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Cat With A Disability In His Legs Waits For A New Family | Animal in Crisis EP53

Local resident 1/ Did you eat? Are you full? Gina! Are you full? A cat in an apartment complex Local resident 1/ The apartment residents take care of this cat He goes by so many names Local resident2/ Nureong! How have you been? Local resident3/ Nabi~ Local resident1/ Gina! What were you up to? This beloved cat Seems to have a problem with his front legs Even walking looks hard for him Local resident 1/ Perhaps he had an accident or was born like this.. I feel bad that he has trouble walking To the cat with injured legs The world is full of obstacles With 90-degree curved legs Manages to stand on the ground to walk Local resident1/ His legs hurt even more as he drags them Many unhealed wounds on his elbow.. Out of pity for him Residents made a home for him And started to feed him Perhaps he notices the people’s effort Comes out with his injured legs As if he recognizes them Takes a spot and sits in it Local resident 1/ What are you doing here, Gina? It’s cold! Gina recognizes people Local resident1/ He looks at people passing by and greets when he recognizes them If we don’t play with him, he gets upset! Doesn’t even come out As if he’s repaying people For their kindness Approaches to those he knows And greets them But since when did he show up here? Local resident 1/ One day, I found a kitten when I was taking out the garbage 9 months ago, under the flower bed The kitten was left alone Local resident 4/ His legs were like that from the beginning.. So I thought his mother abandoned him because his legs were born like that Local resident1/ He wasn’t like this at first Didn’t come out from there, so it took a while to get close to him Out of pity for him As the residents started to look after him The cat slowly open his heart Such a bubbly boy But as he’s been living on the street Local resident1/ I’m worried that the wound would get worse by the infection.. I hope he lives in better condition That’s my wish For him to live a better life, Decides to rescue him Local resident1/ Well done for living through the cold weather Local resident2/ I’m sad thinking that he won’t be here anymore But I hope he finds a good owner and lives happily Leave the sad farewell behind.. Transferred to the hospital Undergoes a medical checkup The result is? Vet/ From his elbows to toes, the legs are all paralyzed as the nerves are damaged According to X-ray, we couldn’t find any external injury So it must be caused by a birth defect He had a congenital disability The residents’ kindness Was a great help to him Vet/ He was in a situation where he had to find food on his own and compete with other cats So I think it’s a miracle that he’s grown up healthily in such condition Hope another guardian shows up to take care of him Singer Cheetah visits Gina Singer Cheetah(Temporary guardian)/ As soon as I heard about him I decided to look after him before he gets adopted by a new family They’re going to stay together Until a new guardian shows up So full of charms even in their first meeting Singer Cheetah(Temporary guardian)/ Doesn’t feel like it’s our first meeting I can feel the residents’ love for him from his charms Can Gina adapt to a new place? He looks around the strange place Step by step, Then hide inside the corner Singer Cheetah/ I think I’ve found the place where he thinks it’s safe Since he’s in a strange environment To release his tension Prepares nutritional snacks! Will he eat it? Hesitates And then, walks toward anchovies Singer Cheetah/ I guess he’s stabilized enough to eat It’s good Seems to be a bit relaxed They even play together As if he’s relaxed now Looks around the place Perhaps as feeliing nervous still Goes back to his place Looking forward to Gina’s future A few days later, visits Gina again Who looks very comfortable The wound on his elbow is healed The wound is now so small now Once it’s snacktime Bubbly Gina leads the way There’s good news for Gina! Singer Cheetah/ It’s hard for me to let him go when I’m so attached.. I wonder how his new guardian would be like..! A lady waits for Gina while holding his hands tightly Gina shows up! Gina’s first meeting with his new family New guardian/ He’s so adorable! He’s just not feeling well.. With Gina’s favorite snack The two are getting close As the moment of farewell approaches He’s sad and happy at the same time Singer Cheetah/ Gina, live well! Be happy After a sad farewell Arrives at a new home And there’s a dog too?! Guardian/ That’s our puppy, Jeonbok He lost one ear, so I took him home Jeonbok shares the same pain Gina and Jeonbok’s first greeting Still awk around each other Done making a comfy place for Gina Gina seems to open up to them Guardian/ I’ll love him to the moon and back And take care of him Love you Gina! Love you so much!

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Cat With A Disability In His Legs Waits For A New Family | Animal in Crisis EP53

  1. No sé si lo han pensado pero tantos problemas con las mascotas , creo que ellos cuando nacen les hacen esto o los abandonan y luego regresan para supuestamente salvarlos subir videos y ganar dinero … Piensenlo

  2. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  3. Довольно милый котей. ДА ив целом инвалидность, кажется, не доставляет ему каких-то неприятностей.




  5. I thought he was going to get his legs repaired. Ever if only re-broken and allowed to heal in a more usable state.

  6. I could not see….

    If there is a god….he/she/it ….MUST BE VERY CRUEL…

    What SIN…this little kitty could have made!!!!

  7. I was Close to tears…so many helpless, disabled and sick animals are on this Planet and nobody cares. It is good to know that there are people around who help, who Care and love animals. I Just Can't See animals suffer, I help where I Can and I thank All those people who help, it's a matter of respect, dignity and love..

  8. Tapi kalau di korea tuh bener" perduli gitu, sampe 1 komplek pun mau ngerawat. Coba kucing di sini gk bkl ada yg mau perduli wlpn tidak sempurna dalam fisik.

  9. Джина такая красивая и милая , если бы бала возможность клянусь я бы забрала Джину , но слишком далеко


  11. How sweet that these residents look after and feed this cat. He needs a proper home though. Look how affectionate he is!

  12. Im a tough motherfucker. Believe me! But this made me cry. For real. First because the thought of that poor cat crawling on the streets for his whole life breaks my heart. And then becaus he found a guardian. A person that hopefully will care for him forever. And that makes me very happy. I wish him, her and everybody involved well.

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