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Chatting with a Ketamine User

Hello, I’m Andrew Hales I’m here with Jane Hi Andrew, thank you so much for being there You’re yeah. Yeah, you’re a ketamine user You could say that. Yes therapeutic Lee. Yes Okay, let’s go from the beginning you you were in a car accident No, I had a traumatic brain injury What’s number twenty seventeen? It wasn’t a car accident. It was um a different type of accident but it resulted in a bleed in my brain as well as PTSD and Super bad anxiety and chronic pain. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, what kind of accident? um, I Was a victim of a violent crime Okay, and I don’t remember exactly what happened to me. I woke up on the concrete like the ground twice so I had I had damage to my frontal lobe and I Think it’s like the suboccipital lobe in the back They did a CT a couple days After my injury and the CT Miss or the ER missed the bleed in the back of my head it could have been too small at the time or they were very dismissive of it and they miss about 20% of Bleeds in the ER and especially when it’s when you say that there’s not a big story behind it they don’t take it very seriously and The story had given them at the time was just that I had hit my head on the coffee table. Okay, so They hadn’t missed the original bleed. And so I went untreated after that for the until mid-february Of 2018, right. Okay, so a couple months goes You having these awful symptoms, whatever what kind of symptoms? well the in the while I was untreated it was I’d say the worst part was the anxiety like extreme panic attacks, um to the point where it would be thinking I need to go to the ER because I was having a heart attack and I’d be Paranoid, I don’t mind everywhere. I went I my heart rate was arresting like 140 160 had C it up, but 180 while I was resting Which was very abnormal for me and I was losing a lot of weight at the time while I was still eating pretty normally And I was also very emotional there. I had since I had frontal lobe injury. I didn’t know at the time but I started having symptoms that my mother actually thought Meant I was developing schizophrenia And so I was seeing my psychiatrist and like trying to figure out what other mental Issues could be going on because I was acting not like myself at all. I Failed all of my finals right after getting into NYU because I couldn’t finish them in time I Could I needed to be sleeping like way more than normal? And it was very hard to wake me up. My memory was like almost non-existent I wouldn’t remember an hour before I wouldn’t remember doctors faces doctors names Really anything so okay and my speech was also affected and my driving I couldn’t drive anymore because my eyes they They did what you happens when you drink and drive in the test that I test I would fail If they did that to me because my eyes they jumped like at any point in the day. Yeah. All right because of the brain injury, um, so finally in February you you found a doctor that Treated you. Yeah, so I’m mid February my ex and I split and Right after that. I told my mom that something else had happened to my head something more severe than what I told her before and that I was scared because within there like I’d say six to seven weeks, uh, Before telling my mom the truth. I had been getting worse and worse brain injury wise and I was really scared for my life at the time because I thought it could was just a concussion because I thought the CT said there was no bleed and Concussions over time get better not worse and over that time. I was getting significantly worse and worse and worse and Unstable in every single way really I’m constantly shaking and Just an extreme extreme pain like my neck, and I couldn’t really function anymore without having to take Xanax and Valium and like we tried muscle relaxants and lots of other medications to try and Keep me normal to keep me like a normal person, but and I never needed those things before. Yeah Okay, that’s kind of how I was before February the doctor they start figuring out. Yeah, so I saw this shit. Yeah. I see a few doctors Yeah several doctors Yeah, cuz I was in pain throughout my whole body and we saw a different couple We saw a couple different types of neurologists So I saw like a functional functional neurologist who I saw several times a week. I Can’t remember his name or face But I saw him sitting from like February through May When I left Oregon, but I saw him a lot Regularly, but I also saw a neurosurgeon. It’s like yet or Some type of neurosurgeon who had imaging done and she’s the one who found that there was the bleed But by the time she found it it was already resolving itself. So, okay good So at that point the bleed was not an issue Yeah, it was still Problematic like I started symptoms, but it was yeah getting smaller on its own which with the type of bleed I had as a Subarachnoid hemorrhage in the back which is bleeding between the brain in the brain and so that meant really it was the first month of January that mattered more than anything because that first month kind of had a 55 I think percent chance of me surviving with the brain bleed untreated So after that, it was kind of clear does okay, I’m safe. I’m fine. I’m recovering. Wait. Yeah back in January They didn’t even know there’s a bleed No they didn’t know because the bleed was just getting worse at that time and with people who also get that type of bleed the Statistics are about 50/50 Wow, yeah Valium Xanax, whatever and then something still was off. You’re still having symptoms Yeah So it kind of got so bad to the point where my doctors in Oregon were like your PTSD Here is too severe for your brain to like fully recover if it will pretty like I can’t be in that panicking stay all the time for my brain to physically heal and so they were like It’d be best if I had moved to somewhere where I felt safer and so I moved to Austin where they also had really great medical care for me and a really close family friend he was back in medical school there who knew me very well and could be there for me medically because I was gonna be on My own out there and then also and my best friends and his family Great lived there so I had support there. So this whole last year Has been a break because of this accident break from school break from everything yeah Just trying to get situated Yeah, kinda. Yeah, so it wasn’t