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Clash Of Kings – 258% Offensive Damage Guide (All You Need To Know)

Subscribe, if you are new and turn on the notifications to stay updated. Welcome back guys, I am your favorite YouTuber… Offensive damage is the most important attribute of clash of kings, at this present moment. It decides whether you will win or lose a battle, combined with the rally size and other important factors. There are many top players sitting with 200 to 250 offensive damage in many kingdoms. It includes crazy spending and carefully executing everything in the castle. Yet, many people want to know how to increase their offensive damage. I do not have a maxed-up castle, but I believe, my attributes are decent enough to touch on this topic and explain what all I know about it. Let us begin with the equipment, you can add up 5x Archangel helmet and Omnipotence boots to have the maximum offensive damage for your lord’s set. It constitutes near about ~10% on boots 5.5% on helmet, making up a total of 15% offensive damage. Let us have a look at heroes now, you have to pick your hero wisely. There are too many out here in the hero palace now. And, the game keeps on adding more and more, every other month. I pick death knight as my main hero right now as christina is not ready with 4 stars and maxed up random attributes yet. Although, I might pick war hammer soon because of him carrying highest offensive damage out of all the heroes. The offensive on this hero is near about 15% You don’t believe me? Look, there is a total of 3% offensive damage in his talent points. (I said 3 but Correct is 2%) But, that is not it. There is an additional 4% offensive damage per random attribute. So, if you are fortunate enough, you can have 3 times 4% offensive damage here, making up a total of 3 +12. That is 15%. Let us have a look on equipment that would make your offensive even higher, we can use the same omnipotence boot that we have on lord giving us approximately 10% offensive damage and for helmet, you can either have a 5x archangel helmet with 3 offensive damage attributes of 1.8% each or a queen of war equipment’s helmet giving you a 5% offensive straight. That makes up a total of 15% offensive damage by equipment set. By now, we have near about 30% by hero and 15% on lord, total of 45%. Let us move to dragon word, skyfall is an eighth order ancient dragon word containing 25% offensive damage. It is a really old dragon word now, I expected some new word to outclass it in terms of attributes but skyfall still has the highest offensive. Dragon glass is another big factor which allows you to boost your offensive damage really high, especially if you charge it correctly. I have used dark crystals to charge my random attributes on it, including offensive damage. The maximum value without charge on my crystal 38 can be almost 27%, that requires a very good luck. The possibility to have this maximum 27% offensive damage is very rare, though. With charge and three color combination of crystal, you can gain up to 10% extra offensive damage. Making it a total of 37% offensive damage, which will be highest by dragon glass. Mine is near about 32%. The total offensive damage covered up so far is now,
45% plus 25% from dragon word and 37% from dragon glass. Making it a total of 107%. Now let us head towards the ancestral spirit, the civilization science. There are 4 civilization listed here giving you a total of 90% offensive damage, if you finish it all. Please note, it requires respect +1 of each civilization at the last stages of it as a requirement. Our total now comes to 107 plus 90 is equal to 197% offensive damage. Phew, that was a lot. Wasn’t it? Let us move to the next step to increase it even higher. The magic book, there is a total of 6.5% offensive damage that you can unlock by filling up the experience in these books of level 4 and 5. But that is not it, there are so many additional bonuses in the manual at the bottom. Here is 3% offensive damage bonus for having 5 stars in these level 4 books. Another 4% offensive damage.
Another 3%, 3%,3%. This makes up a total of 22.5% offensive damage. There is also an additional 5% non rally offensive included in the new books also, but it wont work for rallies. Our total is now, 197 plus 22.5 Near about 220% offensive damage for rallies. Book of balance in the occult allows you to get another 3% offensive damage. Also, if you are still unhappy and want to have even more offensive, you can switch your hero’s equipment ring to queen of war set, allowing another 5% offensive damage Our total now is 220 plus 3 plus 5=228% and that is all we know about. After this, people try to use equipment specialization items giving them 8% additional buff of the total stats. you might see people go beyond this % also now, because of enhancements introduced in equipment lately. it requires these stones to raise your equipment’s attribute more, so you can pick offensive damage equipment and boost them more And also, if you attack alone, non rally offensive buffs from magic book and war hammer skill can constitute a total of 5% + 25% of war hammer skill equals to 30% more non rally offensive damage. Making your total 228 plus 30 equal to 258% plus the 8% item buff. I hated mathematics all my life and see what you guys made me do today. Okay, now share this video with as many people as you can and like the video.
You can also post a comment, if I missed something or your offensive damage%. Let’s see who got the highest in the subscribers. See you The end…

Cesar Sullivan

59 thoughts on “Clash Of Kings – 258% Offensive Damage Guide (All You Need To Know)

  1. Correction – War Hammer Skill points have 2% offensive. So we must reduce 1% of the total count. So total is 257%

  2. Hi AB, you made a great video on Offensive Damage 😉, now tell me one thing why you didn't add the gangam style dance in the start of your video 🤔😒 it was missing in a such good video, i like to watch cartoons dancing in your video 🤣

  3. Thanks brother This was looking for a long time ago my maximum offensive damage is 70% I was looking for how to climb more and thanks to you I will raise 😎🤙🏽

  4. Thank you bro.
    Your video always help me and guide me.
    Totally loved it.😍😘✌️
    And please make a separate video of magic book attributes section also.
    They where always complecate for me to understand.🤗

  5. I suggest you write your address in Arabic with English, because I did not know you explained in a detailed and clear way and found you, thank you. Please write the video title in Arabic with the English, thank you for your effort💎👍👍👍

  6. and i see in one Video that you Castle skin level up, gives now after max level star 1 and stars 2? This game changes much things in the last years

  7. If you use omnipotence boot you take away stats from archangel boot and lose the percentage gain from having a full archangel set

    THE SHIELD $$$$$$ £££££££££££

  9. Another point is, if you look at the Queens armour when making it. It says – This Armour is only for the Queen of War?
    So i was under the impression it does not work on other hereos ? Please can you confirm if this is not correct. Thanks
    Bro great video.

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