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Causes of Bruising and Swelling from Lip Filler Treatment, and How they Can be Avoided

how do you cover bruises from lip filler
injections the desire to have a tract of ellipse is the reason why cosmetic
brands sells so much lipstick lip gloss and lip liner in my practice I find that
a lot of my patients both men and women who come in for cosmetic eyelid
rejuvenation such as enhancement for hooded eyes or puffy under eye bags as
well as for injectables for cheekbone chin and jaw enhancement appreciate how
the lips are also affected by aging when we discuss lip enhancement with fillers
two major concerns come up one the fear of looking like a duck – the fear of
bruising I assure them that the fear of looking like a duck or the list of
people in the media they mentioned whose lips look too big is something I’m
confident that will not happen when I perform their lip enhancement my goal is
to make the lips look appropriate for the individuals facial features so the
lips don’t look out of place as far as bruising is concerned they often mention
a friend or several friends who had bruises and swelling which was so
significant it prevented them from going to work again I assured them by
explaining that as a surgeon who’s performed a wide range of lip procedures
long before the popularity of injectable fillers I have my own approach to
enhance the lips and consistently avoid bruising I’m Dr. Amiya Prasad I’m a
Board-certified cosmetic surgeon and Fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic
and reconstructive surgeon I’ve been in practice in Manhattan and Long Island
for over 20 years bruising occurs when there is bleeding
when bruising happens during or after lip filler injection it’s due to the
needle piercing a blood vessel the more times a needle pokes the lips the more
likely a bruise will occur this also increases the numbers of bruises I begin
any lip enhancement with first and analysis of the aspect of the lips which
would benefit from additional volume this allows me to consider strategically
how to use the least number of points of placement to achieve the desired outcome
I routinely use blunt cannulas instead of needles to place filler by using
blunt cannulas there is less of a chance of piercing a blood vessel in contrast
to a needle for lips I use a range of hyaluronic acid fillers such as
Restylane-L, Restylane Silk, Juvederm XC and Juvederm Voluma I find these softer
fillers ideal for the natural soft quality of the lips this allows for the
lips to move naturally with talking smiling eating and kissing I prefer
hyaluronic acid fillers over other options such as fat grafting or implants
I’m able to place these fillers with fine precision to address volume and
contour asymmetries these materials are metabolized naturally because hyaluronic
acid occurs naturally in the body unfortunately disproportionate lips and
bruising strikes fear in the hearts of men and women considering lip
enhancement as with general health prevention is the best approach although
excessive swelling and bruising from lip augmentation can be common both issues
can be addressed with optimal technique I feel that there is a particular value
for a lot of patients who come in and wear lipstick in a way where they
literally draw the lips they wish they had this means that the lipstick goes
well outside of the borders of the lips essentially there is a potential space
where the lip volume has diminished typically associated with aging that can
be enhanced as I often discuss during consultation lips play a very important
part in your facial appearance minimally traumatic and artistically placed volume
can have a tremendous impact on your appearance don’t let the fear of
swelling or bruising stop you from enjoying the benefits of naturally full
lips I hope you found this information helpful thank you for your question you

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4 thoughts on “Causes of Bruising and Swelling from Lip Filler Treatment, and How they Can be Avoided

  1. I recently had lip filler for the first time, I have small lips and wanted a subtle effect, I was nervous about being overdone. While I ultimately liked the end result, I had significant bruising and it was pretty painful with multiple injections. Same with undereye filler. Your videos have shown me it is the skill of the doctor, I won't go back to him. 58 years young and I am just starting my journey with anti aging procedures. Thanks as always for your great content!

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