until August that I was released from neurology and cardiology So in Austin, yeah, when did you start doing ketamine? so how did that come about the doctor was just like hey we uh No it was so I had been to the ER or Urgent Care like Several times from extreme muscle spasms and all this chronic pain that I was always in to the point where I couldn’t work It happened started hot like happening and organ really like I couldn’t get out of bed Because of it or in Austin when I finally got my first job since my brain injury a weekend My doctors said I couldn’t work anymore because of the pain I was in Just from being I worked at brandy melville like a store and just like I was on my feet and sitting down for four hours Like that movement itself was too much and the pain was too severe and I’d wake up in like excruciating pain where like I’d have to go to the ER or Muscles would be spasming so bad that you could see physically like my spine being pulled and curved to the side from muscle spasms Wow and I’d and so I we couldn’t figure out the cause of This pain anymore because they had been a long time since the injuries. Yeah I’ve been doing physical therapy as well throughout all of this and I’ve had imaging like MRIs and x-rays of basically my whole body at this point they can’t find a physical reason that is big enough to explain the amount of pain that I’ve been and So at that point where he looked into other types of therapy, I myself had come across on YouTube Someone telling their story about ketamine infusion therapy for their depression and chronic pain and So I texted my mom about it who’s a medical professional and she’s like I actually was just talking talking to someone about this Too and I think we should look into it And so my mom did a lot of research on it And I did a lot of research on it myself and we found a doctor here who? Out of surgery center it in LA. Yeah in LA Who? it He does all types of pain management, so he doesn’t just do ketamine treatments for people He evaluates them and decides whether I would be a good person for that treatment and so I saw I went in I told him everything about me my story my physical like history and all of my problems and We decided that trying ketamine infusion therapy would be very beneficial to me So I was kind of seeing him for two reasons because ketamine can be um Used at low doses for chronic pain and depression and PTSD along with a ton of other issues What was your use? I guess if you had to put a title on it pain, yeah So I was there for depression PTSD and chronic pain So my situation is a little bit more different than a lot of people who would go in for ketamine infusion therapy sessions because I needed a higher dose than the people who are there just for mental illnesses, okay Because the chronic pain is a little bit deeper and it’s changing the like neuro pathways in my brain And I also do to my genetic testing and stuff My opioid receptors don’t respond as strongly as someone else’s would so yes, did you try painkillers? Yes, uh Opioids don’t work. Well with me Wow, and I also don’t want to be on them. Sure Like I I do everything to avoid him. Really? Yeah, no one wants to be on anything Yeah, I goals not to be on medication. Yeah, so and like I’d tried a million medications by now. So, okay um, I did not want to be put on opioids of any kind and It was kind of like well ketamine treatments They’re not a long-term thing where I’m gonna have to be taking a pill every single day It was physically changing my brain and how it works Which I really liked the idea of okay, so you started them in October I think November is when I started so the first time you took it What does it feel like so the first time I was really nervous because it was kind of last minute my mom was visiting me because I like to have her there for most of my Appointments like doctor’s appointments cuz I don’t really remember my own medical history as well as she does so we met with the doctor and he actually Recommend of freaked me out because I was like wow kind of mean I had all these like different Connotations and my brain about it like I’d heard about it like Club job. Yeah, like it’s okay. It’s highly abused It’s also anesthetic used. I’m I know I’ve heard it’s a date rape drug. Yeah, it is It is and it’s used on it’s used on animals. That’s use it all the time. Yeah, uh horse tranquilizer Yeah like it has all types of so when I I was a little like scared horse of it and then for him to be like oh Can you come back in a couple hours and start yours? I was a little bit kind of freaking out and I took it really well The first day I actually he was surprised by how well my I was able to handle the medication and What did it feel like I? Don’t it. What’s really weird about ketamine is that? when You’re on ketamine, it’s a Dissociation feeling so I don’t so like I kind of felt like I’m in a different world and I brought like yeah It’s very dreamy. Yeah, so I put in headphones and I listen to music during it and or else you’re gonna be in there for hours and bored in a dark room and Basically I kind of just see things like it seems like I’m in a different universe There’s no words to describe what it’s really like being on ketamine. Yeah It’s kind of you can’t really tell if you’re dead or alive But at the same time you’re comfortable and not afraid. It’s like a very I Hadn’t been done any like oh, it sounds like crazy No, it really is sounds like DMT kind of I haven’t tried anything really else. No similar to do you do any suck it? Oh, no, I haven’t. All right. Um and I Was actually kind of afraid that those kind of effects that can happen with ketamine would have heard of me and with PTSD scared Yeah, and I’ve never tried any and so with having PTSD that that thought of possibly having Like psychedelic effects with PTSD could be really scary But I had no problems with that. I felt completely relaxed and happy so you liked it. Um, it was yeah, I was comfortable I did not enjoy the needle in my I’m Like that’s kind of one of my biggest fears and I hated that then you’re out of there And you feel kind of good you feel yeah. Yeah Immediately I had no pain which is great and I’m always Starving because I can’t hit before so I’m always getting food in good mood because of that and kind of a little out of it fun, um, which is good but I’m just in a better mood overall. Like I don’t feel as like okay heavy chord