions cause they’re pretty funny
    Third time I actually watch it XD

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