that makes sense. Uh but the pain I noticed had decreased significantly and my like Neck, which was a place. That was a huge issue for me. How often do you have to do it now, so Well, no, have you been doing it? So I did it. I didn’t either sit. I think it was like six or seven sessions initially Which were a few times a week? so I did it for a few weeks like going in and then I felt some relief and then I Went back in January for follow-up because I was having more pain and more problems, but it was also because of the time of year being one year since the incident and not and my PTSD was really bad because I’ve other reasons and so Things I’m like in my life were a little worse than normal. And so I went back in for a follow-up session and He did a normal ketamine infusion on me. And then he also prescribed me ketamine nasal spray for me to start doing on my own at home, which is not as common it’s for patients who struggle with the pain the worst I’d say maybe depression too. I that’s not my main reason mine was more the PTSD depression was like a good thing about the ketamine stuff, but the pain is what I really cared about and So I was prescribed a little like squirt bottle that I squared up my nose For me to do every six hours is what the bottle says, but it’s also used for like as needed Can you overdose on it? So I’m given like a fraction of what they’d give you for and anesthetics, okay The dosing like varies very very widely. Like how much does like a clubber? clubber clubber I Honestly don’t even know but they take really really really high doses for the people who go into K holes You have to take a lot to go into a hole Down into a k-hole, I think well, it’s okay. It’s hard to say so I don’t even have to describe one there there just when you’re in a completely different universe there how I’ve been described like Sorry, Jordan how people have described K hose to me? Like or what I’ve seen online Is there the person at the club who’s like on the ground sitting like staring at the floor? I’m just like kind of like they would they’re like in their own Yeah, I think that’s I think to be fully in a k-hole you’d need way more than what I was ever given But I was definitely given Enough for me to feel the dissociation effects where it felt like I’m in a different reality and walls are moving and I Was having thoughts and realizations and it’s kind of like a spiritual thing like well, like I had a whole like experience which kind of felt like what I had imagined a k-hole would be like, but Based on like the research. I’ve done the amount that people do recreationally clubbing not all people but like the people who are really Addicted or really into the drug. They take way way way more than what I was ever given So yeah, huge controversy with the opioid opioid crisis, you know people getting addicted Do you feel like you’re addicted to ketamine? No, so ketamine is actually even though it Interacts with like your opioid receivers or my terminology is probably wrong, but it interacts with like that part of your brain just like other opioids do but It’s not an opioid. I don’t believe it actually It has similar effects of opioids, but it doesn’t have the negatives the addiction parts and the dangerous parts of it. So It doesn’t prevent any of the functions that my body has from keeping me alive Like with my respiratory system and stuff like that and it’s not addictive physically People who abuse it could have an addiction to the dissociation feeling Due to other mental illnesses probably and so they’re searching for an escape just like alcohol –is alcoholism, but It’s on an addictive drug, but and it’s a very very safe drug Like it’s given the kids and on ambulances at age like 12. It’s very very safe and it’s been used for years Do you think you’ll taper off the nasal? Yeah It’s I’m I can stop it at any time. There’s no withdrawal with ketamine because there’s no like physical part of ketamine That’s addictive And I don’t do enough of it to even get like the dissociation. Oh good So you’re kind of like recovered like recovering. Yeah, you’re there. Yeah, but then humans are very Exhausting I’d say hey just with the whole cuz with the with the nasal spray I don’t get the dissociation effects as much I get the relief from the pain and kind of like feeling happier and like lighter and some other like positive effects of the ketamine, but I don’t have like the full like Going into a different feeling like I’m a different reality, which is kind of can be scary But also just really exhausting mentally The infusions are supposed to rewire. Yeah That’s how I say it. Yeah, like a permanent thing. Yeah Wow They can’t it hasn’t been used for this long enough to say that it’s really permanent But the people that have been doing it have seen long-term effects that are very beneficial Permanent for some as for now, I’ve heard it’s not FDA approved yes, so it’s actually Well, the drug itself is but not for this purpose, right? Because it yeah, so you do you have to pay out of pocket? Yeah So that’s why I think that it’s not as common as antidepressants or other right solutions for depression pricing so far is it’s a very expensive treatment and But it’s kind of I think it’s kind of a miracle drug and I think that at some point it will be approved for this because its Effects are very significant and the statistics are like amazing and for me it’s helped a lot even as I’ve continued to go through other traumatic things and I Think that if it was accessible to everybody it would take most people off Antidepressants altogether really? Yeah because ketamine it’s kind of like a substitute for it. At least it can be used for one So instead of taking a pill every day you go get these sessions done for a few weeks or a couple weeks Most people don’t need this nasal spray and Then you feel good. Do you feel you don’t feel depressed and you don’t have that suicidal tendency anymore? From all the research. I’ve done all night, which is extensive because I was really scared of it before her going in there Please let us know what you think about all this in the comments Any stories you have with people you may know that take ketamine for therapy or if you took ketamine once Check out Jane’s Instagram your main Jane. Okay, that’s it. I’ll list that blow that shit up And I’ll see you next week, thanks for watching

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